Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Morning all well I'm still feeling grim, hoping the antibiotics will finally take hold soon and start making me feel more human, however on the upside we do have blue skies today - it's very blustery but they are definitely blue those skies!

There seems to be lots of talk of gelli plate printing at the moment in the craft world so might have to dig out my box of paints and have a play this afternoon - I'll let you know how I get on!

In the meantime another layout to share.

Another UK Scrappers cyber crop layout, this one was the challenge of finding an old cyber crop challenge and creating something new.  I really enjoyed this one, it's my kind of layout, full on and busy throughout.  The title was a joint family decision and seemed quite apt for the layout!

Hope you're having a blue skies day today!


  1. Great LO Virginia....

    I like the title and that you made a joint decision about it :)

    Hope you feel better soon.... these things hang about for ever don't they?

    Karen x

    ps yes try the writing and covering over it is great therapy!

  2. Sorry you are still not feeling well, really hope the antibiotics kick in soon! Love the play on words on your LO!! We have wild wind blowing but the snow has gone, yipee!! Annette

  3. Hello gorgeous lady....hope you're picking up now? I do keep popping by to see your lovely pages - love that you keep on telling your stories :0) Life just keeps whizzing by and its hard to keep up with everyone. Take care Ginny, look forward to you next pages. x x x

  4. Blue skies but very windy & the odd heavy downpour here! Hope you feel better soon xx

  5. love the stitching! I hope you feel better soon, the winter viruses are really dragging people down. I had one last year that lasted 11 weeks. i am loving all the gelli plate posts, I got one for xmas but have been too busy to play with it.

  6. Love the LO...esp. the title!
    Hugs for you in the hope you feel better soon.xx