Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Well aren't you lot an absolute blessing, I've had such positive comments about said 11 year old starting secondary school tomorrow it really has helped.  That's not to say I'm not nervous with a capital 'N' but his time for walking the secondary school path is almost upon us (actually he'll be catching the bus but you get where I'm coming from), we are uniformed up to the ying yang, I tell you we almost had to remortgage the house with the list of items he needed, but he's got (fingers crossed) everything he'll need, so we're all ready to go, I don't think for one minute that he'll sleep particularly well this evening it will probably be him bouncing up and down the stairs every five minutes telling us he can't sleep, I sooooooooooooooo remember those days and so can completely sympathise with his predicament, however as I've always said walking up and down the stairs will not help you sleep, let's hope he listens.

Our day tomorrow is going to commence with an alarm time of six thirty - shall I say that again six thirty - I don't normally do before seven because well I'm a grumpy person before seven o'clock I can tell you so it's going to be a culture shock for all of us.  Needless to say that will mean you won't have my dulcet tones speaking at you from your PC tomorrow morning because I'll be seeing said 11 year old off before heading into work.  Gulp.

So I didn't want you to miss me too much, work yesterday was manageable on two counts, the first is that I didn't read any emails with 300+ to sort through (mildly better than the 1900+ that my boss has returned to) I decided not to bother and got on with month end routine instead, today I'm hoping will be much the same.

So I'll leave you with another layout, you'll be pleased to know that I'm still crafting, managed to move some paper around my desk yesterday, I drive myself insane, I can do the paper, the matting even the title (usually) but I still get stuck on embellishments the current 'trend' seems to be lots and lots of layers of things on layouts and well I do sometimes struggle, mind you I'm kicking around the same crafting stuff I've had for a while - maybe I need some indulgent purchases tee hee.

Anyway it's official I am now rambling, so I'll leave you with this layout of my sister and my niece on my sister's 30th birthday when we went to Chatsworth for the day - much fun was had by all.


  1. I hope the day goes really well (despite the 6:30 thing :)) I love the page and it's a super photo, and you've really pulled out the colours from it with the papers :)

  2. Good luck for tomorrow..said 11 year old will be fine I'm sure.
    Love the LO of Mekanie and Nirvana- esp the layering.
    Big hugs to you all.xx

  3. I love that brown with that blue on that page Virginia - gorgeous. Just ignore the trends and do what you like.... unless of course you absolutely have to have that spend in which case GO FOR IT :D :D Haven't been stash shopping in an age (IKEA doesn't count!) My paints are looking severely depleted it has to be said thanks to the summer hols and it isn't even me used them! So I hear ya!

    Phoebe is getting more and more nervous as tomorrow approaches. Thoughts will be with all the kids moving up this year - I remember that feeling so well, going from being the oldest in the school back to being the bubba's again.

    That alarm clock is going to be a shocker in the morning isn't it?? Am with you - am so not a before 7.30/8am girl and even then need two cups of tea before I'm alive!

  4. Here's hoping 'Said 11 yr old' gets some sleep tonight. New things can be scary but I'm sure he will cope very well as he seems to have a very sensible head on his shoulders.

    Another beautiful colour combo on this LO.

    Toni xx

  5. I hope (and I'm sure it will!) that everything goes well today for your son...

    Be prepared for the next five years to fly by!!!!

    I love your layout, ignore the trends - or start you own!!! Your page is beautiful as it is :)


  6. I went to the post office -

    and i came home,
    and somehow I manged to avoid the post office and return with my parcels,

    and a die cut and some enamel hearts and beads and chain from a charity shop

    I am going insane...

    how can a person carry parcels round with them and forget to post them???


    will try again tomorrow,

    it is not even funny...

    hope eleven year old is settling in to his next batch of education...


  7. Fingers crossed that the first couple of days of "big school" have gone well. Connor is already panicking about it and he has a year to go yet!