Thursday, 27 September 2012


Good morning to you all, how fair thee this morning?  Well I don't know what the weathers like in Yorkshire this morning because the sun's not up yet, I'll blame hubby for being up at stupid o'clock for work and leaving me a delicious cuppa on my bedside table that I really had to drink, which in turn made me realise I was cold, so then I had to grab the spare duvet off the floor and try and warm up, then I started thinking about my Desert Island journal, that I really need to get done, then the brain was awake, then I remembered I needed to dry my work trousers and well let's say by this time despite the ridiculously early hour the last thing on my mind was going back to sleep.

So I'm sat here in my PJ's with cuppa number two of the day, with the tumbler making a crazy racket because I've got some eco-egg things in there that I bought recently to aid drying and to make the clothes smell lush on completion and with only two bras and a pair of trousers in their - they are finding the metal sides of the tumbler a little too often - not sure how impressed the neighbours will be as I've got the tumbler vent sticking out of the window oh well I can't go to work with no trousers on now can I!

Said 12 year old still fast on in bed, so apart from the noisy tumbler alls quiet here.  How's it where you are?

Oh it's been a trying week, I'm completely - excuse my french - knackered I mean really really really tired, stress my friends seems to be catching up with me, exhausting me before my day is done and then stealing hours of sleep from me in the process.  I'm now too tired to actually take in any college work and have another long day stretched out in front of me, at the moment I'd like a room where I can scream - really loudly, jump up and down and throw paint at something - anything - or maybe I just need a padded cell to rock gently in sat in the corner?  What do you think?  Do you sometimes feel you are going crazy mad?  Or is it just me, come over and join me in the mad corner can't say it's fun - but its definitely different.

OK official waffle stopping now, Carmen gave me permission to waffle but even you lot now have probably started rolling your eyes and wondering whether this is the blog for you and whether you do really need to know the content of my brain?  Mmmmmmmmmmm - quick quick, where's the crafting - ah here it is

Hello my name is Virginia and I'm a scrapaholic...

Said 12 year old next to some mighty fine artwork in the local heritage centre, I loved the bright vibrant colours so opted to use quirker handcut arty pieces akin to the artwork to create the layout, journalling running along the top of the photos
 And said hubby who needed a photo for work and because I liked the photo and the fact I could match his red work shirt with a shed load of heart related products - I did.  It's one of my favourite layouts and both layouts you'll notice don't have a bit of stitching in sight (I must have been having an off day)
So there you go Thursday morning ramble for you - promise to try and be more sensible for my Rocking post tomorrow (ahem, fingers crossed behind my back).


  1. You must, must, must make time this weekend to lock yourself away with a canvas and a load of paint. Look at the last time you did it - your blog background came about. you know it's good for you!

    I do hope you can have some serious chill time this weekend. You will work yourself into the ground lady!

    Love your pages, espesh the art one with all the hand cut arty bits :) So colourful!


  2. What a wonderful thought Virginia....all us "mad cow" crafters, in a large room, flinging paint :D I bet you'd get mega hits on youtube for the video :D XXX

  3. First...the good stuff...I love both the LOs but the one of Craig is just stunning....:)
    Next..the bad sound incredibly stressed and are going to make yourself ill...I wish I had a magic cure for stress but I don't (apart from copious amounts of wine...but that's only a short term answer).
    I'm thinking of you and hoping that things will improve...if they don't please vent on Wednesday can't make things worse and may even help.
    Massive (((hugs))) xx