Friday, 5 October 2012


Hello my lovely people Friday again - look right to see what this is all about in the meantime here is my list for this week!
Digging deep this week my lovely people

  1. My assistant at work coming in an extra day to help with my current workload - much appreciated.
  2. Said 12 year old for being chatty about his day and telling me the latest 'gossip' - it's lovely that he's still sharing his days with us.
  3. Hubby for being him, listening, being calm and collected, cooking food when he knows I just can't be bothered because I've worked stupid hours and am now absolutely shattered.
  4. Said 12 year old for making me watch the last Dr Who episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Hubby for buying Snow White and the Huntsman, I was trying to scrapbook at the time but got so distracted with the film that I climbed on the sofa and enjoyed the film thoroughly.
  6. Hubby for catching the mahoosive and I mean MAHOOSIVE spider on Wednesday night with an upturned now empty jelly glass said 12 year old had left on the coffee table!! 
  7. Trifle - the simple things in life, last time I made one the custard was all a bit watery - this time I put enough custard powder in that you could have stood on the surface of it, I subsequently served slices of trifle! 
  8. All the mystery gifts arriving at their home on the Collaborart blog, it's been lovely to see all the gifts and the items people have made with their goodies.
  9. White wine on Thursday evening after a very difficult day!
  10. Hubby getting himself a new laptop last weekend, he was most impressed at having the option, as usual we had a budget and chose not to stick to it - oh well he got what he wanted and it is a good computer! 
  11. Booking a pre-Christmas visit to Center Parcs - I think I'm going to need it! 
  12. Sister and her pink hair - made me smile - she's not been a 'mad' colour for a while.
  13. Caught up with my brother on his birthday
  14. Said 12 year old enjoying brother's chocolate birthday cake 
  15. Scrapbook layouts 
  16. Pancakes on Sunday morning courtesy of hubby 
  17. Cleaning out two kitchen cupboards with hubby on Saturday - he's a star! 
  18. The car arriving back in one piece and mended, fingers crossed that the insurance company sort out the excess off the third party - I don't fancy having to foot that bill when you bear in mind it really wasn't our fault!
  19. Red Dwarf on catch up and both hubby and son now singing the song! 
  20. My lovely bloggers for all your fabulous comments
  21. The Wednesday Whine group for keeping me sane (literally)
That's it peeps, the cupboard is bare, but ooh 21 items to be grateful for - not bad in a mad and difficult week.  

I'll leave you with a layout and Mr Linky, first up layout, farmer said 12 year old, this was at a pub near to where we stayed when we were at Beamish and the sign was on a hay bail, said 12 year old couldn't resist posing for the piccie and I could resist scrapbooking it! 
Finally Mr Linky, fancy taking that step back that cuppa tea or coffee and thinking back over the last 7 days - pop yourself a post together and link up here, so we can come and celebrate your gratefuls too.


  1. Sounds like a challenging week Virginia but still lots of lovely gratefuls.

    Love the photo on that LO.

    Toni xx

  2. So positive. Glad you had lots of help when you needed it x

  3. 21 positives.... even if one of them involved cleaning out cupboards, is a very good amount indeed :D

    Loooove trifle. I went through a phase of making Craig buy me loads of the value stuff a few months ago because I just was eating so much of it! Mmmm.

    Good that the men in your life are looking after you and making you slow down a tiny bit. More of that please!

    Big hugs Virginia, back later with mine xx

  4. You are so good at this - I know you've not had the best of weeks but you've still managed a list of 21 points - you are definitely the queen of the Rockettes :)

    I on the other hand am the black sheep of the group as I have just posted for the first time in 4 weeks, rubbish!

    Glad you enjoyed Dr Who, me not so much, I think they have watered down the weeping angels to the point that they're just not creepy enough any more - the baby angels were outright cute! :) But I'm glad to see the back of Amy. Bring on Oswin!

    I wouldn't mind seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, but only for purely shallow reasons, mmmmmm, Thor :)

    Pink hair? Cool! Tell Mel that the Wednesday Whine group needs a photo :)

    and hooray for booking a Centreparcs holiday, you definitely deserve a break

    have a good week x

  5. Well done you - 21 'gratefuls', that's stunning - especially when you've had to dig so deep. Doctor Who was so sad, it made me cry. Well it was sad but kinda ended up happy too. I still can't warm to Matt Smith though, David Tennant will always be 'my' doctor. Good to hear you enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman, it received mixed reviews when it came out in the cinemas.

    Said 12 year old makes a great scarecrow!

    Have a relaxing weekend,


  6. Lots of lovely positives this week, loved the fact that they are mainly family orientated...we often forget the little smiles our familys bring us on a daily basis. Great LO as well. Hope you can chill a bit this week x

  7. Love your layout - the colours are great. I think there is a planetary alignment at the minute that is making everything a struggle for most people at the minute. Lots of thankfuls there and you are lucky to be so well supported by everyone around you. That truly is rocking. Happy Saturday. Are you going to Harrogate? It is near your way, isn't it? We are travelling down as visitors tomorrow. If you are there and you see me, say 'hi'. jenx

  8. You are just one of the loveliest people I know. You have given me more positivity through those words than I have had for a long time. I know I am wallowing and I know I have somuch to be grateful for. I totally believe the 'you get back what you give out' theory as well so I know I need to shake myself up. You don't need to publish this at all. This is just a little message of thanks to you for being so lovely. You are sooooo on my designteam when we are huge! Watching merlin now snuggled with DS2. Perfect! Jenx

  9. I'm so pleased that you managed to find so many gratefuls in your week. You had me worried sounded so stressed and down.
    You have some lovely gratefuls in there too...a break in Center Parcs before Christmas sounds like a good idea to me! And I'd love to see Mel's pink hair!
    Hugs for your two men for being so good to you...and big hugs to you.