Friday, 11 January 2013


Morning Rockettes - hope you are all well, it's been the first week back at work for most people and so this week is probably one of those that you need to dig that bit deeper to find those positives and gratefuls to pin point and enjoy - why you might ask?  Because we can, because celebrating life's positives is a way of taking stock and keeping the balance.  In a world when we have 24 hour news spreading negativity its all too easy to consider that things are down and miserable all the time - they aren't you just need to keep the balance and Rocking your World posts seriously helps retain that balance.  If you haven't joined in before, but fancy a go please join in, we are a small band of Rockettes (and more than happy to welcome more) who take the time to celebrate gratefuls and share those experiences with other like minded people with a Rocking post.  Don't stress if you don't get chance to put them together every week, don't stress if you don't have lots of pictures, don't stress if you don't have lots of words - if the rocking post is what made you happy this week - then welcome aboard! .

Anyway I think I've laboured what we are about - let's get this post started, unlike last week this one won't be top heavy on photos I'm afraid, so you'll have to just imagine them!

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book - with a problematic 12 year old who rarely if ever tries anything 'new' I realised over Christmas that his food list was become even smaller, so I sat him down with Jamie's book and challenged him to find 6 meals he'd be willing to try (I promised him a crap and chips night provided he made decent headway into all the meals that we did) and he did and up to now 4 nights into this new 'regime' we've eaten 4 different meals, some have been successful some not so much but I'm building a new list of meals that we can all enjoy even if some of them need a small tweak so that he'll eat the meals - so a big grateful if a sensibly written book, with great meals and menus - love it!

Jack Reacher film, now I know a few 'die hard' fans of the books were disappointed in the actor choice of Mr Cruise because he doesn't fill the visual description of the books but all I can say is that he's done a fabulous job of the role, it's a thriller and action movie enjoyed by all three of us, quite violent (to say it's a 12A certificate) but nevertheless a damn good film!

Chloraseptic spray for my throat, when it's that painful that you want to numb the pain - it does the job nicely - a crazy grateful I know but a grateful nonetheless!

Hubby for dragging me out for two walks up to now this week with more planned this weekend (fingers crossed).  I hate getting ready but really enjoy the walks once I'm out and about and feel so much more positive when I get home!  So thanks hun - you're a star!

Said 12 year for making me feel happy - we have some great conversations particularly in a morning on the journey into town, nattering about his day ahead etc, he really is a joy to be around and he's regained his absolute love of Lego in the last week or so, extended caravans seem to be the order of the day at the moment.

A staff away day is something strange to be grateful for but Northern College is in the building of Wentworth Castle that you are not allowed around as a visitor to Wentworth Castle, so seeing the inside of the building albeit just a few rooms is awesome, the painted ceilings and beautiful glass work were gorgeous as was the pineapple upside down pudding and custard but we won't mention that!

The use of my middle finger on my left hand being possible again, after smashing it with a door last week I've only just regained use of it, we were worried I'd done some serious damage to it, fingers crossed it will recover once the nail has grown out (it looks a little black at the moment!).

A dermatologist that listens, I've always had problem skin and finally managed to get a referral to the hospital, had my first appointment this week, fingers crossed for a way forward, albeit fairly drastic!

No alcohol = night time scrapbooking, I've managed several layouts up to now, using lots of gorgeous papers that my hubby and Mum bought me (plus maybe one or two I've had to treat myself to), I've much fun scrapbooking some photos that I had printed pre-Christmas.

Stargazing live for providing an intellectual programme for the whole family that has been great fun to watch - win win is all I can say!

The girls at work 'putting up' with how demented I get when things get busy, they know what I'm like now and just accept it - bless them!

Making plans for things that need to get sorted this year, albeit a small list at the moment, it's good to plan, particularly in these short days when the temperatures have plummeted.

Right my beautiful Rockettes that's your lot this week, so weird and wonderful ones but things that have made my week better!

Fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together head back here and link back (Mr Linky at the bottom) I look forward to visiting to find out what rocked your week this week.

Before I put in Mr Linky I'll pop in a layout, I've got a few in reserve at the moment.  A layout documenting when photos just get too much - don't you just love him!


  1. Sounds like you've had a good week. Love the layout, the picture says it all!

  2. So many positives Virginia....I love the new meal regimen...a great way to get said 12 year old to try new foods....wondering if I "need" that book???
    Isn't it wonderful when you can "proper" conversations with your boy?
    Hugs for Craig again this week...for dragging you out for walks.
    Hope your weekend is a positive one.
    Hugs xx

  3. I love that photo. We have been doing Jamie too! We had the couscous and greek chicken and tzatziki this week - delicious. I am doing lists too. And you have reminded me I need to get out in the fresh air for a walk.... can it really have been a week already?? Happy Friday, jenx

  4. thats a lot ofrocxking things happening this wek thanks for sharing them. seeing other people positives makes me smile too xxxxx

  5. Lots of lovely moments. Am glad your finger is starting to feel better Virginia - that sounded painful.

    Be back later with mine :-) Have a lovely week x

  6. P.s I love everything about that page, the texture, the layers sand that fabby photo!

  7. Hello Virginia! Lovely uplifting post as always :) Sorry to hear you've had a sore throat, I hope it doesn't develop into something even yukkier. I wanted to see Jack Reacher - I haven't read the books so I have no pre-conceived ideas about what the main man should look like. The author gave Tom the go ahead so if he's ok for him I think he should be ok for us! LOVE the LO, great photo!

    I can't see Mr Linky (although I know he was there this morning) so I'll leave the link to my Rocking post here.

    Bye for now,


  8. Virginia......

    I really enjoyed your post..... try page 90 in Jamies book we had it last nice ... yum!

    I'm a Tom Cruise fan (ever since Top Gun!) so he would get my vote :)

    I have to be dragged out for walks at this time of year but I am always happy when out !

    Good luck with the appointment, finger and throat too...

    I did enjoy this post!!!

    Great layout.... I'm going to start scrapbooking again. Layouts for my days out with my cousin and her daughter (3) and from photos she sends me throughout the year and then surprise with the pages at Christmas. Really looking forward to it!

    Thanks for visiting

    Love Karen x

  9. Okay, I'll put it down to being back at work and trying to get back into a routine...but I'm sure I commented on this LOL.

    Hope everything goes well with the appointments.

    Lots of lovely positives and a great LO.

    Toni xx

  10. OK... you just wore me out reading that list of positiveness!! LOL Re 12 year old and very restricted diet choices if I had my time again, I would not get so stressed about it. Mine would only eat potatoes whole... if you mashed them they had changed so he wouldn't even try them, wouldn't eat anything with melted cheese but would eat pizza... yeah, you see the problem? But... he went off to Uni and returned a reformed character!! Ate anything I put on his plate, no matter how weird or wonderful!! I think he found out that other people would not put up with his eccentricities with regard to food - unlike his poor mother!!