Tuesday, 22 January 2013


It is and apparently it's not going to start to thaw until next week, in all honesty it looks exceptionally pretty, the gorgeous trees all covered in snow simply magical, little paths turn into almost Narnia type environments.  To say it has turned into a snow day I was sort of hoping on some serious crafting but we find ourselves again struggling with colds, coughs and sniffles.  We managed a quick walk to the shop under the guise of buying some butter before we returned and now I find myself on Tuesday morning with both me and said 12 year old quite poorly.  He's laid on sofa watching films and I'm trying to finish this draft post from yesterday so I'll keep it short and sweet.

So first up a layout from last year's visit to Penrith that I created.
And then a photo from our winter's walk over the weekend - see how bleak it looks, it almost felt like we were at the edge of the world!
 Hope you are fairing OK in this crazy weather!


  1. Sorry you and the boy are unwell!! Love your atmospheric photo though, and stay safe on the icy roads, when you can get out again! Thanks for stopping by the blog again, it's much appreciated. Still loving your journal!!

  2. Wow! what a stunning blankness.
    Only managed the school run (or rather should I say walk very slowly trying not to slip & slide) as kiddies have been ill.

    Lovely layout, the colours are stunning & go so well together, also love the journalling around the edge.

  3. Hope you and said 12 year old are feeling better soon...
    Love the Penrith LO and yes, that photo does look bleak...brrr
    Cold here too and more snow is forecast for overnight.
    Stay warm..and fingers crossed you get some crafting done!
    Hugs xx