Friday, 8 March 2013


Yep it is already upon us Friday has swung around and arrived in the blink of an eye this is the 10th Friday of 2013 - who would have thought it!
So what's made the list this week... let's see

A morning with my sister gelli-plating the world (and her boots - don't ask).
 And some of the results

The WW girls always making me smile, we share, we support and we care for one another, letting us rant and vent when we need to - bestest friends a girl can have a tell you!

Carmen being utterly bewildered and surprised by her birthday pressies, made me so happy to see all the comments, photos and general birthday excitedness that occurred!

Writing randoms on lists that made me laugh - I wrote a shopping list last week with the intention of popping to a highstreet store to pick up the usual bits and bats, contained on this list was the item

"Smelly stuff for breakfast"

I knew what I'd meant to write and had obviously got distracted half way through the list by a conversation - what I actually meant was

could you guess?

Air freshener for bathroom

So any time you need a random list of utter drivel writing which bears no resemblance to what it should read just give me a shout!

Next up flowers from hubby

Blue skies last Saturday - did you see them, were you as excited as me to leap out of bed and welcome them!  Spring I thought it's here, it's arrived, it's definitely on the up and up


Snow forecast for next week - enough said

Going to the circus and see said 12 year old so engrossed and so utterly bewildered by their 'death defying feats" - I must admit the tightrope walker falling and wrapping his leg around the wire whilst carrying the chair and dropping the pole was a bit scary!

Having family time on Sunday, we toddled off to Kelham Island for a wander around, lovely day just the three of us!

A simple Sunday lunch, sometimes we go the whole hog making the roasts and yorkshires etc but decided on shepherds pie made by hubby - simply yum!

Craft time always a positive, spending time working on Donna's pairs journal!

And that my lovely people are my list of positives and gratefuls that have sprinkled my life with positivity this week!

Finally a quick layout, documenting the amazing shapes hubby and said 12 year old created with sparklers last bonfire night, I think the 'mum' one is my favourite!
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead, if you fancy joining our tiny gang of Rockettes (or Rockers not that we've ever had one join in) on a Friday summing up all the positives you can think of then pop a post together and head back here to link up, it's always lovely to visit!


  1. Love the pages... you need to tell me what this whole gelli plate thing is because I really don't know and I really should given my circumstances lol! I love the mum one too... you could turn that into a card for Sunday. Great layout and I love the working photos of your sis. Thanks for visiting throughout the week. jenx

  2. Your shopping list made me smile!! Sounds like you've had a rocking week - I really hope the forecast snow stays away!! Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog.

  3. Laughed at the nonsensical item on your list! (you're not crazy - because if you were it would mean that I am too because I do that!)
    Also liked the 'mum' sparkler writing best too :o)
    x x x

  4. Oooo, forgot to say... FABULOUS gelli prints too :D x x x

  5. An excellent week listed here Virginia.....had the odd know...things like your list and Melanie's gelli printed boots!
    I love the results o your gelli morning...mmm, perhaps we could have those instead of coffee mornings?
    Hope your weekend is just as lovely and positive.
    Hugs xx

  6. Lovely gelli prints and super positive Friday post. Being dyslexic, Jess's orders note pad at the cafe is hilarious & make the other girls giggle - they say they love her funny spellings & so far no mistakes on the orders because of them !

  7. Googled it and wow! need to try that. Done something similar with children at school but not on this level... me thinks I need to spend some more money... DH will pass out lol, happy friday, jenx

  8. I have decided. It's a horrible grotty day. Ruby has gone to school in wonderful high spirits dressed in sunny yellow for book week and they are celebrating Mr Dahl and his favourite colour. I think me and her are going to open the gelli plate tonight and play together. Hopefully the others will entertain Master Logan for half hour or so :) I love what you and sis did :)

    I just about spat my peanuut butter toast out just now it has to be said, when I spotted your post. Friday already? Aaaargh - I'm determined to be on time this week ;)

    Hope your week is just as lovely x x

  9. That Gelli Print table you guys had set up looks so fun!!! I wish I could have bellied up to the gelli bar with you all! Beautiful results too! I hope you have a fabulous week ahead of you. We have daylight savings starting this weekend which means it will be dark for a few weeks when we get up in the morning (always difficult for me) but the good news is we will have daylight until about 6:30 in the evening and it will keep growing until those glorious summer months.

  10. Gelli printing is very high on my to-do list. I completely love your pages. 10 Fridays??? This year seems to be going even faster than last year.

    Smelly stuff for breakfast...I never would have guessed. I thought it was only me that got that distracted in the middle of things. More than once, my beloved has phoned me from the shop to decipher half of something I have written down.

    Love the sparkler writing, especially the "Mum". Your whole week sounds perfectly rocking!! :)

  11. phew , I finally got around to writing up February. Even just doing this once a month I'm always tardy! rubbish blogger that I am :) Gelli-printing, flowers and the circus, sounds like a creative, blessed and entertaining week! Love the sparkler layout too