Friday, 12 October 2012


Morning all - time to step back take stock and be thankful for the positives in the last week.

Crikey where to start let me think.  Ah yes it all starts to clear

Last Friday a day off - no work and no studying.  Given that I was maxing it with both - I took advice from the amazing Wednesday Whine group and had a day off.  I spent the day shopping and I mean the day I went to the Range and got some Christmas gifts, I went to TK Maxx and sourced myself a couple of scrapbook albums at the bargain price of £6.99 each.  I went to WH Smiths and grabbed a couple of magazines, tops for work at Matalan, work trousers courtesy of M&S.  I met my sister for a catch up at lunchtime and then we went wandering around the shopping centre, I grabbed us an M&S asian cuisine tea which was lovely (their new range I bought all sorts of weird and wonderful, it was a bit like Chinese - you could eat loads and still be starving LOL but it was mighty tasty)!

Saturday saw a blue skies day (well it started blue skies) and a trip out to Chatsworth for Beyond Limits, this year the work of a single sculptor rather than multiples and although I loved the fact you got to see a lot of one artists work I do prefer the randomness of multiple artists if I'm honest.

The cascade and said 12 year old enjoying binoculars
 Me and said 12 year old in the garden, I kept telling Craig that I was going to fall off it any minute - no sense of balance I tell you!
 One of the sculptures - quite tiny - a hare on top of the Empire State Building
 A give away as to where we were at - the only photo where he wasn't face pulling!
 This reminded me of Terry Pratchett's Discworld
 And it looked fabulous with the house in the background!
 The coal tunnel - new lights in this now - one of said 12 year old's favourites!
 Another sculpture I liked the fact the pyramid was three dimensional!
 We'd not found these before, although we did see the installation on the programme!

 Another new permanent sculpture
 Hare on an anvil - I liked this one
And this one below - one of my favourites - I had a dream on Saturday night that I bought it, I popped it in an Asda shopping trolley and was trundling it out to the car - and said 12 year old said - "Mum where are we going to put it when we get home?" and I said "Never mind that, how are we going to get it home!" to which his reply was "I don't know Dad hasn't got a roof rack" now why my dream brain thought a bronze statue of this size could A - fit in an Asda shopping trolley and B - fit on a car roof rack - I don't know!
On Sunday we had a chilled day and my Mum, niece and sister came over for a catch up which was great.

And then we had a Nickelback concert at night - which was awesome!  Thoroughly enjoyable - photos not bad considering they were taken on phones!

Next up lovely rocking posts last week, I read them when we got back from Chatsworth and it fair made my evening!

Getting the house tidied on Monday evening leaving some time the rest of the week for crafting in the evenings.

The Wednesday Whine group for listening to my study whines - there have been many and are likely to continue well into December (I'll pre-warn you now ladies).

A meal out Wednesday evening - quite impromptu after a parents evening that was short and sweet.  I was all dressed up so we decided to pop out for a quick bar meal, it wasn't the sparkliest of meals but it was nice for us not to have pots to sort out after the event as it were - although it has to be said they served the nastiest tasting white wine that I've had in quite some time!

Thank you notes through the post from school friends thanking me for crafting gifts always makes me smile.

Giggles with family this week, they've been lovely and positive and made me smile lots.

A hair cut on Thursday night and that my lovely people is my list of gratefuls, fancy joining in pop yourself a post together come back link up so we can come and visit - you'll feel better for taking that step back and appreciating life!

I'll leave you with a quick layout before I pop on Mr Linky - funnily enough two sculptures from last year's Beyond Limits!  Again using summer of colour colours as it were.

And there we have it


  1. I love seeing these sculptures and am so glad you had a picture taken beside your dream sculpture as never would have guessed it was THAT big. Nope - that ain't going in an Asda trolley or on a roof rack! Talking of weird dreams _ I thhink I may be watching to much Lost. Keep dreaming about it and one of the characters popped up right in front of my face looking me directly in the eye in one of my dreams last week. He was all blood spattered and it was so realistic and so close to my face I woke up with a "Wuuuuueeeeuuur!"

    Sounds like a fabulous week with the shopping and the concert and meals out. Very pleased to read this!

    Back later with mine :)

  2. I'll be back in a bit to read your Rocking post, Virginia. I NEED a cup of tea so just off to put the kettle on :)


  3. That is a great up beat list which has inspired me with positivity! Love the photos. Chatsworth is a beautiful place. Love the sculptures. Random asda trolley thoughts... Chuckle! Time and space for just you - great! You sound happy and bouncy today. I will be back later with my bouncy list too. Jenx

  4. Such an upbeat post see, us WW ladies know what we're talking about! Your day out sounds lovely and just what you needed!
    Great weekend too....I love the photos of the sculptures...the "Discworld" one is cool but I like the hares best!
    Hope this weekend is as good.
    Hugs xx

  5. Great list this week Virginia and so glad to see you have had some down time with days out and family and friends, you need it after all that studying.
    The sculptures are wonderful and did make me giggle reading about your dream!
    The Nickleback concert looks amazing, great photos.
    Love the layout as well with those cool sculptures.
    Have a great week and don't forget to take a break from the study! x

  6. Aren't dreams so funny at times ? Mind you, I'm not surprised that you dreamed about those amazing sculptures !

  7. Well that was a mighty big cup of tea - but now I'm back!!

    You come up with the best Rocking lists, Virginia. I always read them with a smile on my face :) I enjoyed looking at the sculptures, although I think I agree with you about preferring the variety of more than one artist. Weird dream!!!! I'm sure Nickleback were AMAZING! Those guys know how to entertain an audience. Wonderful LO, I love the sculpture and the colours you've put with its photo are perfect.


  8. Late again! And I think I might have linked twice - once to the right post and once to the wrong post! Sorry! Hope you can remove it. Happy Sunday, jenx

  9. Virginia, you are always up to some interesting and amazing adventure with the fam. Chatsworth looks beautiful. How lucky said 12 year old is to see all of these places in person! (Tell him so for me!).

    I like Nickelback, and I bet that was a fun night too!

    On shopping, we have a TJ Maxx chain of stores, could it be the same?

    That is one of my favorite layouts of yours! Love the photos, colors, text, . . . everything!

  10. Dropping by with my linky Virginia :)

  11. Great LO Virginia - what unusual pieces.

    Gosh you have been busy - these cold dark evenings are just prompting me to hit the duvet so not a lot of crafting going on or catching up on here (I'm falling rather behind on all my reading).

    Toni xx