Friday, 16 November 2012


Morning all - tis Friday and a time to reflect and enjoy the moments that have lightened our previous week, my week has been tough with a capital 'T' but never once did I think about not posting, why?  Because in amongst the crap and there's been plenty have I had elements that have made me happy and made me smile
A weekend off, spending time with my hubby and my son, always fabulous company.  Last Friday evening saw us venturing down to the local shopping centre, now at this time of year you'd think I was crazy - would you believe me that it was quiet?  I'd already spent most of the day shopping and having a mooch around and then continued in the evening.  So why the 'rocking' moment - the decorations - now if you are still in bah humbug mode look away now - but look how pretty the new decorations are.
This one sings and moves and I think from here looks like a giant snowman or is it just me?  And look something you don't see very often my 12 year old smiling whilst in a shopping centre!
It might have something to do with his tea LOL!
Saturday was a day wandering around the local town and buying a bit of fabric for some new festive tablecloths not that I've done anything with it yet!

Sunday brought a day out - I didn't want to go - I really didn't - just didn't fancy it but we'd promised and I don't break a promise so off we went to...
we had a clear journey there and back for which I'm ultimately grateful for I hate travelling on motorways so I was immensely grateful for a clear run. We got to look in giant fish tanks and have our photo taken by my crazy hubby!
We got photobombed by a fish twice!

You want to see?


Well let me see what I can do?  This one

 and then this one!
we all had a giggle when we saw the photos.  Hubby also managed a couple of really great scrapbooking shots - now this I like!  So expect to see on a scrapbook page really soon.
The rest of the week has been something of an emotional rollercoaster with a huge amount of work thrown in for good measure, however I can be grateful for

Hubby's cooking - he knows I've not been in the mood this week and has just got on with it

Mass at school on Wednesday night was great and thoroughly enjoyed the songs that the Y7 sang actions and all!  It was a very light hearted positive mass, including a power point chart and I got to meet up with one of the Mum's that I haven't seen since they left primary school and we've promised to meet up for a coffee!

Son's homework for history being a success he did a power point presentation on our family history and selected things about both his Granddads and a distant Aunt within the presentation - apparently it had the kids giggling!   Apparently there weren't many who did it that way so he was quite happy with himself.

Amazon orders arriving.

Ideas for Christmas

A couple of bargains in amongst the purchases.

Finishing a few peoples gifts.

A gift reaching its destination and it being liked - I'll do a separate post on that, I've already got some board cut for some other mini books as we speak, I love mini books I'd forgotten how much.

A warm home, a roof over my head, food in my tummy and the fact I'm alive and get to see this beautiful world with my own eyes each and every day.

I'll leave you with a pre-crop layout from the UK Scrappers cyber crop, completely out of my comfort zone it has white space on it, I need to look away quick because I just feel the need to fill in the white space even now!
So that my lovely people is it for this week, I hope you've had a good, positive and upbeat week, if its been a toughy, dig deep and find those silver linings pop a post together and pop back here.  It's always good to share others positives and I'm always humbled by those that take the time out to follow this idea and share - so a thank you to you all!

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  1. I know you've had a rotten week, but you'd never believe it to read this, really. You are so good at this "finding the silver linings" thing!

    I love that first fishy photobomb photo, made me laugh out loud :D

    I really hope next week is a better week for you x

  2. So pleased you had things to be grateful for as I know you've had an awful week.
    I love your photos from The Deep...and yes, said 12 year old and the circular window deserve to be on a LO..:)
    And, please, pass on my congrats to him on his History homework.....he is the sort of pupil that makes teaching worthwhile....voice of experience here!
    Hope this weekend is as relaxed as last.
    Hugs xx

  3. Well done for finding so many positives in a week that I know has been really difficult for you. You are our inspiration, Virginia!

    Those Christmas decorations are lovely, really striking. I love the photos of the aquarium and the first fishy photobomb made me laugh out loud!!! He's smiling for the camera :D

    I want to see said 12 year old's presentation, it sounds brilliant! Well done to him.

    Wishing you a calmer weekend doing what you want to do,


  4. Those Christmas decs are so pretty and how fab to have Said 12yr old smiling.

    I love the photo of him by the circular window - it will make a super LO.

    You are amazing in the way you share so many positives with us even when things have been pretty grotty - hope this weekend and the coming week are so much better for you.

    Toni xx

  5. Aw am so glad I am finding time to catch up. Amazing post as always. I need to do a post about the power of your Rocking Fridays. i really do - may save that for my end of year wrap up post. Like the Queen. I shall do a Whoopidoo speech :D