Friday, 29 March 2013


Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon

For those visiting for the Artist's Reading Challenge scroll down if you don't fancy reading the Rocking Your World element of my post.  So your question - what is 'Rocking Your World Friday?' - a brief summary of the little glimpses of positives that have made life easier and better and happier during the last 7 days!  It's our way of acknowledging the positives and we are a small band of Rockettes (although Rockers welcome) who put a post together each week to acknowledge the same!

Crikey it's a dig deep week if I'm honest, time with hubby and son this week has been in short supply due to work but there have been some positives (just not as many as I would like).

  • Terry Pratchett's book Snuff (next month's ARC book), thoroughly enjoying the same.
  • Spending time with said 12 year old.
  • My colleague at work who has been an absolute star this week despite bad news - she really is an utter star.
  • Hubby for finding a mini-book on line that I wanted to make but couldn't find the instructions - he's an angel.
  • Hubby for making a cinnamon cake for work when there were lots of crappy news
  • The WW girls - for being their usual awesome selves! 
  • For finally being able to get my tablets from the hospital despite the weather
  • For my sister for keeping me sane recently when I've needed someone to talk with me, rather than ask me to say what's in my brain out loud! 
  • Double base gel for keeping my skin manageable
  • E45 shampoo for keeping my scalp manageable 
  • Milky coffees 
  • Magazines
  • And Asda for having memo pads in that I've searched high and low for - who'd have thought! 

ARC - Grave Sight

Well here we find ourselves with our next review.  After last months epic read as I neared the date I went for my thinnest book in order that I attempt to get a little ahead.  It took only a couple of days to work my way through this book.  I'm already a Charlaine Harris fan having read all of her Sookie Stackhouse books (that were subsequently turned into the TV series True Blood not that the recent series bear much resemblance to the initial printed books) and bought this book (in a trilogy set) almost 18 months ago and it's sat on my bookcase gathering dust every since!

The story centres around two key characters Harper and her brother Tolliver.  Harper was struck by lightning as a teenager and now has the ability to find dead people if she knows the general area they are and know what caused there death.  So let's be honest it was never going to be a particularly happy book to begin with.  But I found myself drawn into the book which flowed well, centring around one particular death and the subsequent fall out from finding the body in a little town that wasn't too keen on Harper's help.  You get to know other key characters of the town and subsequent deaths occur as part of the story.  I enjoyed the read and liked the pace of the book although I'd 'guessed' the punchline about two thirds of the way in.

Unlike Sookie (of the Sookie Stackhouse novels) who always has a slightly positive disposition, Harper was different, physically affected by the lightning strike and no family ties she goes from motel to motel working for clients finding dead people, with her step brother assisting along the way.  They seemed quite sad characters overall, with no roots to talk of, coming from a dysfunctional childhood you wonder how long they can continue to make a living this way.  Don't get me wrong they have aspirations and dreams just no real substance to achieving them.

I've got two more of these to read (although not on my book list for the reading challenge) and will be more than happy to while away a few hours completing the set.  So if you don't mind a bit of a mystery with dead bodies and not fancying a mentally 'heavy' read then this is the book for you!  If however, you are after a happy happy read - I suggest walking on by nothing to see here!

The artwork created from reading the book is another art journal page, created background on gelli plate, wrote the title words in black and the authors name in red, used an altered image on the left, distress inked the edge of the pages, a little masked inking in places and title bottom left in life with other pages I've done!

Finally if you are joining in Rocking Your World then pop the link to your blog post here.


  1. Oooo, I've been wondering whether to try this book as I've also read all the Sookie Stackhouse series and it's on my library's audio downloads - think I will now so thanks for the review. Really like your journal page, the gelli plate background is fab. Glad you found some positives in a dig-deep week, good old asda and what a great husband making that cake :)

  2. Now that sounds like a good read Virginia...just not at the moment...I've cried my way through two books already this week...sigh. will be added to my "possibly in the future when I'm feeling cheerful" list.
    Love the journal really do find some fabulous images.
    Hugs xx

  3. I love that your page shows the darkness of the world of the characters lives...all the possibilities of their dreams yet drab in their reality...very deep :D XXX

  4. Double base helped my dry hands once too.
    Sounds like you have some wonderful support. Have a good Easter break x

  5. Glad you finally managed to pick up your tablets and it sounds like hubby has been a real star this week.

    I love your journal pages and this is another super one.

    Have a fabby Easter.

    Toni xx

  6. Oh Virginia - you're an inspiration, finding a list like that. Big hugs. And mmmmmmm cinammon cake!

    I've read this book and think I felt pretty much the same as you. I've still only read the first one so will be interested in how you find the others. The journal pages are gorgeous and fit the tone of the book so well!

  7. I have been wondering about those books, they sound perfect for those times when you want a light read to escape with for a short time.

    Love the page that resulted as well. There is so much love in a cinnamon cake. How lucky you are to receive it, AND recognise it as a rocking moment. Sometimes the small things pass us by as we get lost in everything else going around. I will be thinking of you and hope this week is easier.

    I am grateful for your support and cheering me on, and for encouraging me to record these moments each week. As things happen during the week now I make mental notes to record for my posts, it helps me to be aware of the good that is happening in amongst all the other life debris.

    Thank you!

  8. I enjoyed reading your review, and though I am not 'walking on by' I have to admit I escape into happier books these days, and avoid the books of this kind I used to read when I was younger. But it's always interesting to catch up on other people's ARC choices. Interesting approach to your artwork, which links well with the book. Here's to many more positives for you.

  9. my book was a bit miserable this month, I am hoping for a happier read in May. Love the journal page, classic colours of black,red and grey, stark and gritty but still interesting.

  10. Love the journal spread ... Very moody but cool. Also got my gelli plate delivered this morning so looking forward to playing with it!

  11. Love your journal page - suitably sombre and atmospheric and captures the essence of the book very well.