Thursday, 20 September 2012


I should be ... probably doing something else, reading other peoples blogs or cleaning, maybe I should be tidying or vacuuming, perhaps perusing my college books - I know I should be doing something else but I'm not and why - because I miss posting and keeping my head on the right way round and talking to you lot - because I know you 'get me'.  I don't want to clean or vacuum I want tea to make itself and have a constantly refilling cuppa by my side, I want this cold to go away now I'm feeling mighty poorly with it and I want my brain to engage take everything in and 'get' what on earth my college books are actually saying - ah well I can keep hoping can't I, in the meantime I am putting this post together.

Here is a set of photos I finally got around to scrapping.  These go back a couple of years to when we went to Scarborough Sea Life Centre and got to see these gorgeous otters.  They were brilliant and so vocal!!!!
 Up close the photo on the top left shows the otter who adored playing with pebbles, he would role them in his paws up under his chin and back again, we could have stood and watched all day long!
See what I mean, he also enjoyed using the pebbles to attempt to smash the glass enclosure which was made of some ultra thick safety glass, but that didn't stop him trying!
Isn't it great when you go looking for some papers for a layout to find a set that just work, the three papers I've used have shells and fish on them (I never thought I'd be able to use the fish paper if I'm honest) all in tones of blues and greens, added a bit of ribbon and some matting, some ancient stickers layered up and a bit of hand journalling and I was sorted!

So there you go whilst I should have been running around 'doing' things I decided it was far better to say good morning to you and hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow's Rocking post where I'm going to have to dig a little (a lot) deeper than normal.  Have a good one!


  1. Good morning to you too Virginia and I'm so glad you did stop and breathe and say hello.

    Love your otters page, they look very cheeky creatures :) You're right - the papers you chose work so well.

    When you find that constantly re-filling cuppa, tell me where I can get one?

    Hugs x

  2. Gorgeous pages. Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Loving the otters! They are wonderful creatures and so agile in the water. Amazing paper matches you had, especially the shells. Serendipity. I would also love the ever-filled cuppa. If we can put a man on the moon . . .

  4. aw, feel better soon, and hope the tea does makes itself ....


  5. Hope you are soon feeling better.

    Love those LOs - the otters look so cheeky.

    If you're looking for a re-filling cuppa could you also keep an eye out for one that stops the contents from going completely cold...I've lost count of the times I've taken a sip to find it is too hot...put it down for a while...only to find when I remember it you would think it has come straight out of the fridge (even those ones with lids from thermos don't work very well).

    Take care and I hope you shake off the lurgy soon.

    Toni xx

  6. Love the otter pages...they really are fascinating creatures.
    So pleased you took some time to post and "connect" with us.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Hugs xx