Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Oh I made it to the middle of the week - woo hoo - busy busy day at work (nothing new) waved my lil bro and his missus off to pastures new across the pond to Ireland (boo hoo and sob a bit and then have a little weep in corner) it feels a bit surreal at the moment and I don't think it's hit me properly I'm sure it will.

I've got a shepherd's pie cooking in the oven and the cabbage on the hob so before I toddle off for tea - thought I'd say hello and pop a couple of layouts on! Both layouts are technically pretty much the same, I love it when I get a layout I like and it leads to multiples layouts because they are so easy to put together when you've got a tried and technical formula!
 As you can see I used lots of hand stitching on both layouts and used up some old papers which is always a positive!
Have you managed any crafting today?


  1. Well don't fall over in shock I have done 2 pages today and made cakes alongside my other usualness (I did start one last night but hadn't stuck anything down) :) Beautiful pages, love the hand stitching I haven't done that in ages so I need to have another go. Hope you are staying warm and your tea sounds lovely.

  2. Love both the LO's and yes, it is always easier to do more if you have the plan in your head and know it works!!

    Brushes... I tried a few different ones but didn't have the one that Andy said he used and no patience to wait so I went off to the bathroom and raided my make up brushes!! No, don't laugh, I found a really good eye shadow brush that had short 'hairs' and was fairly stiff and it works a treat! I have since ordered a couple of the ones he uses and actually prefer my make-up brush but it is handy to have a couple of them so you can change colours easily.

  3. No not yet, hoping to fit some crafting in before bedtime. Two fab pages, might have to try this L\O design as I have loads of pics to scrap, not done any in ages! Take care keep warm. Hugs Lynne xx

  4. Yay!!! Love those LOs...the photos are fab and bonus points for using old stash.
    Yes, I managed some crafting...I put three flourishes on the LO that has been sitting waiting for three flourishes since Sunday.
    Can you tell it's for a challenge???
    Hugs xx
    p.s. have you got Skype yet so you can talk to John and Fi?? Sending big (((hugs)))xx

  5. Oooo, the tear effect looks so pretty on the purple star paper, Lovely pages.
    Blumin' cold, but I'm in the warm & just about to get cracking on the scrapbook page I started last night :)

  6. Nope... But I did manage to cross off one of the things I'd promised someone ages ago the other day. Yay. Slowly but surely getting there.

    Think of it not as losing your brother... But as gaining a free holiday home :-) Joking aside, I know how hard it must be Virginia, sending you big hugs x x

    Oh... And it's ALWAYS peas with shepherds pie...