Friday, 4 January 2013


Good Morning Rockettes - the start of a brand new year, everything sparkly and new, a clean slate a blank canvas, a time to take stock sit back and note your grateful moments for the last 7 days.  I've become aware of a 'grateful' jar appearing on Facebook which follows something similar to the Rocking Posts this last week, it's nice to see none-bloggers starting to acknowledge the benefits of positivity in life!

So without further ado
First up has to be time off work, it's so nice to kick back a little bit and enjoy the festive season.  When we have breaks from work normally we are on a holiday and rushing here there and everywhere to take as much in as is possible in 7 days.  But at Christmas being at home, listening to said 12 year old rummaging through Lego boxes, playing games he got at Christmas such as Monopoly Millionaire and Connect 4 Launchers has been utter bliss!

Next up Mr Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals, now this is a must have book on hubbies Christmas list, he watched every single episode (sometimes twice) and almost bought the book on numerous occasions before Christmas as he was desperate to get going on it, but he refrained and was most happy to find that he'd made Santa's good list and was rewarded with the book.  We've already started making the meals out of the book and have yet to manage to make one in 15 minutes but together can usually throw one together in less than half an hour - which makes us happy!  This is one of the first dishes we did and resulted in hubby creating the Nom scale, Nom means it's OK, Nom Nom means it's Good to be repeated and Nom Nom Nom means that it's off the scale!
Next up has to be Sunday night, we invited my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and my niece over for an evening of reminiscing, TV watching, food and some great company.  We made three different curries, rice, poppadoms, naan bread and a salad made for a curry and everyone enjoyed their fill.  We had a few glasses of wine, chatted, watched DVD's, played on the Wii and then the Xbox, we picked them up at 5pm and they were waved off in a taxi at gone 1am - now that's what you call a good night.  The only issue I've got with it is that I failed miserably at taking a single photo - not a single one - what's wrong with me - I'm a scrapbooker it's what we do - drive everyone nuts taking photos all the time.

Thankfully my sister reciprocated with a New Year's Eve party the following night at her house and there I managed to take some photos and get a few video moments fit only to use as blackmail in future years LOL - New Year's Eve karaoke - always interesting!  My sister singing the Darkness's "thing called love" was hysterical!  My sister provided a great evenings company with my Mum and brother and his girlfriend all partaking in the festivities.  Midnight and my brother let the New Year in and sang Auld Lang Syne, my Mum even brought the words to this and my sister did an amazing rendition of the same however, the modern day equivalent is nowhere near as entertaining!

New Year's Day was a day in as was the following day (the second not intentional just got a poorly 12 year old on our hands).  Nonetheless we had a good day together, chatting about plans for January, food plans etc - always good for the soul planning.  I also managed to book us a break at Easter yay to a week away!

The Artful Reading Club for challenging me to actually read books I get bought - let's see how long the first one takes.
And then today (being Thursday) my hubby insisting that we needed some fresh air (and he was right we did) and taking us off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the afternoon.  We had seen a fair few of the sculptures before as the Miro exhibition is still on (due to change this weekend - typical) but there were a few changes and I think this time we appreciated the sculptures just that little bit more.  I felt very disappointed last time we'd visited but that's because the previous exhibition was Jaume Plensa - which was an absolutely amazing exhibition!  Miro wasn't my cup of tea to begin with but having walked around the same this afternoon - perhaps I might have changed my mind if only a little!

We got to see some work by Mark Hearld
then discovered some fabulous planter tags in the greenhouse 
then we came across a new sculpture we'd not seen before 
and just to put it in perspective

then the recycled pirate ship 
then we spotted this from a distance, they run a sculpting course at YSP
said 12 year old working out the tree was five and a half hugs!
finding new sculptures in the Camellia House - this was a bowl (I kid you not).
then we discovered this - what is it - well we were confused particularly when you realise that it actually looked
like this
however all became a little more clear once inside the shed, you walked around the inside to the back and up three steps until you were inside the sphere, four small lenses meant that the shadows of the surrounding trees were reflected on the inside of the sphere albeit upside down and being perfectly spherical it was very good at distorting your voice.  We would have spent a lot longer in there given half a chance but were interrupted by other visitors.

Back in the main building we got to see the beginnings of the next exhibition - said 12 year old mighty giddy about moving sculptures!
And finally as we left, we were treated to one of Jaume Plensa's installations - lit up for us to enjoy and discovering it changes colour like a mood person.
So many gratefuls in my week, time, people, fresh air, art work - nothing finer!   How was your week?  Fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together and link back here so we can come and share your positives.  Don't think you've had that many this week, grab a cuppa and a pen and a paper you'll be surprised and it doesn't have to be anything major - a cup of tea in bed or a phone call from a loved one - big or small positives make your world richer and happier!

I'll leave you with a bit of crafting and then Mr Linky is at the end, this one from a UK Scrappers cybercrop class.
Mr Linky


  1. impressive, so glad you had a lovely Christmas, and made me laugh that you were having such fun, and so totally engaged ( as it 'right') you forgot the photo's!


  2. You have the most amazing days out! Great photos. I love the sphere on top of the shed. And the rocking horse... great. Lovely layout. Happy rywf, jenx

  3. Super first Rocking post of 2013, Virginia :) Sounds like you've had a lovely week, spending precious time with the ones you love. I LOVED all the sculptures, the sphere looks really interesting and I want to jump on that massive rocking horse and have a rock!! Pretty flowers LO, that's a lovely photo.

    Have a lovely week,


  4. Oh what lovely photos I love seeing lovely photos. I don't take many and my kids,hardly ever sit still lol.big hugs and I wish you all the best this year.wanted to start as mean to go on so been writing all photos as phone blogging bit if mystery to me they upload at the end if the post wherever yoy put them. got someone to link me up so hopefully it worked. mmmmwah xxxx

  5. What a fabulous post V! Loving the sound of your two family nights...such fun!
    And the!! That rocking horse is amazing and the sphere....oh, I'd love to try that!
    Great books for the challenge too...although I was told last night by someone with whom I share books that she'd tried the JK Rowling...and didn't get past the first chapter. :(
    Hugs xx

  6. What a rocking week to start of the year!

    LOVE the 'mood person' installation.

    Yes, do check out the link it was really fun :)

    Karen x

  7. Great start to the New Year, and as always fantastic visual accompaniment!
    I posted but you will see I've directed to a different blog. Same bat time, just different bat channel. (I hope that translates into British TV references!)

    1. Hi I can't see your blog it says It's invite only so I hope you had A great rocking week, Sabrina xxxx

  8. I'd love to go to that YSP one day, it looks awesome. I've already seen the awesome rocking horse though as I am pretty sure that is the same one that used to be at Compton Verney.

    Is that your brother with the cool sideburns and little beard? Boys have so many more options for interesting facial hair than we do, it's not fair :)

  9. I'm back!!! Have posted and linked!
    Hugs xx

  10. I'm back with a Rocking Post - a bit late but here, at last!


  11. Such an amazing post, I love those natural fun filled family shots :-)

    Always love seeing your trips to the sculpture park. Gorgeous.

    I always seem to buy my older sister Jamie's new book each year so am glad to read it's such a hit :-) Be back soon with a post of my own, have a lovely week Virginia :-)

  12. Super post and Happy New Year ! I haven't kept up with the jar of positive notes ( already ! ) but am thinking positive !

    Great Rocking post !

  13. Fabulous photos Virginia - what a beautiful rocking horse.

    Sounds like your break has been super and you have start 2013 in a very positive way.

    Toni xx

  14. Linking up mega late but got there eventually ;)

  15. Happy New Year and thank you for all your lovely comments they are much appreciated. If you email me at I can send you further details about workshops. One week I will get organised and join 'RYWF' Take care. Hugs Lynne xx

  16. Oh sounds lovely Virginia - Happy New Year and glad you had a good break too :) You did sooooo well at that cybercrop with all your pages - I struggle to do all the classes once!!! Another super page and I love all the photos - will have to visit the sculpture park at some point too it looks great.