Friday, 26 April 2013


Good morning, if you've happened here to read my review for the Artists Reading Challenge for April 2013 and don't fancy reading my 'Rocking Your World' element of this post - then scroll down until you find the ARC - heading in bold, otherwise for the rest of my lovely Rockers and Rockettes good morning and how are you this fine Friday - tis Rocking Your World Time

OK time to reflect on the last seven days, pull out the silver linings, note the positives and the moments that made life all that bit more enjoyable!  This may be a dig deep week - but we'll see...

  1. Blue skies - now that's always a positive 
  2. Slightly warmer days
  3. Spring cleaning the office - not necessarily the spring cleaning bit - but the bit when you walk in later on to find it all clean and tidy - now that I can cope with! 
  4. Our first barbecue of the year - let's hope we can manage many more! 
  5. Our first outdoor fire of the year, sitting next to an outdoor fire, wrapped in blankets, glass of wine in one hand, hubby and child next to me and a starry night - now there really is nothing finer than that in my book! 
  6. Freshly washed bed covers - smell lovely! 
  7. Freshly washed bath sheets that have been on the line! 
  8. Managing an art page in amongst these very long work days
  9. Crazy walks around a local supermarket on a Monday with my Mum, sister and niece, I'm sure the staff think we've been let out of somewhere for a wander around!
  10. Sister for second guessing a conversation my Mum was having on the phone completely correctly and us rolling with laughter about it! 
  11. My Mum re-naming two of her children with what could only be considered potentially derogatory names - however, it did have us giggling!  I had no idea that my sister was an "eyebrow university waller" - who'd have known!
  12. Said 12 year old for getting a postcard from school indicating that he is doing really well (I'm liking all this mail from school - fabulous stuff). 
  13. A certain photo company having a great discount last weekend that meant that the 350 photos that I've just ordered shouldn't (fingers crossed etc) break the bank! 
  14. Hubby for sorting out my bag the other day that had broken and me now having a credit note to go and spend - mmmm shopping! 
  15. Jack Reacher DVD - saw it at the cinema and enjoyed and thoroughly enjoyed it on DVD this week, I like the edgy element to the character!
  16. I forgot to mention our trip to see Oblivion at the cinema last week so I'm going to add that to my Rocking post this week because it really was fantastic and given half a chance I'd go and see it again!
Nope that wasn't a dig deep week at all was it!  So there you go, another Rocking post, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up at the bottom, leave a comment and we'll come and visit!  Now on with the ARC post...


This month's book was Snuff by Terry Pratchett (TP), an author whose books adorn at least two shelves on our bookshelves upstairs, we've always been discworld fans but I've had this book an age and given my change in taste and type of book I wondered if it would still be a good read.  Now don't get me wrong as an avid fan it doesn't mean that I always find his books an easy read, I often find you are better off disengaging your brain and just reading until your subconscious catches up and you've fathomed out what's going on.

Snuff started really well, I was engaging in the story, grasping the characters and enjoying the read, albeit that initially I was reading only short bursts of a few pages at a time.  This one is back to one of my favourite TP characters Commander Vimes of the Ank Morpork City Watch, however, in this one he's off on holiday!   The book was overall a good read, there were areas when I felt I was starting to lose the plot a little, but the characters are so colourful and charming that I kept reading regardless.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the build up to the ending, the giggles that it brought and expect no doubt to re-read it in the future.  

My art this month is yet again another journal page (becoming something of a habit) albeit more prescriptive on the journal style than the previous few months.  I centred the page around a key character in the book who was called Tears of a Mushroom (not that she was a mushroom or a person technically speaking) - so I hope you'll understand why my page has a crying mushroom on it!  Next month's book is one of the Morganville Vampire books, a series I've been reading on and off for a few years I'll let you know what I think of that in next months review! 


  1. I have just begun reading my first Terry Prachett book. Funny all your weather related rocking moments, are things I have been taking for granted, in a few weeks I will be missing them all totally. One of my rocking moments this week was our first fire!! :)

    Oooooh. Jack Reacher is popular around these parts, but I was a little dubious of Tom Cruise playing Jack. I have heard it is really good though, so I am going to keep my eye out. And thank you for the Oblivion mention...fingers crossed some babysitters appear over the weekend!! :D

    So many great moments this week. Go to the said 12 year old! It is a very gratifying feeling when they go so well at school and are also so seen.

  2. I loved reading your list this morning, Virginia. It's been so lovely to see some sunshine and enjoy slightly warmer weather, hasn't it? You've had your first bbq of the year? Wow, I'm not quite ready for that yet (although Morrisons is in full bbq/picnic mode!).

    I am not a big TP fan, I have to admit, ad I don't think I'll bother with Snuff. I enjoyed reading your views on the book though and, of course, LOVE your art journal pages to accompany your review :)

    Have a lovely weekend (it's raining here today, ugh!).


  3. Enjoyed reading your review and your weeping mushroom is delightful. TP is not for me but I am glad you enjoyed the book.

    Janet xx

  4. I came by to read your Rocking post because I love them - and what a week - I can only imagine you, your sister and mum in the supermarket.... lol at that! The outdoor fire sounds fabulous - what a lovely thing to do. Don't think my neighbours would appreciate me doing that though, what a shame!

    The review of Snuff was good too, I love Terry Pratchett, I have to be careful where I read them as I tend to laugh out loud often in the course of reading them. Don't think I have this one yet though, must remedy that. Thanks for sharing your week (and as always, your lovely comments on my own blog!) xx

  5. I just mentioned to Craig last week about maybe dusting the BBQ off... and then boy did it hail stone down on Friday. talk about nixing any plans!

    I love getting those postcards from the school - they're such a great idea aren't they? Do yours come with 'points' that they save up? Phoebe spends hers pretty quickly but Devvie has saved hers her entire school life and is now going to swap the points for New Look vouchers to kit herself out for 6th form. Savvy girl that one.

    Never yet read a Terry Pratchett though one of my sisters has a couple of book shelves like yours - she's a huge fan. I did get the PC game once and enjoyed that - loved the character of Death. Your journal page is another stunner.

  6. I wish I'd been in that!!! Bet it was a right giggle!
    WTG said twelve year old....lovely when they do well at school (one less thing to worry about).
    Very brave to have your first bbq...although I have taken to drinking my breakfast coffee on the patio. The fire sounds wonderful too...
    Great review...we have all the TP books too...DH is a fan. I've read a couple but it's not really my thing.
    Loving the artwork.
    Hugs xx

  7. I'm not sure about the book but your journal page looks awesome! I just saw the idea of flowing lines and text in between somewhere else and thought I had to do something with it... So nice to see your take on it!!! ♥

  8. Your page...and knowing it is based on a Terry Pratchett book makes me think of "magic mushrooms" your gorgeous mail art on Saturday, Thank you so much, she is sitting on my mantle piece right now :D XXX

  9. Haven't read any Pratchett books but enjoyed your great review...and of course your journal pages...the colors, handwriting scrolled throughout the background...and that mushroom, just FAB!

  10. I've never even heard of Terry Pratchett, so this one was all new to me. Thought you had an awesome mushroom, though. Very cute and whimsical.

  11. Confess I am not a fan of Terry Pratchett but I am a fan of your journal page. The overall look is great and the individual elements so well thought out.
    Jen x

  12. ooo love your mushroom, and the wavy journaling! we are TP fans too, I think we have all but about 3 of the books. Though I have to confess to only having read about 6 of them, and that was years ago. I found that unless i was really,really in the mood for his wit that I just found them hard going. i do love them overall though and will read them eventually. We also have a small collection of the ornaments lol

  13. Your weeping mushroom looks so cute and lonely, love your wavy line journalling too. I have not read any TP but you obviously get great joy from reading his work. Glad this book did not disappoint.

  14. I love TP and once saw an amazing outdoor production of 'Lords and Ladies' in Greenwich Park, London. I think your journal page is a perfect match to TP and I love that mushroom and the wonderful, wavy lettering. Thank you for sharing. I only just joined ARC and i've loved all the reviews and art work.

  15. Ooops I thought I had already commented on this one! Sowwy! Great to see a Pratchett review, still one of my favourite authors. I've read almost all of his books, in order, but I haven't read Snuff yet. I'm up to Going Postal (#33), so my next will be Thud. In fact it is already on my ARC list to read at some point this year. Love your mushroom and your big purple spotty letters :)

  16. Tried and failed with Terry Pratchett but glad you enjoyed it! Love your journal page - the colours are lovely. x