Friday, 19 October 2012


Good morning Rockettes it's Friday and time to take a step back and give thanks for all the positives and silver lines that we've had running through our week.
Mmm let's think
  1. I'm grateful for being alive and for living somewhere that allows me to write down my thoughts and feelings freely
  2. I'm grateful for the amazing Wednesday Whine group - you girls really do make my week!!!!! 
  3. I'm grateful that I took the plunge and started to Weight Watch last Friday, it wasn't a huge - "ooh I'm going to..." moment, I just decided and then got on with it. 
  4. In turn that's meant no booze this week, so I'm grateful for long evenings full of films, family and crafting!
  5. A hubby who understands how mad his wife is most of the time (particularly when I decide 14 hours days are the way to go)  
  6. Weekend lie in - it was much needed and on Sunday hubby crept downstairs and left me fast asleep - absolute bliss to not have to wake with an alarm - I'd forgotten how nice that was. 
  7. Sharing the cooking task with hubby, we've both done really well making tea together, getting it out of the way so we can all chill and enjoy our evenings! 
  8. Havahire - a local firm that rents out exercise equipment, even though I've got an air glider it causes hip issues so I fancied 'borrowing' a cross trainer which arrived safe and sound on Tuesday - I hadn't realised how unfit I am, but I'm hoping to be a bit fitter by Christmas!
  9. The lovely man from Eon coming out to sort the seal issue on the boiler on Tuesday, it's good to know that it's worth having the cover for the peace of mind you get. 
  10. UKScrappers for the pre-crop challenges on their cyber crop, I've had quite a lot of fun up to now and managed two pre-crop challenges still wondering what to do with the mystery kit if I'm honest. 
  11. Donna - who is my partner in the pairs journal on Collaborart for bearing with me whilst things are a bit mad, I've done some work on her journal but want to do something else - just not sure what the something else is yet?
  12. Sarah for hosting a great CJ on UKS which is just coming to its conclusion, even though we had some issues along the way it has still been great to get to know everyone so well in the group and whilst I've decided not to do another CJ on UKS for some time I will miss the group I was in and the chats we had, hopefully our paths will cross in some other ventures.
  13. Grateful for milky coffees
  14. Options hot chocolate the Belgian Chocolate variety
  15. Said 12 year old embracing the idea of getting on with his homework last Friday evening!
  16. Catch up with my sister, Mum and niece on Sunday
And that my beautiful people I think will have to do you for now! 

I hope you have had a great week, if you fancy joining in, pop yourself a blog post together, come back link up and we can come and visit.  We're only a tiny group - but we have a whole heap full of gratefuls!  

Before I put in Mr Linky - I'll pop a quick layout in, it always amazes me how versatile and fun circles can be on a layout!  You'll have to forgive the fact my 'r' fell off my title, I handstamped it and didn't like and then restamped on circles and went over the top (in my usual layers and layers and layers) but then in the process of photographing lost the 'r' - you'll be pleased to know I did find it - but afterwards. 
Finally Mr Linky 


  1. What a great list of thankfuls... oh my, how shallow mine looks (you will see what I mean when you view it lol). So I am going to take a moment to say that my parents and my DH and my DSs are my real rocks you know. But we all need a bit of Barlow from time to time! Have a great Friday and thankyou for hosting this. I love all the rockettes and the super things they say. And I think you are one special lady. Have a great weekend. jenx

  2. And that is a great layout too! jenx

  3. I don't like hot chocolate as a rule but a couple of times a year I fancy one of the mint options and I treated myself to a few sachets this week. Must be the chill in the air *g*

    How great that you can rent out the exercise equipment - good luck with the WWing - I fear I will be joining you soon!

    Lovely list of positives again Virginia. Back later with mine x

  4. No wine??? Hope you're holding up well :) When I was on WW my weekly treat was a couple of long drinks made with vodka and 1 calorie diet tropical fizzy pop. Delicious, just like a home made alcopop, and the best value alcohol for your WW points by far :)

    have a good week x

  5. I have messed up again this week and linked to an old rocking post. I am really sorry. I have linked to the correct one (thanks carmen!) so I hope you can delete the wrong one! Happy Friday - still very excited about my concert! jenx

  6. 14 hour days, how are you managing that?? Please make sure you make some time for you, you do too much!
    Lots of gratefuls this week and a theme of helpful hubbys emerging, we are lucky girls!
    The CJ sounds fun, I have never done one before but have enjoyed the pair journal on Collabor-art.
    Hope you have a great week, take it EASY! x

  7. I've managed to get my post done on Friday and with 45 minutes before it's Saturday, RESULT!!!

    I've never heard of hiring gym equipment - what a great idea! Good luck with the exercise and the WWatcher stuff, and well done for taking the plunge. Sounds like you're really enjoying your crafting (shame about the dreaded WORK thing getting in the way - 14 hour days, really??!!).

    Loving all the circles on that layout, I'm glad you found your R!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend.