Monday, 3 September 2012


Good Morning you beautiful people, it's Monday the 3rd September, shall I say that again 3rd of September, we are into the 9th month of the year, in 10 days time I'm not going to be managing very well as I reach the big 4 - 0h dear do I really?  I'm trying to psyche myself up for it but it's not working (if I'm honest).

And it's two days before said 11 year old commences secondary school, with two bus journeys to get to said school (and a change in the bus station).  Life as we know it is going to change forever (gulp).

So I thought before I head out back to work this morning after an almost two weeks break (and I'm sooooooooo not ready for going back to work).  That I would pop a quick post together so that I remember that I like crafting and that I have wonderfully bloggy friends and to not make this day a day of work work and a bit more work (but it's likely to be just that).

So without further ado this is a double page layout I created from some photos taken last Summer.  Our local town has been extremely run down for many years, it never really recovered after the local major  shopping centre opened if I'm honest, but a couple of years ago the council paid a company to convert some of the derelict areas and shops into giant pieces of artwork, and me and said 11 year old had a wander around town with a camera to have a proper look at them.  When I got home I used 3" squares to create these two pages, 3" squares to create pages like this are great if you have ever bought those 6 x 6 packs, because you can convert them into full 12 x 12 layouts without having the cost of the bigger packs!

Up close you can see the pictures, I used a mask to make the papers slightly more uniform, I also used some stitching templates to create arrows on the layouts a few scraps of ribbon and some hand written journalling and they were all complete
 A couple of wordy statements taken from very very old scrapbook pages and it was completed
So if you're stuck for an idea today and have some time and a stack of 6 x 6 papers, why not drag them out and have a go, I stuck them to the page fillers you get inside scrapbook albums.  Have fun!


  1. All change forever here too. Phoebe moves up to the Academy, Devvie starts her (possibly) last year of school before she has to decide on 6th form or college and Ruby starts full time at 'big school' though she still has a week or two of half days to get her accustomed to the big change. When did they grow up so quickly?

    Lovely pages and a great idea with the squares. I often look at those pads but never buy them as don't know what I'd do with them. So maybe I'll pick one up next time :)

    Good luck with heading back to work Virginia xx

  2. I too can't believe it's September...where has this year gone???
    Love the pages..and thanks for the tip re three inch squares..I tend to keep 6 x 6 for cards.
    That artwork in your town is of the reasons I like visiting the boy in Bristol is the street art.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. hope work isn't too bad today.

  3. Beautiful layout and a great tip on the smaller squares to use! Best wishes to said 11 year old on his new adventure and I hope work will be gentle and kind to you today!

  4. I used to dread changes but they are inevitable & tend to turn out well otherwise I'd have the oldest kids at Primary school !!! We have seen a big change in our sixteen year old who starts college Wednesday.
    Your chap will be fine at secondary school & feel very grown up with the bus journey.
    Glad you managed to get some lovely crafting done xx

  5. Great layouts. Secondary school will be fine! I was worried sick about DS1 going to Secondary School and he was fine and has blossomed into the confident young man he is. Hope work is ok and tell Kid Rock to keep blogging - I can't wait to read more! jenx

  6. September already...I want to shout out "stop the world - I want to get off!" but I don't think that will help or slow things down any.

    Beautiful LOs Virginia - those colours are lovely.

    Don't worry about the '4-oh''s just a won't change who you are...try to look forward to the celebration.

    Toni xx