Saturday, 27 October 2012


Now the gallery has actually gone live I can share what I did with the fabulous kit for the Detectives Team on UK Scrappers mystery kit.  I've wanted to do one of these before but never managed to get my hands on one, until recently!  The strangest thing is that you have soooooooooooo many ideas of what to do with them, it's hard to actually get started and make something but once I'd got started I challenged myself to see what I could do with the kit.

The only additions we were allowed was black and white cardstock other than that it was what came in the kit!

So my first idea was a mini book, based on a design in Scrap 365 that I loved!
This is it opened up
 And again
 And again
 And fully opened documenting a trip to Castell Coch
That was it then I'd started the kit so how much more could I get out of it!  Next up a layout, I loved the colours in the kit they went so well with my Castle photos!
Up close, the tag layered up with alphas on it from the kit.
Then I managed this layout, which I loved doing.
Up close , buttons on the circles
Supplies by now we getting a bit on the thin side but I managed one more layout so I was pleased, kicked myself that I didn't gut the navy paper at the back - I could have managed even more if I had.
Up close gems, embossing powder that was in the kit.
By now the kit was significantly thinner but I thought I can do one more layout - surely I can do just one more, again I had the magazine 365 out on my desk on their sketch page so I did this layout.
Simple embellishments
 And then I was left with a handful of scraps, but with some careful gutting of paper and matting onto black, layering up and then placing on white cardstock I squeezed one more layout out of the pack!  Mission accomplished.
 Up close some of the buttons!
So there you have it - one mystery kit used, I really should look into buying a kit a month because I've had such fun with this one using papers I wouldn't normally get chance to play with!

Thanks for looking

Friday, 26 October 2012


Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening (depending on when you read this delete any inappropriate greetings and insert correct one according to the time of day).

Tis Friday - which means only one thing!

Again we've definitely jumped straight from one Friday to the next because I can't honestly think there was a week in between - was there?  Was there?  Really was there!!!

Time to think back about the last seven days, what's provided the smiles, the silver linings, the chuckles in my life... let's see
  1. UK Scrappers Pre-cyber crop challenges - bliss is all I can say, I've had much fun!
  2. UK Scrappers mystery kit, for once I managed to get my hands on one and after days of looking at the kit - I actually did something with it - thoroughly enjoyable! 
  3. Wednesday Whine group - you girls are fantastic and have been such a massive support to me personally recently - THANK YOU - you know who you are! 
  4. My sister Melanie for talking some sense into me when I was at my most stressed - thank you sweetie! 
  5. My hubby - just for being him - which is awesome (always).
  6. My son - for making me smile this week for a day at the beginning of the week, when he walked through the door after school and when asked "How was your day" - responds with the words "Awesome" - now this I like!
  7. My study provider for allowing me to defer my course even if it's going to cost - now to reinsert sanity chip! 
  8. Red Dwarf X on Dave - fabulous series up to now - we've chortled our way through the first three episodes!
  9. A week off work next week - something to look forward to! 
  10. A tidy house (well it's tidy now it won't last but it makes me smile when its like this!). 
  11. Weight watching this week - it's been quite easy - fingers crossed I'll see a change on the scales 
  12. Milky coffees
  13. A lie in on Saturday and Sunday morning
  14. The world's best salad that hubby cooked out of a Jamie Oliver magazine for a salad that goes with curry!!!
  15. The more unusual supermarket in town for actually stocking Fenugreek seeds for the salad above.
  16. Zest magazine - such a good read and the fact I bought it off the magazine man on the market for £1.50 even better! 
  17. My local craft shop for allowing me to buy so many reels of double sided tape - can't believe I actually finally ran out - how did that happen! 
  18. The new Scrap 365 magazine - always a good read and I love all the layouts! 
  19. A walk in the local village on Sunday and a pint at the pub for hubby which he thoroughly enjoyed!
  20. Royal Mail for getting a card to its destination on time! 
  21. Asda for getting the shopping to us on Monday without a problem! 
And that my good people will have to do for today - 22 items that have made my week positive and better - now that is something to celebrate! 

Quick layout before I leave you with Mr Linky - a photo captured by said 12 year old when we were at Belsay Castle and Gardens earlier in the year! 

So if you fancy joining us - pop yourself a blog post together and come back and post here so we can come and visit and celebrate and enjoy your gratefuls!

Friday, 19 October 2012


Good morning Rockettes it's Friday and time to take a step back and give thanks for all the positives and silver lines that we've had running through our week.
Mmm let's think
  1. I'm grateful for being alive and for living somewhere that allows me to write down my thoughts and feelings freely
  2. I'm grateful for the amazing Wednesday Whine group - you girls really do make my week!!!!! 
  3. I'm grateful that I took the plunge and started to Weight Watch last Friday, it wasn't a huge - "ooh I'm going to..." moment, I just decided and then got on with it. 
  4. In turn that's meant no booze this week, so I'm grateful for long evenings full of films, family and crafting!
  5. A hubby who understands how mad his wife is most of the time (particularly when I decide 14 hours days are the way to go)  
  6. Weekend lie in - it was much needed and on Sunday hubby crept downstairs and left me fast asleep - absolute bliss to not have to wake with an alarm - I'd forgotten how nice that was. 
  7. Sharing the cooking task with hubby, we've both done really well making tea together, getting it out of the way so we can all chill and enjoy our evenings! 
  8. Havahire - a local firm that rents out exercise equipment, even though I've got an air glider it causes hip issues so I fancied 'borrowing' a cross trainer which arrived safe and sound on Tuesday - I hadn't realised how unfit I am, but I'm hoping to be a bit fitter by Christmas!
  9. The lovely man from Eon coming out to sort the seal issue on the boiler on Tuesday, it's good to know that it's worth having the cover for the peace of mind you get. 
  10. UKScrappers for the pre-crop challenges on their cyber crop, I've had quite a lot of fun up to now and managed two pre-crop challenges still wondering what to do with the mystery kit if I'm honest. 
  11. Donna - who is my partner in the pairs journal on Collaborart for bearing with me whilst things are a bit mad, I've done some work on her journal but want to do something else - just not sure what the something else is yet?
  12. Sarah for hosting a great CJ on UKS which is just coming to its conclusion, even though we had some issues along the way it has still been great to get to know everyone so well in the group and whilst I've decided not to do another CJ on UKS for some time I will miss the group I was in and the chats we had, hopefully our paths will cross in some other ventures.
  13. Grateful for milky coffees
  14. Options hot chocolate the Belgian Chocolate variety
  15. Said 12 year old embracing the idea of getting on with his homework last Friday evening!
  16. Catch up with my sister, Mum and niece on Sunday
And that my beautiful people I think will have to do you for now! 

I hope you have had a great week, if you fancy joining in, pop yourself a blog post together, come back link up and we can come and visit.  We're only a tiny group - but we have a whole heap full of gratefuls!  

Before I put in Mr Linky - I'll pop a quick layout in, it always amazes me how versatile and fun circles can be on a layout!  You'll have to forgive the fact my 'r' fell off my title, I handstamped it and didn't like and then restamped on circles and went over the top (in my usual layers and layers and layers) but then in the process of photographing lost the 'r' - you'll be pleased to know I did find it - but afterwards. 
Finally Mr Linky 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Wednesday morning - out of the door to work in a second but quick a layout - me and said 12 year old stood on Hadrian's Wall as you do!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Tuesday - shattered - Monday 14 hour work day - Tuesday - now can't function (very well) abandoned commas - hyphens it is all day!!

Layout a layout from a trip to Crich Tramway museum - just love how the sun was reflected in the glass!

Happy Tuesday

Friday, 12 October 2012


Morning all - time to step back take stock and be thankful for the positives in the last week.

Crikey where to start let me think.  Ah yes it all starts to clear

Last Friday a day off - no work and no studying.  Given that I was maxing it with both - I took advice from the amazing Wednesday Whine group and had a day off.  I spent the day shopping and I mean the day I went to the Range and got some Christmas gifts, I went to TK Maxx and sourced myself a couple of scrapbook albums at the bargain price of £6.99 each.  I went to WH Smiths and grabbed a couple of magazines, tops for work at Matalan, work trousers courtesy of M&S.  I met my sister for a catch up at lunchtime and then we went wandering around the shopping centre, I grabbed us an M&S asian cuisine tea which was lovely (their new range I bought all sorts of weird and wonderful, it was a bit like Chinese - you could eat loads and still be starving LOL but it was mighty tasty)!

Saturday saw a blue skies day (well it started blue skies) and a trip out to Chatsworth for Beyond Limits, this year the work of a single sculptor rather than multiples and although I loved the fact you got to see a lot of one artists work I do prefer the randomness of multiple artists if I'm honest.

The cascade and said 12 year old enjoying binoculars
 Me and said 12 year old in the garden, I kept telling Craig that I was going to fall off it any minute - no sense of balance I tell you!
 One of the sculptures - quite tiny - a hare on top of the Empire State Building
 A give away as to where we were at - the only photo where he wasn't face pulling!
 This reminded me of Terry Pratchett's Discworld
 And it looked fabulous with the house in the background!
 The coal tunnel - new lights in this now - one of said 12 year old's favourites!
 Another sculpture I liked the fact the pyramid was three dimensional!
 We'd not found these before, although we did see the installation on the programme!

 Another new permanent sculpture
 Hare on an anvil - I liked this one
And this one below - one of my favourites - I had a dream on Saturday night that I bought it, I popped it in an Asda shopping trolley and was trundling it out to the car - and said 12 year old said - "Mum where are we going to put it when we get home?" and I said "Never mind that, how are we going to get it home!" to which his reply was "I don't know Dad hasn't got a roof rack" now why my dream brain thought a bronze statue of this size could A - fit in an Asda shopping trolley and B - fit on a car roof rack - I don't know!
On Sunday we had a chilled day and my Mum, niece and sister came over for a catch up which was great.

And then we had a Nickelback concert at night - which was awesome!  Thoroughly enjoyable - photos not bad considering they were taken on phones!

Next up lovely rocking posts last week, I read them when we got back from Chatsworth and it fair made my evening!

Getting the house tidied on Monday evening leaving some time the rest of the week for crafting in the evenings.

The Wednesday Whine group for listening to my study whines - there have been many and are likely to continue well into December (I'll pre-warn you now ladies).

A meal out Wednesday evening - quite impromptu after a parents evening that was short and sweet.  I was all dressed up so we decided to pop out for a quick bar meal, it wasn't the sparkliest of meals but it was nice for us not to have pots to sort out after the event as it were - although it has to be said they served the nastiest tasting white wine that I've had in quite some time!

Thank you notes through the post from school friends thanking me for crafting gifts always makes me smile.

Giggles with family this week, they've been lovely and positive and made me smile lots.

A hair cut on Thursday night and that my lovely people is my list of gratefuls, fancy joining in pop yourself a post together come back link up so we can come and visit - you'll feel better for taking that step back and appreciating life!

I'll leave you with a quick layout before I pop on Mr Linky - funnily enough two sculptures from last year's Beyond Limits!  Again using summer of colour colours as it were.

And there we have it

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Morning all, well we were up that early this morning I could still hear the owl twit twooing in the aream well he was twitting I'm not sure where the twooing one was.  The dark nights really are not suiting me.  Today I find myself at home - studying - yesterday's studying was awful, I gave up and went to work instead.  Today's studying is hopefully going to be more productive.  I'm aiming for burst of studying and then a break - I might even craft during the break in the hope then when I come back to more studying I feel a bit more refreshed - but we'll see - I know already that an 8 hour block of studying doesn't work - but I also know that I'm chronically behind at the minute.  So let's see what can be achieved.

I'll let you know how it goes, so what have I got in the blog folder this morning - let's see, ah this one from the cottage in Beamish, the living area was upstairs together with the main bedroom and en-suite and downstairs the kitchen and the second bedroom with en-suite.  Strange but lovely at the same time.  Here are hubby and said 12 year old proving that we do relax when we are on holiday.  The colour scheme again isn't the norm, but remember it was another summer of colour theme the cream with raspberry one - something nut?  Or maybe that's just me.  Anyway I liked it and liked the fact I did a layout with a colour scheme again that I wouldn't normally use.  The cream paper has two masks on it with distress inks, and the usual cross stitch the felt letters which are a bit on the loud side came from a pound shop and are made of felt, I shouldn't grumble at their loudness really should I?
Right where' those books?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday post - quick quick - I've got studying to be done

Good morning - can you see me waving??? What do you mean no!  It's mighty cold this morning in Yorkshire (pronounced Yarkshire), but it is dry and bright out there apparently (can't really see it at the moment).  I'm just about to commence more studying (oh even typing that made me sigh), I started the lecture yesterday and after 10 minutes of me going - what? what? what? I stopped and cleaned instead, studying post work is simply a no go - so early morning studying it is!

Monday over and one with (hurray) - it was a long day, I've managed to get to my craft table yes take a bow Virginia well done you pat on your back!  I even managed a double layout and I managed to fill two more scrapbook albums with layouts - I'm going to need another album grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and they cost so much - which makes me grumpy - hey ho - will have to fathom out a cheaper way of making those I really will.

The nights are drawing in and the spiders keep moving in, hubby keeps capturing the huge mahoosive monsters in a glass and then throws them out of the window, I'm sure they just run around to come back in again!  We've had two huge ones in the TV room this week - shudder - enough of those beasties.

I thought I'd share a layout this morning - I've managed to 'restock' my blog folder with some new layouts.  The title sums it up - "Why?"  This is the type of sculpture we can see up at YSP at the moment, this set of sculptures has been on since about Easter and doesn't go until into next year, this is the first time we took my sister and all I could do was apologise because I just wasn't that keen on the sculptures - it was nowhere near as good as the floating heads one or the burnt wood one.   Not awfully keen on this set of sculptures, the take on the sculptures of male and female was just plain wrong, this sculpture shows the male - I won't even begin to tell you how you were able to tell  if a sculpture was a female!  You could stand there and 'admire' we just stood there and said "Why?"

The colour choice isn't my usual but if I remember correctly this was from the summer of colour challenge.

Hope you are all having a good day - right where's those books!

Friday, 5 October 2012


Hello my lovely people Friday again - look right to see what this is all about in the meantime here is my list for this week!
Digging deep this week my lovely people

  1. My assistant at work coming in an extra day to help with my current workload - much appreciated.
  2. Said 12 year old for being chatty about his day and telling me the latest 'gossip' - it's lovely that he's still sharing his days with us.
  3. Hubby for being him, listening, being calm and collected, cooking food when he knows I just can't be bothered because I've worked stupid hours and am now absolutely shattered.
  4. Said 12 year old for making me watch the last Dr Who episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Hubby for buying Snow White and the Huntsman, I was trying to scrapbook at the time but got so distracted with the film that I climbed on the sofa and enjoyed the film thoroughly.
  6. Hubby for catching the mahoosive and I mean MAHOOSIVE spider on Wednesday night with an upturned now empty jelly glass said 12 year old had left on the coffee table!! 
  7. Trifle - the simple things in life, last time I made one the custard was all a bit watery - this time I put enough custard powder in that you could have stood on the surface of it, I subsequently served slices of trifle! 
  8. All the mystery gifts arriving at their home on the Collaborart blog, it's been lovely to see all the gifts and the items people have made with their goodies.
  9. White wine on Thursday evening after a very difficult day!
  10. Hubby getting himself a new laptop last weekend, he was most impressed at having the option, as usual we had a budget and chose not to stick to it - oh well he got what he wanted and it is a good computer! 
  11. Booking a pre-Christmas visit to Center Parcs - I think I'm going to need it! 
  12. Sister and her pink hair - made me smile - she's not been a 'mad' colour for a while.
  13. Caught up with my brother on his birthday
  14. Said 12 year old enjoying brother's chocolate birthday cake 
  15. Scrapbook layouts 
  16. Pancakes on Sunday morning courtesy of hubby 
  17. Cleaning out two kitchen cupboards with hubby on Saturday - he's a star! 
  18. The car arriving back in one piece and mended, fingers crossed that the insurance company sort out the excess off the third party - I don't fancy having to foot that bill when you bear in mind it really wasn't our fault!
  19. Red Dwarf on catch up and both hubby and son now singing the song! 
  20. My lovely bloggers for all your fabulous comments
  21. The Wednesday Whine group for keeping me sane (literally)
That's it peeps, the cupboard is bare, but ooh 21 items to be grateful for - not bad in a mad and difficult week.  

I'll leave you with a layout and Mr Linky, first up layout, farmer said 12 year old, this was at a pub near to where we stayed when we were at Beamish and the sign was on a hay bail, said 12 year old couldn't resist posing for the piccie and I could resist scrapbooking it! 
Finally Mr Linky, fancy taking that step back that cuppa tea or coffee and thinking back over the last 7 days - pop yourself a post together and link up here, so we can come and celebrate your gratefuls too.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Morning all, just a quick hello to the world this morning, two Chapters of learning are calling my name, as is my breakfast and the kettle!  Well woke this morning wondering - what day is it?  No really what day?  I rambled through a few days - Is it the weekend?  Nope - Thursday - Nope!  Friday (fingers crossed) - nope!  Tuesday no it can't be Tuesday it's got to be later in the week than that - it would appear that I've now taken to wishing my life away because yes people I find it to be only Tuesday - boo hiss!

Yesterday was crazy mad, learning at home, drive to work, work crazy hours, come home, clean, make tea, sit at craft desk and move things around grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sit in front of TV and talk performance management to hubby who look slightly bemused, bit of TV watching then bed mmmmm not the most exciting of days, but I survived

So thought I'd waffle at you (because I'm good at that) and share a layout, this one from Beamish Open Air Museum earlier in the year, we'd just had a fish and chip lunch from their Fish and Chip restaurant - a coal fired fish and chip restaurant, we'd waited 45 minutes to get to the front of the queue (which was good considering the sign outside indicated an hour and a half wait) and they were mighty fine fish and chips!  So needed the boys to pose for the camera so I could capture the moment, in hindsight a picture of the fish and chips might also have been a good idea - but her everything in hindsight!
I enjoyed this layout, using the colours that my hubby and son were dressed in as a prompt led to me using one of my favourite colour combinations.  Hope you're having a good day!