Saturday, 9 March 2013


It's amazing isn't it when you assume that all that cross your blog's path also have a path to another blog that you take part in, I forget most months to update the creations that have come into being with my association with the magical Collaborart blog, set up by Sarah looking for like minded people who not only commit to collaborative work but don't let people down.  We've had and are having so much fun, if you've not happened across the blog and want to know more check this link out here.

Anyway I've just updated a pairs journal entry on there that I've been doing with Donna, we each have a journal that swaps back and forth between us and complete work within, we had no 'theme' to the book just a very much 'anything' goes attitude which I love, over the months we've been collaborating I've found my 'worry' factor about completing work so it's 'perfect' has started to adjust and alter and I put that down to Donna, who is both an expressive artist and a positive influence and through working with her I've grown to love just what happens with art even when I wouldn't deem it perfect.

Anyway here are the latest additions

Additions to the flowers page.
 Scene of a beach behind an aperture
 The love spoon peel off (which in hind sight I wasn't sure what had possessed me to add it this page  when I last had the journal) looks much better as a mere outline don't you agree?
Then I got the sewing machine out because within the book Donna had included two fabric sample swatches, so I stamped an image onto canvas, coloured the same in and stitched to the tag and then added a gold leaf and some bead work before reattaching.
Then on the next fabric swatch, I stamped another image onto canvas, again coloured the same in using inktense pencils and then stitched it the tag using some quilting stitches that my machine does (I always forget it's got a few 'quirky' stitches on it).
Then at the bottom I added some knitted fabric and ribbon that I'd received from a friend, all gathered up and stitched with another quilting stitch, I had so much fun with my machine!
 The next page is actually the first one I did when the journal returned, within the book Donna had secured two flying pig images, I prized them off and attached to a gelli print I'd made, reattached along with other images and quotes that I'd got and then just oil based pastels to highlight the images.  I think this is one of my favourites.
Paint left over so 'coloured' in the background around the Union flag and the stamp on the bottom right corner oh and added two sock puppet pictures (near my finger the close up photo I took wasn't so great so these will have to do).
 Next up a fantastic page Donna has done, all textured and the colours are fabulous, so I added a torn image with gold staples plus the word Hideaways
 A scrap of gelli plate printing added on the left hand side of the page.  This was a page when I did it on the gelli plate that I was none too keen on but discovered chopping it up it actually works quite well!
 And another quote on the other page.
 Using up paint 'colouring in' next to this picture
 Adding black and white images and texts to an already started page
 Adding two black and white images to this page, I'm wondering if Donna will continue to add black and white to it and it become a black and white collage?
 And here is the book sculpture unfastened from above!
 Fastened?  The extensions Donna has had to provide show how magical this book has become
Unfastened it springs open with one of those 'my jeans are too tight - ahhhhhhhhhh now I've undone my button' moments!
 Another shot from above.
So there you have it peeps another addition to this book, I'm waiting to hear back from Donna and then it will be on it's merry way.


  1. Wonderful project Virginia!
    I love the random and quirky feel that you and Donna have going on here.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow that is just beautiful...and packed with soooo much inspiration :)

  3. Oh how divine. I love collaborations and the new directions they can take us in. It really is a book sculpture. So much creative juciness on all those pages. Gorgeous. The final shots blew me away. You just want to touch them, I bet it is a treat to see it together like that and hold it in your hands. So beautiful. And still more to go.

  4. I love what we have learned about each other as well as about our art, dx

  5. This just makes me smile. A LOT.