Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Morning all, well we find ourselves having attempted to get up and dressed for school and work, still suffering significantly so we're still at home.  The weather is miserable and grey and hubby is having to take a half days leave because I've got a hospital appointment that I simply can't miss, so I'm going to have to drag myself out whether I like it or not.  He's on his way home now, so I'm going to make him a cuppa and go and get my things ready.

Anyway another crafty post as always, I think I need to take a few photos as my blog folder is looking a little thin on the ground!

Hope your day is proving fruitful!

This is a double page layout from a holiday last summer staying in a folly, we got some great shots of the place when we were there and I wanted to document how unusual it was!
Up close, you can see the daisy paper, the daisy flowers created from die cuts and buttons, the bunting along the edge.
 And the journalling running along the top edge where the photos are, I even managed a bit of stitching on this one!


  1. Beautiful DLO, really like how the daisies on the paper are reflected in the embellishments. Also its a lovely photo of the pair of you :)

  2. Hugs and sparkles for you and said 12 year old.
    Love the LO - bet it was interesting staying there!
    Hugs xx

  3. Wow, you stayed there??!! It looks absolutely amazing! Cute daisy paper and super photos - love the one of you and hubby enjoying the simple things in life. That's what is most importantm after all.

    ps Get well SOON, that's an order!

  4. Love the double page LO, you don't see too many of them anymore and I have always liked the match when they go into an album. The little flags are fab and work on two levels... like a sun as well as flags!! Hope you are feeling better soon, hugs Annette

  5. Gorgeous layout. Hope all goes well at the hospital and that you feel better very soon. x