Friday, 23 November 2012


Yes - stop groaning - I know it's Friday again, I blinked and a whole week has whizzed by at lightening speed, I really do wonder where life disappears to sometimes.  But when you are busy busy busy then the hours turn into minutes and a week turns into a day - but we're back again for Rocking Your World Friday
Oh let's see how many we can manage this week

  1.  Douwe Egberts Caramel flavoured coffee, it's not cheap and comes in a tiny jar - but it's lovely and feels a bit naughty, hubby says it smells Christmassy, not sure I'm feeling that one but tasty it is, I may have to try the hazlenut one next.  
  2. A bath last week, I know that sounds mad and yes I do shower regularly but I have such a 'dodgy' back that I honestly struggle to have a bath, there is nothing so nice as a relaxing bath, a cup of coffee and a magazine read whilst I'm in there and it warmed my bones - now that I can cope with!
  3. Making a few bits for Christmas, nothing major but makes me feel productive and positive
  4. Listening to hubby and said 12 year old playing on the play station 2 the other night, they'd got hold of a second hand game recently and were playing on that - howls of laughter coming from the TV room had me smiling from ear to ear.
  5. Butternut squash soup made my hubby - he made this at the weekend, knowing I sometimes don't like 'orange' vegetables (I hate carrots with a passion - they have to be hidden in taste for me to cope with them) but the squash soup was delicious - so big thank you to hubby for that!  
  6. Positive blog comments, it's always lovely to come along and find that people not only took the time to read your blog, but also took the time to comment - makes me very happy - so if you were one of those people and you know who you are a big thank you! 
  7. Donna - for the first entry into my Desert Island Disk CJ - see it here she managed to link the story behind the song (the track was Santana's Smooth and it was the track hubby played over and over whilst I was pregnant, bump (who later became known as said 12 year old) used to enjoy partying inside me when he could hear the track - albeit muffled!
  8. Lots of lovely blogs out there at the moment, including some lovely Christmassy ones!  In particular the fabulous items on the Shabby Art Boutique, from a Christmas planner to 'homemade' wrapping paper - check it out here
  9. An Autumn walk - there is nothing so nice than a bright blue, crisp day, with Autumn colours, walking through crunchy leaves, it always reminds me of when I was young and used to walk through a graveyard with my Mum on the way to school, I used to love walking through the piles of autumn leaves that had fallen!
This is Wentworth Castle - and yes before you say I know it's not a Castle, it's actually a house which is now actually a college, but you can walk around the gardens which have been restored back to their original design over time
 Enjoying that winter sunshine
 The dragon at the top of the staircase in the tower
 Isn't he gorgeous!
 And his tail at the bottom of the staircase.
Now this is part of the castle within the grounds, (it's known as Stainborough Castle) was built by the original owners of the house as a miniature castle, it had a 'great' hall, with four towers, ramparts and towers running around the outside curtain wall
You can see said 12 year old running around the central piece - and why you may ask did the owner of the house build a scaled down version of a castle?  As a playground for his four children - must be nice mustn't it!
 Me and hubby
 Said 12 year old sneaking piccies we didn't even know about
 Including gorgeous close-ups of miniature cyclamen!
10.  Making good progress on Christmas shopping
11.  Identifying things to do through December to make my 'journal your Christmas' that bit more interesting! 
12.  Getting tickets for the theatre for this Friday.
13.  Crafting time! 
14.  A coffee with my sister on Thursday for a brief catch up which was nice. 

I think my lovely people that that will do nicely for this week, fancy joining in, have a think, do a blog post, head over here and link up so we can come and visit and enjoy your gratefuls as well.  If you don't have time to write a post or you don't have a blog, promise yourself that you'll look back over the last 7 days to spot the positives, it's a worthwhile thing to do and sets you up with a positive outlook ready for the weekend.

Before I go - I'll share a layout, this one documenting a rather dark piccie but a piccie nonetheless that I didn't think we'd got but discovered on hubbies phone!  Said 12 year old at primary school enjoying an archery lesson!  


  1. I'll be back later to comment - gotta dash!

  2. The dragon looks amazing. Love the photos with the long lines and the lighting was fab - talent there I think. Great layout. Have a good weekend jenx

  3. I'm back - great list, Virginia, I LOVE that dragon, he's so cool! Do you mean to say you don't have a mini-castle in your garden for said 12 year old to play in? Shame on you!! Looks like the sun came out for you when you went to Wentworth Castle (you see I'm now thinking of Wentworth Miller, yummmmmmm!!). I hope you enjoyed the theatre tonight :)

    Have a lovely weekend,


  4. Am quite amused at your non-liking of orange veg! :D

    I'm with you on the bath thing. It's rare that I get an uninterrupted soak with mag/book and cuppa but pure bliss when I do. The dafties that set our shower up (and judging from the bodge ups to the rest of the house, am assuming it was our lovely landlord) set our shower to the max height of a dwarf. So me and Devvie had to crouch to shower. Henvce my always having baths. You're right - it's bliss while you are in there but oh the dodgy back does protest when you have to try and get out again! However - landlord has paid for a new bathroom installation which is finally being fitted over the past week or so. Builder had firm instructions to fit the shower at actual person height :)

    Loved your list again this week Virginia, will try and get my gratefuls down this week, have still been doing it! Hope you enjoyed the theatre - I have a slight obsession with The Christmas Carol and will watch/read any incarnation of it :)

  5. ...though thinking about it, have never actually read the original! Ooer!

  6. How fab that you have been able to scrap a memory that you thought you didn't have pics of.

    Can I just say, I didn't groan on Friday (honest) but I did let out a very big groan when I realised that the weekend had flown by and I hadn't done my Rocking post.

    I love your list and it is interesting to see you also love Autumn colours (how come you don't like orange veg...okay, I know they are unrelated but...). Butternut squash soup is soooooo yummy - lucky you having a hubby who can make such delights.

    Hope you have a wonderful week Virginia.

    Toni xx