Saturday, 22 September 2012


So it's finally here, the final CJ that has passed through my hands after many many months.  This whole CJ has yet again been an emotional roller coaster with CJ's going AWOL, or rather people going AWOL and the CJ never reappearing,  but we've rallied around and tried to make good so hopefully by the time we're done we should all have received what we deserve - a completed CJ is leaving my hands today.  I love the finished ones, there is something deeply satisfying about letting a book go - when it's actually full.  Now similarly to the original RIP CJ when this CJ arrived it had several blank pages in the back, most of which (or probably all) were due to missing people in the journal or drop outs or people going AWOL and similarly to Marie's when I had it, I couldn't pass it on without completing it.  Something in me won't allow that to happen.  So what was I faced with not one blank, nope, not two blanks, nope, not three blanks, nope but four blanks.  Four I tell you and the theme - well this one was the Rock Disney CJ and the one I'd been the most apprehensive about.  Along it's journey I'd had glimpses of others takes on it and was very much in awe of the book before it landed here.  Each of the entries was awesome and the last entry which was the one Sian had done was fabulously chunky - so that was my excuse.  I had to complete this journal before I could send it on its way.

Now I have a secret to tell you, I'm not a Disney fan, I can't help it - far too much singing for my liking so this was going to be difficult.  However Jasmine had given us an open idea depending on which way we wanted to jump - either a Rock Disney themed page, or music from a film.  The music from a film was definitely my initial preference, but in the end it was the Disney themed pages that really worked for me.

Now my favourite of favourite Disney films is 101 Dalmatians (because there's hardly any singing) but I couldn't subject my favourite Rock star to a life dressed as a dalmatian (I just couldn't do it), so then I thought about it the only other Disney animated film I own is Alice in Wonderland and yes I know it's been done recently but I thought what the hell.

So here's Alice and her new star
 The other side Mr Oz as the Blue Caterpillar
 The Toxic Twins as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Pink as the Queen of Hearts, the Chadshire Cat and Slash as the Madhatter
 The pull out piece
 And the other side explaining whose who.
So then I was on a roll, my sister's favourite Disney film was the Little Mermaid

And then my films one was fun, it had me scrambling through old DVD's and soundtracks that we had

 but my favourite one that I did was inspired by my brother, who when I mentioned the theme got mighty giddy and told me I 'had' to do this film, his favourite all time film - painted by my own fair hand I might add and I can't paint.  Now I know some of you might be doing the 'disney?' bit at the moment but they have always claimed it as their own as the characters were drawn when Mr Burton was employed by Disney.
 I created a pocket on the inside with film strip type cards with the characters on one side and the Rock Star on the other


Such good fun, so a massive thank you to all the girls who've contributed to make this a great CJ and a massive thank you to Sarah for keeping us as organised as possible!


  1. Woohooo!!! What fantabulous pages you've done...and,you included the wonderful Mr Grohl!!!!! I want him to teach me to play the drums....sigh.
    Don't blame you for finishing the seems like you had fun too....wonderful stuff.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow, what amazing work Virginia! I love it all, but my fave is the tim burton, the house images are great!

  3. My Virginia, so much work! What an accomplishment! For all the Nightmare Before Christmas by Disney naysayers, if you indeed visit Disneyland they market the heck out of the merchandise for this film. In addition, they have taken to remodeling their regular attraction, THE HAUNTED MANSION beginning every October and remaining through December into a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS ride/attraction. It's very cool. So have no doubts!!

  4. Yes I adore the Tim Burton one - your brother was right but the others are fabulous too. Your generosity with your time and your art never fails to delight and amaze me Virginia and your Alice pages remind me of my fabulous book! Gorgeous. All of it. Can't wait to see your book when you get it back!

  5. Brilliant pages - I told you you'd have fun with this book didn't I :) :) :)

    I did a Jack Skellington page in a different Disney CJ once, so I vote for including him as Disney when it suits me too :D