Thursday, 3 January 2013


Good Morning - look at me go, two posts in two days.  Well I've got a poorly 12 year old on my hands a bad throat and bit of a temperature but he's not used to being poorly so he's finding it really hard.  Yesterday he spent literally all day on the sofa not moving, watching drivel on TV, playing on the laptop, listening to You Tube.  However, this means me and hubby are feeling like caged animals - we had hoped to go out for a walk yesterday but it wasn't to be - well not in a 'family' kind of way.  So we went out in relays to the supermarket to stock up the store cupboard according to Jamie's 15 minute meal books, we still have a lot of things missing!

Anyway I digress, today is more overcast then yesterday with grey clouds looming, but we're going out to blow off the cobwebs!  I'll update you tomorrow on what we get up to!

Crafting, I'm sure I mentioned crafting somewhere - this layout shows my slight obsession with fabulous gates.  This one no exception and worthy of a layout - don't you think!

Right off for shower then out to get some fresh air!


  1. Lovely layout. Have I said Happy New Year yet? well happy new year if i have not! Finishing popping the last christmas bits away then off walking too! Did you see our wreath on UK scrappers yesterday? #proud! ohh i have to stop hashtagging everything - it is so annoying! jenx

  2. Enjoy the fresh air....we plan on getting out this afternoon too.
    Hope said 12 year old is feeling better.
    And I love the LO...those gates are fab-u-lous!!! And you've just given me some inspiration...
    Hugs xx

  3. Ooh no, a poorly boy - that's not much fun :( I hope he feels better soon.

    What a wonderful gate in your LO, which is lovely!


  4. Hope you got a blast of fresh air. We have after a long drive. Horrid to be poorly - so many bugs about.
    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year x

  5. Love the colours Virginia!! Gorgeous LO x