Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Good morning to you all, how are you this morning?  Anyone noticed the days getting shorter and the nip in the air (well that's what we've got in Yorkshire at the moment).  Life is starting to mould into its new shape, can't say I'm getting any more used to it mind.  I've been trying to do a study day one day a week away from work - it's not working - trying to take in information for 8 hours is impossible.  So this week I'm trying for a different tact where I come home earlier from work and hopefully get a couple of hours silence in order to take some stuff on board.  I'll let you know how it's going.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I'm here to post another layout, I've got a stack to photograph and an even bigger stack to put away somewhere safe and sound - I need a new album so badly at the moment - but I'm tight and don't want the expense LOL - I am however going to have to accept that I need to sort this out sooner rather than later because otherwise the pages I've done are going to get damaged.

This is quite a simple layout that I did a while ago, I used the Papermania Portabello Road range and doctored it with new strips and stitching, the photo in the centre was taken in Chester-le-Street.  Any ideas why I've scrapped it?  Look go on look again - yep that says Edward VIII 1936.  It's one of only 5 Post Offices in England that still have the emblem of Edward VIII who became our uncrowned King.  I thought it was pretty cool and as it was up high and out of the way I'm guessing very few people will ever really see it!

Hope you're having a great day!


  1. What a great find Virginia and it has made a super LO. I must get round to scrapping the pics I took over the Olympic period.

    You asked about the Spectrum Noir pens - they have a bullet nib like the Promarkers but because they seem a bit wetter than Pros they don't seem so scratchy. Copics will always be my first love but the SN pens at £6.99 for 6 or £25 for 24 are a price that means don't have to be so precious about them and can take them with me to crops workshops.

    oni xx

  2. Beautiful LO! I love the union jack done with the patterned paper, it looks fantastic. Hope your study goes ok for you x

  3. That is a fabulous page Virginia :D Have you thought of making your own book covers? The plastic pages are relatively cheap by comparison, and you use a ring binder folder as a spine :D
    As to study time, could you make a stash of index card crib notes to carry around with you. Then you could flick through them during tea/lunch breaks etc :D XXX

  4. Fab LO Virginia that paperset has been my fav purchase of the year! hope the study time settles down xx

  5. very cool 10/10 for observation, especially as our current ER is the same only with a different crown and year....love the simple lines...

    i found that when I worked full time and did my degree I just worked alternate weekends studying and all hours god sent in my final year to pull in the research dissertation, and I made my whole family swear they would remind me what it was like if I EVER went into education again, then I said I wanted to do my degree in art ( has to be easier than science eh?), then I looked at a syllabus then I looked at the fees, and then the timetable and then I thought, no thank you, they will get more out of me than I will get out of it...
    but I do hope your outcome is worth the hours you will need to put in...

    I just make sure I learn something new everyday and worry less about a structured learning process...and I am now a HUGE fan of adult education programmes - so cheap and very student focused.