Monday, 28 January 2013


Well here I am hurtling towards the end of January already, in fact hubby mentioned last Friday that it was only 11 month's until Christmas - I hear you groan LOL!  But seriously, that is a whole month of my life almost over again, where does the time fly?  Really where does it go?

It has been a funny few weeks, changes with my brother and his girlfriend venturing off to pastures new (Ireland), my sister revising, and essay writing which has meant very little talk time with her.  Haven't seen much of my niece, I've been poorly for above a week, we've had huge amounts of snowfall and I've started a course of tablets from the hospital which are proving trying to say the least.  One of the side effects is mood swings, not great for someone that suffers with mood swings anyway, so hubby is having to keep a close eye on me at the moment.

This morning was stressful, with the loss of a school tie, with only the one, we could really have done without the mad dash around the house at 7am, but it eventually turned up thankfully.

On the plus side I've managed a fair amount of layouts this month, it's so lovely to just plod my way through layout after layout, I seem to revisit the memory with the photo so it's a win win on my part.

I haven't photographed them yet but let's just say that the one per day is still a possibility as at today's count I'm at 28 layouts this month (I kid you not).  All made significantly better utilising the fabulous kit I won on the UK Scrappers cyber crop!

Anyway as I haven't photographed any of those yet, you'll have to put up with one I've photographed previously but not shared.

Anyway I'll share the Millennium Stone that we came across on our travels on holiday last year, just by the side of a busy road.  Underneath the stone is one thousand stones decorated by local school children, and yes I have now discovered that I don't know how to spell the word Millennium, I could have sworn it was just one 'n' - sod - hey ho, it's done now and put away in an album!
I hope you've had a fruitful and positive Monday!


  1. Ah Virginia, I've just had the "where has January gone" chat with my Dad on the phone. It doesn't seem possible does it? We've all been poorly sick here too. Am fed up of it now, I don't do being sick AND being around people very well. Especially other sick people :-)

    Love how you describe revisiting memories as you scrap, such a lovely way to describe it.

  2. Excellent 28 layouts! Sounds like a hectic morning. We have lots of those too. Hope you are ok with tablets and all. All our snow has gone now - flooding next I think. Take care, jenx