Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Morning all, well we were up that early this morning I could still hear the owl twit twooing in the aream well he was twitting I'm not sure where the twooing one was.  The dark nights really are not suiting me.  Today I find myself at home - studying - yesterday's studying was awful, I gave up and went to work instead.  Today's studying is hopefully going to be more productive.  I'm aiming for burst of studying and then a break - I might even craft during the break in the hope then when I come back to more studying I feel a bit more refreshed - but we'll see - I know already that an 8 hour block of studying doesn't work - but I also know that I'm chronically behind at the minute.  So let's see what can be achieved.

I'll let you know how it goes, so what have I got in the blog folder this morning - let's see, ah this one from the cottage in Beamish, the living area was upstairs together with the main bedroom and en-suite and downstairs the kitchen and the second bedroom with en-suite.  Strange but lovely at the same time.  Here are hubby and said 12 year old proving that we do relax when we are on holiday.  The colour scheme again isn't the norm, but remember it was another summer of colour theme the cream with raspberry one - something nut?  Or maybe that's just me.  Anyway I liked it and liked the fact I did a layout with a colour scheme again that I wouldn't normally use.  The cream paper has two masks on it with distress inks, and the usual cross stitch the felt letters which are a bit on the loud side came from a pound shop and are made of felt, I shouldn't grumble at their loudness really should I?
Right where' those books?


  1. I love it! Great masking and stitching. The colours really work with the photo too. I really must push myself out of my comfort zone with colour.
    Hope the studying goes well today.
    Hugs xx

  2. Beautiful use of colours and great picci couldn't go wrong! x

  3. Really lovely colour combo for this LO. I like the masks, they work well with the papers you've chosen to use. RELAX reminded me of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I'm off to Youtube now to have a listen......!


  4. I love how bright the RELAX is - it's like it's yelling it at you. DO IT! :D Am loving that you are still using these colour combos Virginia, great idea.

    Hope you are having an easier time of it today? x