Thursday, 13 December 2012


Good Morning, tis Friday - so what has been rockin your week?  What little bits of positive have happened to make your life better and easier, happier and more relaxed, it doesn't matter how small and insignificant if they made you happy then they were worth their weight in gold!  If you fancy joining in we are a tiny crew of people who like to take stock and share these positives - we're always happy to meet new Rockers and Rockettes along the way - go on give it a try you'll never know how much fun until you try it!
First up has to be the gas man who came, saw and conquered the broken gas boiler, now this wouldn't be the lovely people from Eon that I actually pay to cover my boiler because apparently the norm is to wait four days before they can come and have a look, so faced with a bad back and a weekend of cold we bit the bullet and got someone else to come and have a look and despite his lateness he was an absolute gent who found the issue and resolved, did a little bit of tweaking and ordered a part which he's due to fit soon, so all in all a positive - and why you might ask?  I'm faced with a bill I shouldn't have and he was late?  None of that matters when your heating is working - believe you and me our weekend would have been nowhere near as positive without it working - so thank you kind sir - you made my day!

Pantomime, now I know quite a few of you are running for the hills with that statement, but we love it.  Panto was one of those things that we did twice (that I can remember) as a child and both were fun family days of which not that many or remembered and even fewer recorded.  So we've made it something of a family tradition to head to at least one panto per year (and yes sometimes we do two).  It was the local theatre which is relatively small, we managed some great seats and for an absolute chance, said 12 year old didn't have a child behind him kicking his chair for the duration - so win win.  We saw Peter Pan and we laughed til we cried, it was so funny from the actual script to the odd mishap all brought it together as a fun family night out on Friday and given the stresses I'd had in the day when we had no heating it was an absolute blessing!  So much so we might even see if we can go again!  I kid you not!

Jimmy and Jamie's Food Fight - we'd recorded this so on the back of the merriment of panto and on entering a warm house we decided to have a watch - well laughed til we cried yet again - Alan Carr and that roller coaster ride - absolutely hysterical - if you haven't managed to see this yet - and I believe there are only four of them, then catch up because it really was worth seeing!

Saturday - well by now we were on a roll weren't we, so we got up and headed to Chatsworth for Christmas, now that doesn't mean the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire had actually invited us around for lunch, but meant a wander around the lower rooms admiring the house in its decorated state.  We managed this last year for the first time (after promising ourselves over and over that we would go at Christmas) and despite the rather hefty price tag - we had a ball!  This year's theme Christmas pantos and given the evening befores panto this seemed quite apt!  Just to show you some of the gorgeous elements of Chatsworth I have to say their ceilings are out of this world
 Plus statues
 Gorgeous trees
 And panto crocks - tick tock
 Window Twanky's laundry?
 More ceilings!
 And a random stranger asking if we'd like a piccie together!
 Gorgeous shadows
 Sunlit house
 Winter skies
 the veiled lady in her snow white setting
 Ice on the lake

Sunday - well Sunday brought a wander around my local craft shop in their sale looking for the odd bargain and then the afternoon brought a Christmas Tree festival and guess what the theme was - go on guess - you'll never do it - yes - pantos again!  Great fun to have a wander around and see the decorated trees in the local church, done by different groups in the community.  We were able to vote for our favourite tree decorated by a children's group and vote for a favourite tree decorated by an adult's group.

So a weekend of blessings - utter bliss!

Another positive this week has to be the fabulous girls on the WW group - you know who you are and your support has been amazing - thank you!!!!!!!!!

Mini positives

  • hubby listening to my try and fathom out a way of doing some work related stuff, more about the scheduling of it if I'm honest but he is a great listener! 
  • mulled wine of an evening sat on the sofa with a glass of the hot stuff lovely!
  • a real Bakewell pudding - these things are gorgeous and we only ever manage to get one if we go to Chatsworth or to Bakewell itself.
  • New Christmas tree decorations from the local garden centre
  • Finally downloading instagram to my phone - having such fun playing with photos! 
  • The Christmas market at the local garden centre, even if I did just come home with random items from scotch bonnet chutney, Italian cheese and Italian bread I seem to have made it home with an edible bag of goodies.  
And there we have it you lovely Rockers and Rockettes, I hope the season is proving fruitful and positive, if its feeling fraught and stressful then take stock, does it really have to be, can't you just take your foot off the accelerator a little, will it really matter if something isn't 'done' and if it really needs to be done can you find an easy way to achieve it? 

A layout for you taken in the summer and I think the title says it all. 
Until next week my beautiful people


  1. Chatsworh House looks amazing, love all your photos especially the ones of the ceilings. The panto sounds like good fun, I took the kids to one when they were small but have not been again.
    I had to look twice at the the photos of the xmas tree festival as I thought that was a real man perched on top of the tree!!!
    Glad you got your heating fixed, nothing worse this time of year than dodgy heating, my heatings on and I am still freezing!!
    Hope you have a great week x x x

  2. Love your Rocking post today, Virginia. I'm not a lover of Pantos, I have to admit, but I love the panto theme throughout! I'm so glad your heating is now working, it has been SO cold you really do not want to be without warmth - especially with a bad back. Great photos, the winter sky is beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with my Rocking list :)


  3. A great set of positives again. I love panto and I love chatsworth. Yummy I can taste that real Bakewell pudding right now - nothing like it and utterly delicious. Your photos are lovely. And don't we love random strangers who take RAK photos (although DH is always worried they are going to run away with the camera! lol). And I am having that crocodile peg idea - great. I am off out into the fresh cold air this afternoon with DS2 to collect everything we need to make a twiggy reindeer. Nothing like a wintry walk to cleanse the soul! Great layout too. Happy scrappy Christmas, jenxxx

  4. Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh! That's me running for the hills at all the panto references!!!!
    Seriously..I'm happy that you enjoyed the panto and have so many gratefuls for the week.
    Chatsworth looks gorgeous...I'm adding it to our list of places to visit.
    Hope this weekend as is as good for you as last.
    Hugs xx

  5. Wow Virginia, what super photos and what a fabulous week - hope the weekend is just super for you.

    Toni xx