Sunday, 13 January 2013


Sunday already and with snow forecast today at some point for our part of the world we're all waiting in anticipation (so much so - hubby gone looking for another snow shovel and bottle of rum which are both apparently essential items, as are breadcakes and more milk).

I've just finished cooking banana and chocolate chip muffins which smell divine - but must refrain from being over indulgent (did a bit too much of that over Christmas as my hips would tell you).  Off to visit my brother shortly (with some muffins in tow - well it would be rude not to)!  He's moving to Ireland this week with his girlfriend and he's going to leave a massive hole in our lives when he is gone.  Having spent 14 years away from family when we only lived 88 miles away, the idea of him being in another country and across water is somewhat daunting.  But it's a new fresh start for him and his Missus and I can understand that.  So whilst I wish them both well I can't help but feel a little selfish with my own feelings at the moment, having got a tiny social group anyway the loss of anyone in that group is always so huge.  However, I'm hoping in the days of social interaction (which was lacking when we lived away) that it might not feel quite so distant, but time will tell. 

Anyway enough of my overall sadness thought I'd pop on a photo from our visit to Durham last year, a double page that I did an age ago, however I was really pleased with the overall colours and the paper usage which shows what a dramatic Cathedral it is. 

Up close hand stitched detail, punched hearts and matted photos!

 Using a die cut circle for the journalling on the two pages to balance the pages up.

I hope your Sunday is proving positive and fruitful!


  1. Hugs for you V. I know you'll miss Jon but Ireland isn't that far and if you get Skype you'll be able to chat and see him.

    I love, love the LO!!! Brought back memories of the time I had to interpret for a group of French people as we were guided round the Cathedral....the guide was using lots of technical and architectural terms...I didn't know what they meant in English never mind knowing the French! I'm pleased you enjoyed your visit there.
    Hugs xx

  2. Yeah, get Skype!!!!! I know it will be hard to not be able to see your brother so regularly but these are exciting times for him and his girlfriend (I bet she's happy to be going back to Ireland?).

    Great LO, great colour combo.


  3. Love the LO Virginia.

    I'm sitting here drooling at the thought of those muffins LOL

    Toni xx

  4. Beautiful layout, very apt paper.

    Nother vote for Skype here, get that & you'll probably see you bro more than when he lived closer .... & just think of the irish holidays! ((hugs))

  5. AW Virginia this must be such a tough time and a torn happy/sad time but like thank goodness for such things like Skype eh? Big big hugs.

    The page is so gorgeous and you take such great photos, always such intetresting angles.