Friday, 7 December 2012


Good Morning to my beautiful Rockettes, I hope you fair well this morning and are you embracing these December mornings.  As it's Friday it is my opportunity to look back on the last seven days and be grateful for all the positives that occur in my life.  Some of these positives are small and may seem insignificant, but when you make a list of these no matter how small they are add them together and you realise how blessed you really are.
Taking time back is my first grateful - and I mean in a literal sense, Wednesday, Thursday and today have seen me at home like some sort of crazed domestic goddess, making meals, cleaning, getting the house in shape ready for the festive season and it's been bliss (apart from the dodgy back but we won't mention that bit).  As I sit and type this post on Thursday evening I've got a steak pie warming in the oven, some potatoes and broccoli boiling on the stove, the light levels are dropping and it's trying really hard to rain at the moment I'm grateful for a warm house and electricity.

I'm grateful for Lego advent calendars that were a surprise last Saturday morning an unexpected treat, although he has had me giggling all week with the "What is it?" question when he builds each piece.
I'm grateful for venturing out last weekend to Kelham Island for their Victorian Christmas Market, despite the throngs of people there (it was mighty busy) we got to see some fabulous sights, enjoyed walking around the stalls of beautiful home made items.  We enjoyed the brass band and the real reindeers and the fact that kids went free.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and we enjoyed spending time together - nothing finer!

We got to see all sorts of things - giant people
Beautiful stone sculpting
 Busy restoration workshops
 Crazy chimney sweeps on stilts!
 Blue skies and millpond like water
 Self portrait!
 Sheffield in the Winter sun
 And a visit to my Mum who had a steampunk joint of beef in the oven - genius!
I'm grateful for a supportive hubby who arrived home on Wednesday to rescue me when I'd pulled my back!

I'm grateful for both hubby and son being happy to get all the decorations up - that's four trees - I kid you not!

I'm grateful for a craft day on Thursday, I managed to catch up (nearly almost) with my journal your Christmas.

I'm grateful for the first Christmas cards to land on my doorstep.

I'm grateful for the change to enjoy the season.

I'm grateful for fleece blankets and fleece jumpers - just fleece in general!

For ladies at the Farmers Market being so happy and encouraging me to buy delicious homemade chutney.

For hot cups of tea and mince pies and for you taking the time out of your busy life to come and read and sit and absorb and perhaps to even join in - another blessing for me - many thanks

I'll leave you with a layout from a holiday earlier in the year when no matter how many times I said smile did I get silly faces!

If you fancy joining in and have the time pop yourself a blog post together and head back here to link up so we can come and visit your gratefuls for the week.


  1. oooh that Victorian Christmas Market looks like a lot of fun - as does the lego advent calendar (Connor wanted one of those but then I told him the price of it would have to come off his Christmas present budget .... all of a sudden he went off the idea :) ) - but embracing the cold December mornings?? not so much! I wish I could just stay snuggled up in my cosy bed until at least mid afternoon every day :) and 4 trees???? :D you crazy lady :D let's see piccies of the trees then!

  2. Hello Virginia - FOUR trees??!! That's a lot of decorating, missus! I hadn't realised that you lived in Downton Abbey, silly me!

    The Christmas Market looks fun and I bet it really put you in the Christmas spirit :) I received your gorgeous Christmas card, thank you. I guess I hurry up and get on with doing mine.........?

    Great LO, I love the photos.

    I hope your back is better now, and that you have a lovely weekend. I'm going to be putting up my decs - only 1 tree in our house!


  3. That market looks pleased you got there and had a good time.
    And I'm very pleased you've had some time off work to catch up and craft and just chill.
    Where on earth do you put four trees? Unless, of course, as Jo suggested, you live in Downton Abbey!!

    Have a wonderful weekend V.
    Hugs xx

  4. Hope your back is okay now Virginia. What a super week and fabulous photos.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. Lovely list as per usual missus :)

    The market fair looks wonderful and a craft day sounds bliss. Lego advent calendar eh? What fun!

    I really hope you r back is feeling a bit better, mine is. Still painful but oh thank goodness for pain killers.

    Have a lovely week Virginia x

  6. The Christmas market look fab, so much to see, I love the giant people and the chimney sweep on stilts!
    Caleb has wanted a lego advent calendar for the last couple of years, but like Sarah, when I told him it would be a xmas present and he wouldnt have till xmas day he changed his mind!
    I laughed at your mums steampunk beef!
    Hope your back is feeling better and your heating is back to normal,
    Have a great week x x x

  7. Great list. Oooh, a Star Wars Advent Calendar! Very lucky - they sold out up here and we couldn't get our hands on one. Have a great week, jenx