Thursday, 8 November 2012


Can I just say that the cyber crop on UK Scrappers was an utter delight to play along with, not so much pressure this time with longer deadlines and uploads times and no point gathering which always feels a little frantic if I'm honest.  This time we had classes and challenges spread over numerous days with to enjoy.  I didn't manage many of the classes but those that I did manage I loved!!!!

It just shows you what fun these can be when you spend the time, in amongst the layout challenges were also some mini book challenges and if you know me then you'll know that I have something of a weakness for mini books.

So I thought I'd share one that I created during the cyber crop for friends who'd just enjoyed a Halloween come house warming party, I'd seen the photos on the internet and thought it was an absolute must for the mini-book added to which I had a gorgeous 6" x 6" pack of Halloween papers on my desk desperate to be used!  Now this book is without the photos that I added and I may be able to get hold of it post photos (I didn't like to include without permission as it were).

The papers on the covers were some long existing 12 x 12 papers I had one of which was a photo of a giant pumpkin!
 Inside cover - flap to include more photos, decorated with a Halloween embellishment I had
 Next page had a hand sewn mini pocket on the left
 Next page - a giant pocket, the original book had a straight stitch binding it all together but I used a stitching template to create the star effect you can see on the right of the page here.
 A mini book inside the mini-book with a fabulous paper clasp!
 Some of the lovely Halloween papers
 And now the double page spreads so you get a better feel for the book

 This one with the lift up flaps either side meant that you could add so many small pictures to the book!

 And the only downside that I managed to turn into an upside.  The final page instructions forgot to mention that you needed to stitch down the page before adhering to the book, this in turn created two mini pockets to utilise.  Unfortunately this element was missing from the instructions - but it wasn't a worry because I used it as a pull down flap on the page to include even more photos - so win win all round
 View from above shows the rigid outer cover and plenty of space inside to include the photos etc.  Which meant in turn the book didn't bulge outwards once it had it's photos added!
 If you fancy having a whirl at the book yourself - its the sleeping under canvas minibook and can be found here!


  1. Super mini book Virginia - those papers are fabulous.

    Toni xx

  2. This is great! I much prefer it to the class example - because I prefer the papers, they are lovely. I hope your friends let you share pics of it completed as I bet it looks even more amazing all finished.

    Glad you enjoyed the cybercrop :)

  3. Wow, you are the Queen of mini-books! Wonderful, and well done for making the slight error work in your favour :)


  4. That is GORGEOUS!

    If this crop was a slow & less manic one lord knows how busy the last ones would have been!! As a slow scrapper I found it rather hectic trying to get as many done as possible.

    Big hugs
    K (aka sylphraven at uks :)