Monday, 11 February 2013


At the beginning of the year I had a flurry of activity creating layouts, with dark evenings and short days it was the perfect way to start the year, but before I knew it I was churning them out at a rate of knots, a couple of weeks at home poorly had me making a few more and I've sat and counted them this evening and they stand at 48 year to date, I think I technically have a problem (the biggest of which is I don't have any albums to put them in).  So I think I best start sharing some of these with you otherwise I'm going to have the biggest back catalogue of layouts ever.

First up one I created using lots of spray inks, not something I normally do due to the mess (yes I know they are so 'in' but my craft room is in my living room and I didn't fancy spray ink all over my sofa), I did however love the finished effect.
Next up a double page layout from a henge we found on holiday last year, it was amazing to find, not only because you could see it and their was still a standing stone in the centre, but the whole thing was made up of thousands of cobbles that had been dragged out of a river nearby and brought to the site to create the henge, you could feel the cobbles under your feet!
 The standing stone in the centre looked tiny, until said 12 year old raced down to it and stood next to it - how on earth did they manage to move such huge stones in situ all those years ago!
The other page up close as you can see I used tags to create the layout, foam letters for the title and managed to used some gromlets, not that I have a machine to put them in, but a hole punch and some brute force, they looked OK when I'd completed them!
I hope your creativity is productive without taking over your life - anyway do you think I have a scrapping problem?


  1. Well, you are clearly addicted but I wouldn't say it is a problem - these pages are fantastic! But yes, you probably need to find somewhere to store them safely or one day you may well be buried under an avalanche of LO's!!

    The info about 'henge' was really interesting - how on earth did they move those massive rocks?!!


  2. If you have send some of your addiction my way - I need to get back into scrapping again. Love how you keep up with your scrapbooks I get side tracked and need to concentrate more on mine. Love the flow of that double page :)

  3. No, no problem!! I love the henge layout as it reminds me of my favourite ever novel (CrossStitch by Diana Gabaldon - my Desert Island book)
    Hope you find some albums to keep these layouts in soon, or else frame them (maybe not all 48!) and display them on the walls.

  4. Preserving your memories in a creative way isn't a problem. (And certainly not to us who get to peep at it!) Keep on doing it, Virginia, future generations will have a great story of your lives :0) x x x

  5. WOW! Go you!! love the misting.

  6. great layouts of an interesting place and fun family outing! of course i don't think you have a problem, but then again, i don't think i have one either although some would disagree! ha, ha. :-)

  7. Not a problem at all! You are a family historian! Us scrappers are like the modern version of the notes and trees that used to be made in the family bible. I love the first layout and that photo is great! What a lovely lad! happy woyww and thanks for visiting me, jenx