Friday, 9 November 2012


Tis Friday - I honestly have no idea where this week has gone - blink and you'd have missed it!

But we are here again to celebrate the positives that exist in these last 7 days - if you want more info - look right there's a bit of blurb there.  We're a tiny group that celebrate our positives - don't be shy - join in if you fancy!
First up on my list of gratefuls this week - fresh air courtesy of our first visit to
Apparently the furthest place north you could go during the Ice Age - otherwise you'd have been dealing with ice 1 mile deep - can't even begin to get my head around this!

This hyena was an example of the types of creatures who frequented the place, apparently back then they were about a third bigger and I'll be honest - he was big enough!
 Hunting for archaeology
 And about as close to a woolly mammoth as we were going to get!
 Had  a fabulous walk along the gorge!
We also got to go in one of the caves - and our eagle eyed 12 year old spotted cave spiders - shudder -
I won't scare you with pictures!  Apparently they are quite slow moving due to the extreme temperatures which is good because I really didn't fancy getting up close and personal with them!

Saturday a whole week after the car driving experience for said 12 year old we found him in this - you'll be pleased to know that he stayed on the ground - but it did make me giggle thinking one week on he's in yet another vehicle's driving seat!
And another - helicopter anyone?
 And Mischief One and Mischief Two here, Craig insisted on opening the window and when I asked why he said it was so he could signal with his arm when he wanted to turn left - honestly!
Sunday saw a jaunt to the cinema to see Skyfall and all I can say is ooh my - definitely the best Daniel Craig - Bond film we've seen - it's a great film and a few twists and turns and unexpected elements along the way!

Then we headed over to my Mum's for a Bonfire party which was fabulous, meat and potato pie and mushy peas with swedey mash and gravy - she had a fire up the garden, got rid of loads of branches and a good catch up with family!

Monday night brought bonfire night, we managed a few fireworks that said 12 year old demanded and then some sparklers.  I enjoyed  playing with the cameras firework setting and getting a few sparkler shots - said 12 year old managed a message to me!
 And hubby managed a star - genius!
Winning the raffle on the cybercrop - gorgeous prizes on their way including a Big Shot - I'm still struggling to get my head around this LOL!

The rest of the week has trundled along at a fair rate of knots, lots of work meaning that I've been shattered which in turn has meant a few evenings cuddled up on the sofa.

Other gratefuls - hubby and said 12 year old always Rock my world - amazing - they are such good company!

The Wednesday Whine group - as always

Collabor-art for the commencement of it's first circle journal - I sent mine and received Pat's in turn this week, I can't wait to get started!  Mine was looking mighty plain as it left my hands but was heading over to Donna's so I'm sure she'll have much fun adding to it.  This is how it looked as it left,
 and the other side
 And the outside box
We are currently looking for some new members to join the fold on Collaborart - so if you fancy joining us - head over and take a look, there's no stress to do 'everything' you can dip into things as and when it suits the key element is that when you commit to a project that you follow through and keep everyone in the know.  That way we get to share some fabulous projects together without the worry of people going AWOL!  There are things running all the time (pairs journal and mail art) and then other projects that you can sign up to and I know Sarah has sooooooooooooooooo many fantastic ideas up her sleeve at the moment - you wouldn't want to miss out!

Hot chocolate at night (post 9 o'clock) when I'm chilling.

The laptop allowing me to sit on the sofa and watch TV whilst browsing the internet.

Royal Mail for getting Christmas pressies to me without a hassle!

Carmen's Secret Santa Swap even though its proving something of a headache at the moment.

And my lovely people I think that will have to do you - in essence, my week has been busy and full and fun.  I've enjoyed time with people I love (whether in person or on line).  I've been out and about, enjoyed a film, family time, time at home - you name it I've been done and it makes me feel happy.

I'll leave you with a layout from the fabulous UK Scrappers recent cyber crop, this was a pre-crop challenge of using a class from a previous cyber crop.  This particular one based on the Love Life Class  (click the class name if you fancy having a go yourself!)
If you fancy joining in - just pop yourself a post together and pop back here to link up!


  1. What a great set of photos. I have never been there before - will put it on the to do list. Well done on winning a prize! Will pop over to see the other posts when I get in tonight. Happy Friday, jenx

  2. That day out sounds wonderful...but eek! hyenas bigger than that??? Reminds me of "The Lion King".
    I shall wait for Skyfall to come onto Sky....I'm not convinced by Daniel Craig as Bond...:(... but I do love the theme tune!!
    Love the LO and your circle journal is looking good!
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. you've made me hungry...can't remember the last time I had meat and potato pie...sigh..

  3. Looks like you've had a brilliant week and you sound so much happier since you sorted out your course. Very chilled and happy.

    The start of the circle journal looks very cool. I love what you've done to get it started off.

    I do NOT like the sound of cave spiders and as long as they stay in their cave that's fine by me!

    Love your sparkler photos :)

    Have a lovely weekend,


  4. What a super week Virginia and congratulations of your Raffle win.

    Have loved seeing all the things that you made during the CC and your pieces in this post are fab too.

    I'm trying to be good as the Gingerbread lattes are back at Starbucks and I could easily end up spending a fortune on them LOL

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. ooooh that ice age place looks fantastic!!! I love stuff like that. The helicopter looks a lot of fun too - and the sparkler shapes, that pentangle is perfect :)

    Glad you had a really fun week :) xx