Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A TUESDAY MORNING POST - now a Wednesday morning post!

Well the computer is trying to download its anti-virus software which means its on go slow - a little like me this morning. Yesterday was my first day back in work and crikey wasn't it a strange day!  Honestly I don't want a repeat of it today but with two full on meetings its likely to be another difficult one.  However, I set my stall out this week to actually manage more than just my Rocking post, I didn't mind what post just as long as my rocking post wasn't the only post I managed.  So here you have it a Tuesday morning delight - bet you're glad you happened along here.,  Can you tell the sarcasm in my post LOL?

So what have I got to share this morning - actually what have I got to share - hold on let me have a look
- well as you'll have gathered I had to abandon ship yesterday and re-commence this morning - the anti-virus software basically ground everything to a halt - grrrrrr.  But I'm back here and now it's Wednesday Morning - so lets have a Wednesday morning layout or two ! This one is a double layout I don't think I've shared previously from the Masonic Lodge in Beamish!

  Another Angel shot but at a jaunty angle!
 And apparently the way to feed a squirrel is using a peanut on the end of a skewer!
Phew I managed a mid-week post - thanks for looking - hope you're having a great day!


  1. Love the Angel of the North layout especially, how you have matched the jaunty angle - hope work was less stressy today!

  2. Thanks for sharing more gorgeous layouts. Hope work went well today. x

  3. Ugh, meetings :(

    Great layouts, the Masonic Lodge looks interesting.