Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I'm doing these at random times when I can grab a few minutes, it's so lovely to schedule a post, get home from a long (very long very very long) day to find lots of lovely comments here and I sit puzzled until I realised one of my scheduled posts has been published.

So how's your week up to now, I know it's only Tuesday, mine has been a lot of work and some studying on the Human Rights act - wow nearly fell asleep to that one.  However, I've arrived home tonight to hubby having cooked a delish tea - thank you sweetie and I grabbed a bottle of wine on the way back - just the one Mrs Wembley - so we're having a glass of wine as I try and unwind from the day.  I've got a busy day tomorrow with two meetings so I'm not sure how much work I'll get done and I've got loads (and I mean loads).

Anyway I'm sure you're not here for my waffle so best share a layout.  I love blue and green combinations in fact I got my hands on a new blue and green paper stack recently that I've yet to make a dent on.  This one used papers from two completely different ranges but I think it works.  Said 12 year old on an Easter Egg hunt earlier in the year - any excuse for chocolate.  Journalling around the edges, simple title, and hand stitching.  All good fun.
I hope your day has been good.


  1. it made me laugh that you fall to sleep during the human rights thing, probably because you are breaking every European Working Law act!

    do take care hun, lots of vitamins and sleep when you can.


  2. You put me to shame...all day at work and still scrapping....I just bought more paper stash and haven't scrapped for months :D...Hello. I am Gina...I is a paper addict :D XXX

  3. Hmm well the homemade veggie stew and dumplings went down a storm last night so much so that I've topped the pot up with extra veggies today and had to go out and buy more suet for more dumplings tonight! Hows that for appreciation :)

    Haven't half been fancying a glass of wine myself lately! Soon. Soon.

    It's lovely seeing these random posts of yours pop up Virginia - and never stop waffling. Please. Otherwise you'll make me feel like I have to cut back on the waffle... and I fear that may be an impossible task ;)

    Another lovely LO. Loving all the stitching! (Where do you find the time??)