Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well it's been a funny start to the week, this virus just won't go, it doesn't want to leave me it's filled my ears so I can't hear (or spell apparently as I used the word 'here' initially grrrrrrrrr), my head so I can't breath, my nose so I need to have shares in balsam tissues at the rate I'm going through them because believe you and me their profits will be rocketing, I ask you when will you leave me be dear virus, when?  So I've spoke to Doctor and he wants to see me so we'll watch this space.  In the meantime my energy levels mean tea drinking and sitting at my craft desk, often not creating, just sitting but I have managed to stick a few bits of paper to one another in some format to create the odd layout.  The lack of energy is seriously affecting me now though so today I'll be mainly resting.

Given that I'm stuck in, you're going to end up with endless supplies of written drivel from yours truly (the above being a prime example) with the odd layout thrown in for good measure to keep it interesting.

So this layout is straight from a UKS cyber crop that I did late last year, and it has to be said is one of my favourite layouts that I've done in a cyber crop, I loved the design of the class, so much so that I repeated the layout several more times (so you can guess that you'll be seeing those layouts soon).

The layout documents the last sport's day that my son had at primary school.  As one of the house captains he was set the task of encouraging the younger ones and helping get the equipment back to the starting line, I think he actually did more exercise and running than anyone else that day, running back and forth with skipping ropes, egg and spoons, hoola hoops on and on it went and he did it so utterly willingly!  My favourite shot was him bent down encouraging the nursery children (far left on the layout), it showed me just how much he's grown, he seems so old now heading off to secondary school every morning.  He is growing into such a fabulous young person though and I know I'm his Mum so I'm biased but honestly he makes my heart flutter every morning when I think of how amazing he is!
Thanks for popping by, if you have the time I love to read your comments, makes me feel less lonely!!!


  1. That's a great page Virginia sorry your feeling so rubbish that virus is pretty aweful! Got it just after Christmas and don't want to feel like that in a hurry again! Look after yourself, keep snuggled and warm
    X Michelle

  2. Oh Virginia, I do hope you are on the mend soon.

    Love the LO.

    Sending you big hugs
    Toni xx

  3. So sorry you are feeling so awful at the moment Virginia, I hope those nasty bugs leave you soon. Love the LO, I can see why you like it so much, looking forward to seeing the others soon.

  4. Oh dear I do hope you are feeling better soon. Do you know what, at least it is making you rest up. You are always so busy. Not drivel! I like reading. And that layout I think is my favourite that you have shared. Great colours. Get well soon, jenxxx