Friday, 18 January 2013


Yes well we are well and truly into January, that lull period between the Christmas decorations down and pay day!  Shorter days and long nights and add to that snow.  So what are your gratefuls this week?

Long evenings and no wine = scrapbook layouts and me considering the possibility of a 365 day - 365 layout challenge - yes I am still considering this - I am that mad!

Snow = pretty landscapes, I know most people hate it and I'm none too keen when I have to go somewhere but I have to admit clear roads, but pretty snowy trees today made me smile - so very very pretty!  Not sure it'll be the same tomorrow the snow started at 3 this afternoon (thursday) and it's now gone 7pm and still snowing!  Roads not looking so clear now!

Chats with my Mum (even if they were mainly work related), we had a weird talking relationship in 2012, spells of talking lots (mainly work) to no contact for weeks on end.  I'm trying to re-evaluate things and put things back as they were and give her a bit of support when I can, this in turns means lots more conversations.

Booking holidays we've managed a couple of week breaks booked up to now - not sure how we will pay for them LOL - but they are booked!

Reading (although I want to throw the book out of the window as it's irritating me), but the book reading challenge Darcy has set which means I'm persevering despite my grumpiness with it!

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book is still a big hit this week, we seem to be getting into a better eating pattern with said 12 year old and that's definitely a positive!

Hubby for helping me re-bleach my hair back to dizzy blonde rather than dull blonde which is what it had become!

A warm house, at this moment in time with the crazy mad weather outside it makes me happy to shut all the curtains, pop the heating on and snuggle up on the sofa!

On line friends - always a joy!

Options hot chocolate - yum!

Positive comments on my last few posts and some fabulous Rocking comments - thank you one and all!

Well my dears they are thin on the ground this week and I've had to dig deep - but that's what these posts are all about - some weeks filled with positives and others well like the above!

Right a little bit of crafting - a double page layout documenting a lovely evening when we stopped at Greystoke last year.  A beautiful summers evening, said 12 year making up his own olympics, boots off and a bottle of wine - nothing finer!

 Up close you can see the hand stitching and using up some brads
 and an oversized embellishment that I had created!
If you fancy popping yourself a post together and noting your gratefuls, pop back, link up and we'll come and visit.


  1. Your.layouts rock xxx Yeay dizzy.blonde. really love your.pages I hope you are ableto complete personal challenge.big bugs xxxxxcc

  2. You have some great positives there V.
    I had to dig deep too ..but I managed it..yay!!
    Love the LO...your handmade embellies are gorgeous.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. which book are you reading?

  3. Hi Virginia

    I'd be a dizzy blonde if I wasn't mousey brown!!!!

    I loved your list of 'happies' - you may think they are 'thin on the ground' but they make for happy reading!

    Great layouts... I'm planning on getting back to scrapping!

    Thanks for visiting :)

    Karen x

  4. Layout challenge madness!!!! I failed at a photo a day never mind a layout a day!!! I love the snow too. Fresh air cold and crisp and good for the soul. We love Jamie too. I have had some dig deep weeks and you are right we can always find something. Hope you are ok and have a good weekend. jenx

  5. I thought your week sounded ok! The layout looks great and thanks for stopping by today (indeed all week!) - glad you approve of what I've done so far in the journal!! Yes, the snow is great if you don't have to get anywhere except for fun!!

  6. Love the boot image in the last layout. I have a real fetish for pictures of shoes. I'm checking out the Jamie Oliver book as soon as I can. 15 min. sounds ideal for a meal! Keep up those conversations with your mom. Sometimes we have to push ourselves a bit, especially when we're tired and don't feel like the chat. You never know though when one of you might need the other and little check-ins work great to keep things going!!!

  7. We are doing the similar with our 12 year old, got her River Cottage Veg for xmas, it seems to work a bit, hope you keep making progress. Loving the boots and wine pic :)