Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Morning all, just a quick hello to the world this morning, two Chapters of learning are calling my name, as is my breakfast and the kettle!  Well woke this morning wondering - what day is it?  No really what day?  I rambled through a few days - Is it the weekend?  Nope - Thursday - Nope!  Friday (fingers crossed) - nope!  Tuesday no it can't be Tuesday it's got to be later in the week than that - it would appear that I've now taken to wishing my life away because yes people I find it to be only Tuesday - boo hiss!

Yesterday was crazy mad, learning at home, drive to work, work crazy hours, come home, clean, make tea, sit at craft desk and move things around grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sit in front of TV and talk performance management to hubby who look slightly bemused, bit of TV watching then bed mmmmm not the most exciting of days, but I survived

So thought I'd waffle at you (because I'm good at that) and share a layout, this one from Beamish Open Air Museum earlier in the year, we'd just had a fish and chip lunch from their Fish and Chip restaurant - a coal fired fish and chip restaurant, we'd waited 45 minutes to get to the front of the queue (which was good considering the sign outside indicated an hour and a half wait) and they were mighty fine fish and chips!  So needed the boys to pose for the camera so I could capture the moment, in hindsight a picture of the fish and chips might also have been a good idea - but her everything in hindsight!
I enjoyed this layout, using the colours that my hubby and son were dressed in as a prompt led to me using one of my favourite colour combinations.  Hope you're having a good day!


  1. Love the LO Virginia...a photo of the fish and chips would just have made us all hungry..lol!
    Glad you enjoyed Beamish - I used to go to weekend courses at the Hall.
    Your day yesterday sounds exhausting...hope today's studying is going well.
    Hugs xx

  2. Gorgeous layout - you are making me feel hungy as they don't make nice fish and chips round here. x

  3. ...and the mix of gingham and dots is wicked cool!!! But then you had me at "fish and chips" :D XXX

  4. Ugh, I don't much like the sound of your day yesterday Virginia! I much prefer the idea of yummy fish and chips - I'm so glad they were worth the wait!

    Great LO, love the dots.


  5. You keep the fish and I'll have your chips :D

    Gorgeous page - love the mix of patterns and colours.

    Your day sounds most wearisome indeed. Hope today is better for you x