Monday, 19 November 2012


Big waves to everyone, well it's been a mighty busy day at work and at home, but it's kick back time so before I attack the thing called my craft-space which is lacking seriously on the 'space' front at the moment I thought I'd put together a quick post for the beautiful book that Annette (Voodoo Vixen) created for the UK Scrappers Cyber crop recently.

I've had to wait a while to post on here as one of the two I created during the cyber crop was a gift and I wanted the recipient to actually get their paws on it before it appeared on my blog.
I created two books at the same time, the one on the left a gift for Carmen and the one on the right to be filled by yours truly with appropriate photos at some point in the future.
I loved the tissue paper design for the book as per Annette' instructions
The book unfolded
 It has a mini book as part of it's main design
 Which you can see a bit better here
 It has lots of little pockets and spaces for tags
 And more
 From the side you can see the two giant matchboxes, painted to colour co-ordinate with the rest of the book.  I thought Carmen might want to put Logan's hospital bracelet and any other small mementos in here.
 Up close my book in red
 I added lots of ribbons and threads
 And a giant key!
Inside the book is a mix of papers including some hand stamped and masked as the papers I used for this one were not double sided.
 I made a slip when making this and attached the double sided a different way so there's no ability to add tags - so this will be a photo based mini book
 Used some lovely DCWV papers I've had for a while
 Again the side shot with the matchboxes

I'm so pleased with both books, I love how tactile they are and how easy they were to put together, so much so I've now bought four more matchboxes and got hubby to cut me some grey board ready so get ready to see some more of these books very soon!   Just not sure what to do with all the matches if I'm honest!

If you fancy having a go yourself!  It can be found as a PDF download on this page  here it's the third one down called it's a mystery, but all the classes were great, so feel free to explore the page!

If you fancy seeing more of what Annette creates check out her blog here 


  1. Oh my goodness, these books are amazing! Logan's is gorgeous, and the little drawers for his hospital band etc is a lovely idea. Clever stuff, Virginia!


  2. They are beautiful Virginia, & making a baby one is perfect!

  3. Ooh...they are gorgeous Virginia!
    The one for Logan is perfect.
    I love the papers you've used in the red one...:)
    Hugs xx

  4. absolutely beautiful. stunning infact. Love them. Well done

  5. Oh wow! Those are fab-u-lous!
    Sue x

  6. Wow, truly amazing - you have created two masterpieces.

  7. Do you know, my first thought was to put his hospital bits and bobs in the drawers, I'm going to do hand and footprints on the pages too as he grows. I adore my book Virginia, it really is a work of art and gorgeous as your pictures are, it really has to be seen up close to be appreciated. Just wonderful. Thank you again :)