Friday, 26 October 2012


Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening (depending on when you read this delete any inappropriate greetings and insert correct one according to the time of day).

Tis Friday - which means only one thing!

Again we've definitely jumped straight from one Friday to the next because I can't honestly think there was a week in between - was there?  Was there?  Really was there!!!

Time to think back about the last seven days, what's provided the smiles, the silver linings, the chuckles in my life... let's see
  1. UK Scrappers Pre-cyber crop challenges - bliss is all I can say, I've had much fun!
  2. UK Scrappers mystery kit, for once I managed to get my hands on one and after days of looking at the kit - I actually did something with it - thoroughly enjoyable! 
  3. Wednesday Whine group - you girls are fantastic and have been such a massive support to me personally recently - THANK YOU - you know who you are! 
  4. My sister Melanie for talking some sense into me when I was at my most stressed - thank you sweetie! 
  5. My hubby - just for being him - which is awesome (always).
  6. My son - for making me smile this week for a day at the beginning of the week, when he walked through the door after school and when asked "How was your day" - responds with the words "Awesome" - now this I like!
  7. My study provider for allowing me to defer my course even if it's going to cost - now to reinsert sanity chip! 
  8. Red Dwarf X on Dave - fabulous series up to now - we've chortled our way through the first three episodes!
  9. A week off work next week - something to look forward to! 
  10. A tidy house (well it's tidy now it won't last but it makes me smile when its like this!). 
  11. Weight watching this week - it's been quite easy - fingers crossed I'll see a change on the scales 
  12. Milky coffees
  13. A lie in on Saturday and Sunday morning
  14. The world's best salad that hubby cooked out of a Jamie Oliver magazine for a salad that goes with curry!!!
  15. The more unusual supermarket in town for actually stocking Fenugreek seeds for the salad above.
  16. Zest magazine - such a good read and the fact I bought it off the magazine man on the market for £1.50 even better! 
  17. My local craft shop for allowing me to buy so many reels of double sided tape - can't believe I actually finally ran out - how did that happen! 
  18. The new Scrap 365 magazine - always a good read and I love all the layouts! 
  19. A walk in the local village on Sunday and a pint at the pub for hubby which he thoroughly enjoyed!
  20. Royal Mail for getting a card to its destination on time! 
  21. Asda for getting the shopping to us on Monday without a problem! 
And that my good people will have to do for today - 22 items that have made my week positive and better - now that is something to celebrate! 

Quick layout before I leave you with Mr Linky - a photo captured by said 12 year old when we were at Belsay Castle and Gardens earlier in the year! 

So if you fancy joining us - pop yourself a blog post together and come back and post here so we can come and visit and celebrate and enjoy your gratefuls!


  1. Yup the weeks are flying by, aren't they.... glad you are enjoying WW (and WW :) ) ..... sounds like you are having a lot of fun with the cyber crop too. And it's fab news about the studying stress being lifted from your shoulders. Have a great week! xx

  2. That was a busy week even if it went in a blink !

  3. A good week! So glad you managed to defer your course, things should be a little less stressful now!Thank God for supportive hubbys, son's and sisters, yours always seem so great to you, you are very lucky!The unusual supermarket sounds good, Is it an ethnic one? There is an ethnic supermarket in Southampton I sometimes go to if im over there where you can anything and it is so much cheaper than our supermarkets.
    Lovely LO and great photo!
    Hope you have a great and relaxing week off x

  4. Always impressed by your awesome lists and that fact that you get your posts and layouts done in a timely matter week after week no matter how busy you are. Virginia, that makes me think, I'm thankful for you and the fantastic group you've put together. Thank you!

  5. FANTASTIC list again this week, Virginia - you really do lead us Rockers by example!

    You really are very blessed with your family, they are incredibly supportive - although this is no more than you deserve, of course :)

    It's been such an exciting week for us girls on WW, I've LOVED being part of this group and sharing Carmen's joy.

    Enjoy your weekend and week off work - especially now you've been able to defer your course

    Lots of love,

  6. Ps Sabrina has done a Rocking post although I see she hasn't left her link......

  7. Fabulous list Virginia and I too am so grateful for the WW group. Have taken part though you probably know it will be a very short but happy post this week ;)

    Gorgeous list of gratefuls you've got there and I too am happy that Melanie managed to talk sense into you!

    Big hugs,

    Carmen xx

  8. What a lovely list! Pleased you managed to defer your course...I too love the WW's been quite a week hasn't it?
    Love the fact that said 12 year old found school awesome....mine never did!
    Great LO too.
    Hugs xx

  9. Great list again. This get together always uplifts me and I am sorry I am soooo late this week. Love the layouts. I need someone to explain the Cyber Crop thing to me - sounds great but I don't know what to do! One of my rocks that I missed off my list was my Gary Barlow countdown thing I have made... will have to share a photo of that one. Have a great week and thanks for hosting, jenxxx

  10. Great post, I really love that no matter what sort of week you have you always manage to find so many positives and so many things to be grateful for. Note to self start appreciating the little things Melanie!!! Anyway glad I could help as you have so often helped me! Going to try and get a rocking post together for tomorrow wish me luck! x