Monday, 14 January 2013


Well they forecast snow and snow we have received, not in great blankets but as light flurries, I've also woken feeling no better than I was over the weekend, hacking cough, sore throat and sinus issues so rather than doing my usual which is dragging myself into work no matter what I've realised maybe submitting and having a slow day laid on sofa under blankets watching drivel on TV would be a sensible option, however, I wasn't expecting to be joined by said 12 year old who was in tears before leaving for school this morning with his sore throat.  So he's joined me on the sofa and changed back into PJ's up to now we've watched 'Up' and 'Madagascar 2' and currently have a Bond film on, I've also managed a lengthy sleep which has made me feel a little more human, however, it would be nice if my feet actually bothered to warm up today as I feel like I'm dragging around two ice blocks as I am.

This layout is document a photo from a local folly belonging to the Wentworth Woodhouse estate, despite it being only a short distance from where we live it was the first time I'd ever been up close to the 3 sided building!  We enjoyed taking photos at jaunty angles to accentuate the building and the beautiful blue skies!
I seem to be managing plenty of scrapping at the moment, I don't know whether I've set, what is probably going to be an impossible, challenge of a scrapbook page a day for 2013 - does 365 layouts sound a lot?  I've got enough photos to warrant it if I'm honest, just not sure I've got the creative ability to manage that many!

Thanks for visiting - I hope your Monday is proving more productive!


  1. 365 layout sounds a huge amount. I struggle with one a week! lol Sorry to hear you are feeling ill, a day on the sofa sounds just the ticket. Hope your feeling better real soon. Lynne x

  2. Aw Virginia, I feel for you. Craig, Devvie Ruby and Logan have it too. Poor Devvie had to go in today as it was an exam day, I did feel for her. She looked and sounded like death warmed up.

    Another gorgeous LO, love these angles in your photos :-) If anyone can do 365 pages it's you!

  3. Ugh, sorry you and said 12 year old are feeling so rough. A day spent watching films, snuggled up under a blankie is just what the doctor ordered. I hope you are feeling a bit more human today.

    365 LO's??!! Madness. I love this one, it's so happy!


  4. Hope you are feeling better today! There are some 'orrible bugs going round. The kiddies at school were dropping like flies as they say! jenx

  5. Lovely page xxx

    I did a few things on Monday expecting complete rest day yesterday but surprise surprise I also had a little visitor in the shape of sicky Little Myz.. who even though she felt rough chatted..and chatted..and chatted..she's back today YEAY ... :)

    Not really done much crafting so far this year have made a couple of ds/phone charm pen things with Little Myz as I Count That As Me And Her Time hehe .. hoping for improvement soon


  6. poor you.I hope you are both feeling much better soon x