Friday, 1 March 2013


Morning all, tis Friday and time to find out what silver linings and little strands of happiness have woven their way through life in the last 7 days and let's just note that we're on the 1st March, shall I say that again 1ST OF MARCH - ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 9 more months and I can put the decs up LMAO!
First up has to be a gorgeous pay it forward gift from Susie which I recently received, it's a delicious A4 journal that she's beautifully decorated and sent just for me.  I can't work out quite which way to use it, do I use it as my Rocking Journal to keep my weekly notes in?  Or my crafting journal to keep my crafty notes in or something else?  It's just so lovely I don't know where to start with it!
Isn't it gorgeous, you can't see all the texture on the book but it is just so beautiful!

Next up on the list is a day trip to York, quite spur of the moment, I did the "oooh it's such a long way" only to discover it's about 50 minutes up the road - when did that happen?  Anyway we had a fab day going to the York Castle Museum which we had never visited before
Next up the Shambles - I love this lane, always so busy but just fabulous
Having homemade mushroom soup in a cafe near the Minster and then walking up to the National Railway Museum and let it be said that this train is simply huge - said 12 year old really isn't that short!
Other favourites, finding that said 12 year old isn't too old to watch a new series of Shaun the Sheep, mind you I don't think anyone is too old for that are they?

Finding a pub that serves decent meals, had a great family meal out on Saturday night, great company and good food - nothing finer!

Going to the cinema to see the latest Die Hard film - far fetched is an understatement!

Receiving a fabulously gorgeous collage postcard from Carmen which was a collaborative project - fabulous stuff!
Then my sister passing her semester at Uni, she worked really hard on this and so deserved to pass everything WTG Melanie!

Having a craft day with my Mum, sister and niece, they didn't know what to do but let's say we put the gelli plate through it's paces!

Hubby and son having fun at Lock N Load and then Idleback last Sunday, giving me the crafting quality time with the girls in the family - fab stuff!

And finally receiving a book token from a friend as a thank you for a gift I'd made her - she is very naughty but it is much appreciated!

The girls in the office keeping me sane even when I'm driving them mad!

The WW girls who have been on form this week (as always) and helped me with a devious plan which led to one of the clan getting an unexpected joint birthday gift - woohoo!

Oh and I can't forget hubby who is putting up with my random mood swings and dealing with me when I'm losing the plot and definitely helping me when I've decided I don't want to do something like take said 12 year old for a guitar lesson, he just went with the flow "that's OK I'll take him" - thank goodness he get's me at the moment - all over the place I tell you I am officially all over the place!

So there you go a lovely eclectic mix this week of fabulous things that have happened it's amazing to clock the positives as you go, really makes you appreciate them, so I might turn the journal Susie made me into my Rocking book, that way I can keep a running commentary of the positives and spend time within it's walls more frequently - now that sounds like a plan to me!

A quick layout before I head off self portrait from Chatsworth last year
If you fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together and then come back and link up so we can visit!  Don't stress if she can't manage it weekly and don't stress if it's not Friday - just do it because it makes you feel more positive!


  1. Great journal - lovely thing to have! York photos - fab! Love York especially the NRM... spent many many days there with Thomas the Tank Engine. Lovely layouts too. I like the strike a pose photo. Have a great weekend. DS1 off to alpe d'huez tomorrow sniff, jenx

  2. Ohhh, a day trip to NY! HOW exciting - and no, ever too old for Shaun the Sheep! I still love it - lovely photos and journal, xoxo

  3. What a fabulous list of pleased you love the journal. It was fun to make too.
    We did well with your crafty plan...didn't we??? lol
    That self portrait and LO are wonderful.
    And York on top of all many memories for me...regular school trips, visits to Aunt, organising and interpreting for groups from our twin-town.....another visit is long overdue.
    Thank you for the lovely post ...hugs xx

  4. Yoohoo! Lovely to read your gratefuls Virginia :o) And that journal looks fabulous - definitely high on the grateful list! And York - yes! Fabulous place - our daughter lived there for 5 years before moving to Malton and now I miss not going more since you shared those photos :( x x x

  5. Love your photos, sounds like a very good week, and love the journal!! Fabulous!! Homemade mushroom soup sounds divine!!

  6. What a great list of positives Virginia. That journal looks to be 'touchy/feely' - enjoy.
    Gosh it is so long since I last visited York. I love the shops in The Shambles and much more interesting than row after row of modern shops. I loved the Castle museum - do they still have the real sweet shop in the recreated street? Would you believe, in all the visits I have made to York I've never been in the railway museum - have managed the Yorvic Centre and really enjoyed the 'dark ride'.

    Hope you have a great week to come.
    Toni xx

  7. Lovely Post Virginia. I'd love to go to York one day. Thank you for your comment - we are feeling positive !

  8. I missed this is my blog list on Friday, sorry! Your week sounds great - I had my (3 day) honeymoon in York in 1989 and loved it, the marriage failed but I remember York fondly, it is a glorious city; I'd love to go again one day. We visited many of the places you mention, and the yorvic centre too (very smelly, far too realistic, lol!) Hope next week is as exciting.

  9. Sue's journal is BEAUTIFUL, what a lovely gift to receive. I went to York many many years ago and really liked it there, it'd be interesting to go back again one day. Love the mad postcard!


  10. I can't believe I forgot to link up! Duh!

    I am the same with my gorgeous journal from you. I'm in that panicky "I don't want to ruin it" phase at the moment. The one Susie made is just beautiful!

    Lovely to read so so so many positives Virginia. Your pictures of York remind me of Rochester... and a little bit of Dickens Land :D

    Big hugs again you devious naughty madam. And it's great seeing how the postcard weathered the trip though the mail system! That's an unexpected part of the swap I never thought would interest me!

    Hope you are having a lovely week :)