Friday, 8 February 2013


Morning/Afternoon/Evening one and all, Friday has fair crept up on me - I mean really arrived without prior warning I'm telling you these weeks are flying by already!  So without further ado what's been Rocking Your World this week?
First up has to be hubby who rescued me on Tuesday, I'm on some pretty awful tablets from the hospital a side effect of which is dry skin so for the first time in my life I've started using a moisturiser, nothing unusual about that but Tuesday found me with the driest itchiest scalps ever at the end of a very very long work day - it was no trouble for him to literally drop everything and dash off down to Meadowhall, first off to get a scalp treatment from Lush that he thought might help and then to pop into the pharmacy and have a chat and have a chat he did arriving home with E45 shampoo - which is utterly amazing and another grateful for this week!

The WW group on Facebook, I've not been as active on this as I have been over the last few weeks, kind of watching from the sidelines but enjoying nonetheless!

A certain Miss Carmen catching up on her 'to do list' - thank you Carmen you were very naughty!

Donna of the 'It's a Donna Thing' fame sending me our two pairs journals back and wow are they looking fabulous but also sending a little envelope of goodies, I've seen through the blog world that Donna has been sprinkling her potfuls of happiness elsewhere!  Thank you Donna you are amazing!

Hubby embracing yet a new weight loss system, this one apparently isn't a diet, what you do is stick to 1500 calories a day and yes I know in my book that's a diet, but apparently not, however, the literature is littered with the word diet as well and so after week 2 I'm as confused as ever!

Scrapbooking keeping me sane of an evening.

Trip to Ikea not costing us the usual arm and a leg and a trip to Next to look at sofa's so yum!

Understanding bosses

Quality TV - Ripper Street has been fabulous and we're just finding NCIS a good watch, however the Tivo box has gone into overdrive and is taping this series all over the place - we keep jumping between series - most confusing

Watching Hotel Transylvania and Taken 2 this week, not sure what my verdict of Taken 2 was but Hotel Transylvania was fabulous!

Parcel being received by a friend with a gift I made and her liking it made me smile!

Right got to dash and this is late!
UK Scrappers Cybercrop layout above, struggled with the size of the patchwork, but liked it once completed!

If you fancy joining in and letting us know what's rocked your week, pop a link to your blog below and we'll come and visit!


  1. ah - you got it - no oneed to respond to email - started to worry that I'd still got it in the car boot in a dark corner ha ha ah!


  2. Your hubby is such a star running around for you and embracing the don't-call-it-a-diet diet! I hope the itchiness has subsided, it must have driven you mad, aaarrgghh! Taken 2 got a lousy review and yours isn't exactly overly enthusiastic so I think I'll wait for it to be on the tv.

    Your LO is lovely - the image has the effect of making it all look really 3D. Love the patchwork effect too.

    Have a love itch-free weekend,


  3. Sounds like a busy week. Itchy skin is the worst. We found a lovely cream with vitamin e and calendula which is quite hard to get hold of but works a treat. Oilatum is good for scalps too. What am I drivelling on about! lol! Right... love the layout. Not a Ripper Street girl myself... prefer the fluff that is Mr Selfridge! How did you manage to get out of Ikea without serious spending - much resolve! Meadowhall... I went there when it first opened when i was a student at Sheffield University! I remember being amazed by the food hall which had lots of huge television screens banging out mtv - I had never seen anything like it! I was at uni there between 88-91. I loved being in Sheffield. I went back a few years ago and so much had changed. My hall had been demolished and there were trams! The Arts Tower was still there though - I never used the paternoster and I am scared of lifts so I used to walk up the stairs to nearly the top floor! No wonder I was a size 10! Have a lovely weekend, a good rest and get out into the fresh air. I will link up later, jenx

  4. What a husband you have?! I can't even imagine someone doing that for me. What a love! That is one of my favorite layouts from your huge repetoire. The patchwork is beautiful! I hope your week ahead is creatively less itchy.

  5. Lovely pages in your blog!!
    Thank you for joining my free workshop!!

  6. Hi Virginia, so sorry not to have been by and read all your posts in the last 6 weeks or so. I have caught up now! Such a wonderful hubby you have running about to get you creams and lotions, dont think my hubby would now where to start!!! I love the patchwork on your LO, its fantastic!
    I may try and get a rocking post done this week, i have missed playing along, i just have not had a lot of positives lately!

  7. E45 shampoo sounds very soothing. I hope it helps the itchiness. We used to use E45 cream for Joe's exzema but went on to diprobase then oilatum & must admit I like the cream on my hands in the winter ! Putting one of the emolient solutions in the bath helps ( tho the bath gets very greasy & slippy ! )

    Lovely patchwork crop.