Friday, 30 November 2012


So here we are on the last Friday of November, the word gulp as December looms large tomorrow!   Time to find the silver linings, the sparkles, the positives and the gratefuls of the last 7 days
Last Friday we ventured down to the local theatre for a pre-Christmas treat - A Christmas Carol performed by a local theatre group, thoroughly enjoyable and much fun.  There were a few elements that added to the play overall, the well to do Victorian lady knocking over her wine glass and swearing had most of us tittering, as did the ghost of Christmas future arriving on stage dressed as death which led to Craig chortling his way through the 'Bottom' sketch - anyone who is a Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson fan will know what I'm talking about and the rationale for putting a man over six feet tall into a knee length nightgown and then expecting him to get on and off the raised bed platform without flashing underwear escapes me, but nevertheless we had a great evening!  I want to read the book now but don't own a copy so will have to get it picked up.

Saturday brought kitchen cupboard cleaning and I can hear you groan now - why is this on my list?  Because the last time I did this little task I pulled my back, this time my hubby helped and did the awkward cupboards which meant I was still upright at the end of this - a win win - clean cupboard and my back still working!

A warm bath on Saturday afternoon to warm my bones, second one in as many weeks and my backs still working, I could get used to this!

Hubby making roasted squash soup again - honestly it's beautiful, so tasty and zero points!

Writing the round robin newsletter from beginning to end on Saturday, every year I do a round robin type newsletter to go with cards to people that live far and wide despite the fact many say it's not the 'done thing' it always feels like hard work to do but I still insist on it every year and it is nice to look at the year that we've had, this years newsletter came together quite quickly, it's not as funny as previous ones or as sarcastic (a tone I struggle to omit with most written words if I'm honest - can you tell) but it is complete and approved by hubby and said 12 year old - just need to fathom out how to copy it now!

Sunday brought us to a Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre, am I the only person who stands saying "I could make that..." and not buying the item whilst not arriving home and making it either!  It was a lovely mix of stalls at this particular one and little bit of everything, we got to admire some great photographs, some beautiful Christmas wreaths, some gorgeous knitted items (although I'm no good with wool so not for me), oggle at the cupcakes for sale, lots and lots of lovely items.  The haul for the day has to go to said 12 year old who managed - a slice of rainbow cake and let me tell you that in itself was a mighty fine haul for the outing - it took him two days to eat!
he also managed, a DVD film for a £1, some old coins and a copy of a book signed by the author himself, and a chocolate orange stirring stick.  Whilst dear hubby caught himself a 1 kilogram - yes that's 2.2 pound pork pie!  And me, well hubby bought for me two chocolate orange stirring sticks with cinnamon (these were the Christmassy ones) together with a fur muff for my hands, I'm always complaining of being cold and this particular one is in grey leopard print, with a wheat lavender bag inside which means - it can be warmed in the microwave - simply genius!

Sunday night brought a Chinese take away because we couldn't be bothered to cook, naughty us but it was lovely!

Monday morning came around too quickly but in a simple summary this week I've
  • Enjoyed the gorgeous night sky (even at 6am Thursday morning) 
  • Watchihng - I'm a Celebrity - Ant and Dec are fantastic, so much fun to watch!
  • Watching - Elementary - wow what a TV series.
  • Hubby finding Whitechapel on catch up - provided we can watch it earlier I might be able to cope.
  • Said 12 year old being honest with us one evening about an issue at school, he was relieved to have a chat about it and think he was surprised with our reaction - which was laid back and matter of fact. 
  • Cleaning the house by stealth, I'm trying to sneak in cleaning tasks without it being a mass cleaning session - up to now it seems to be working! 
  • Making some in roads into the massive amount of Christmas cards I need to make - I hate Christmas card making and usually do it in January, didn't manage it this year, but believe you and me the same won't be said of next year! 
  • Lovely evening meals cooked by hubby! 
  • A warm house (goodness knows what it will cost us with the gas bill but I refuse to be cold!). 
  • Ovaltine
  • Wii console keeping my hubby and son happy! 
  • Catch up with my sister. 
  • Secret Santa gifts finally completed and sent
  • Circle journals completed and sent (the sense of achievement is always a positive). 
  • A day off work on Thursday even if by default due to the by-election in the town meaning we couldn't use our normal office base. 
And that my lovely people will have to do you this week. 

These are two circle journal entries I've done recently on the Desert Island Disks Circle Journal on Collaborart. 

And a layout that I did as part of the UK Scrappers cyber crop recently!  This one documenting chemistry experiments in the summer. 
If you fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together and head over here to link up so we can come and visit and share your positives.  Don't think anything positive has happened this week - really?  Go on have a think, you'll be surprised at what positives you can find when you set your mind to it! 


  1. Wow, Virginia a great long list, longer than I have managed in my month long catch up of Rocking!! The rainbow cake looks delish and I dont know what chocolate orange stirring sticks are but they sound great! The play sounds like a wonderful family evening out, Caleb is taking me out to watch his schools production of Jesus Christ Superstar next week and I am really looking forward to it (See how I am losing the Bah Humbug and taking your advice!!!!)
    We are also loving Elementry at the moment, Caleb was not going to watch it as he said an American show about Sherlock with a female Watson just wasn't going to work, but he has conceded that it does!
    Love your art journal pages and your scrapbook layout, especially the broken hearts one, it looks great.
    Hope you have a lovely week x

  2. What a lot of super positives Virginia and great photos.

    Those pages are lovely. One thing I haven't managed much of lately is paper crafting but the old knitting needles have been going at a rate of knots LOL

    Have a fabulous week.

    Toni xx

  3. I'm just putting the finishing touches to my mammoth RYWF post ready for tomorrow (yup, 3 weeks is up again), and I realised I hadn't commented on this one yet. Bad me! That rainbow cake looks lush! and I love the angle of the photo, the slice of cake looks bigger than his head :D

    Elementary is a good watch, isn't it. Not quite as ace as Sherlock, but fun. And I love Lucy Liu's Watson.

    Well done for getting all caught up (and more) with your circle journals - you had finished next month's before I'd done this month's :)

    See you back here tomorrow!