Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Good morning one and all, how fairs thee this winter's morn' - ooh I've gone all Dickensian!  It's a very cold crisp morning here in Yorkshire, Jack Frost has decorated both the cars and the roads - boo hiss - guess who'll be out scraping that shortly!  So what am I up to?  Well I've got the porridge whirring in the microwave, the heatings just come on so it's starting to warm up and it's technically too early to stir the 12 year old - so I thought I'd pop a quick post together seen as I've got plenty of layouts in my scrapbook folder to share.

This one from a holiday earlier in the year where we visited a sculpture garden, a private sculpture garden that we paid to go in and see!  I love anything like this - just soooooooo unusual!  Although the usual statement from said 12 year old is "what is it?"
And then said 12 year old when I said he was too close - insisted on getting closer!  So I have a close up view of his freckles and he has loads!  This photo still makes me giggle, he wasn't awfully keen on the pink background but I liked it, crikey summer seems a long time ago now doesn't it - what little we had anyway!
So how are your Christmas preparations fairing?  Are you all ready and feeling happy and satisfied or are you going to be doing the trolley dash around the shopping centre on Christmas Eve?  Whichever way it is I hope you are looking forward to slowing down and spending a bit of time with loved ones!

Right off to wake the 12 year old - grumpy or not grumpy this morning - we'll see.

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  1. Great layouts! I love the freckles layout - gorgeous! Hope you are well. Are you making fab gifts for teachers again this year? I seem to remember you made fab gifts last year... were they star books?? Hope you will share if you are. Take it easy and have a happy, scrappy Christmas. jenxxx