Friday, 28 September 2012


Hello and welcome to you all, it's Friday (I know don't groan at the time jump that seems to have occurred since last Friday).  We are racing along at quite a pace now gathering momentum as we've hurtled through September, yes this is the last Friday in September, gulp October just over the horizon.

So what's the post about well finally I've managed to update the button on the right over there, you know over there -  look right - see the button - well now there's an explanation to what Rocking posts are all about!  It probably needs tweaking but you get the gist!

So what is Rocking my World this week?
The Collaborart blog - honestly having the most fun with everyone involved over there.  This week I've had my pairs journal land with me so I currently have both mine and Donna's, they are both looking fantastic, Donna's is taking on book sculpture status I think, it's so full and yet neither of us want to say it's done, so we keep adding little elements to the pages, such good fun.  I've started working on Donna's again, although I'm currently working 'off journal' as it's easier!

Then the Mystery Gift Swap, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through my goodies and thinking what my recipient might like, I have a feeling the box I sent might have been the biggest, because I had to buy it from the Post Office and as I was sending 12 x 12 papers it had to be supersized!  Honestly what am I like!  But it was great fun and I know it's been received and I know that people have fathomed out it's from me, even though I didn't put my name in it (tee hee).

The flip side of this Mystery Gift Swap - is receiving mine on Wednesday, hubby and son were intrigued, was it a belated birthday gift from a friend ("nope" I said before opening - because I know the writing of the person they thought it was from).  "Is it a Donna thing?" they both cried (because Donna always sends gifts each time we swap our pairs journal and when they enquired the first time I'd got one of Donna's cards and it says on their that 'It's a Donna thing' - so the statement's stuck!" - "Nope because I've got both those journals sat on my crafting table as we speak".  "Well whose it from then?" and I had to go all the way through the box right to the bottom to find out who it was from and my goodies came from Effie and my - what gorgeous goodies I've been treated to - I'll be showing what goodies I received and what I've made with three of the items on the Collaborart blog when I get time.

Maize Maze on Saturday night, we've done this religiously for the last few years, we've had good years when the Maize has been 8 feet tall we've had sad years when it's been short, now most of you will remember the summer - or should I say not remember the summer so you'll probably have guessed that the maize was a little on the short side this year.  However, it was still good fun we managed to find 5 out of the 7 clues, wandered around the field for some considerable time, said 12 year old peddled around on a go-cart in the dark and then we came home - shattered but having had a lovely evening together.

The rest of the week has been a blur of work, home, exhaustion and stress but in amongst these moments I've:

  • Giggled and smiled at the beautiful blog comments I've had this week - you all make my life sooooooooooooooooooooo much better - you know who you are, if you left a comment - then I say thank you so much for making a very stressed 30 plus 10 year old feel grateful for our fabulous relationship - you are all amazing!  Just wish we could all meet up one day!
  • Cups of tea on the bedside table - even when it's 5am - are very much appreciated.
  • Said 12 year old being so vocal about his day when he gets in - makes me still feel part of his school life
  • The bus turning up every day to collect said 12 year old for school (hope I've not jinxed it now as I'm prepping this on a Thursday).
  • My sister - even when she's a little bit mad and crazy and making faux pas she's still fabulously awesome and a constant source of happy sunshine for me - she doesn't read my blog very often but I hope she knows how much she's loved.
  • The Wednesday Whine group - for keeping it real and being their to support - I would never had thought that this group could have been such a source of comfort, solidarity, support, fun - the list is endless but it has and I'm immensely grateful for them all! 
  • Red Dwarf for being a great distraction when things have been hard.
  • My boss for being his usual self and 'getting' when things are not great!
And that my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes is that for this week - may your week have been truly blessed and if it doesn't feel like it was, take a few moments to sit and reflect on your week, I'm sure even in the darkest of weeks that there are elements that have lightened your heart and made you feel loved, fancy joining in go pop a post together and then link back here, - no blog, no problem just leave a comment so everyone can see what kind of week you've had.  

Before I leave you a bit of crafting - getting through this craft folder like wildfire at the moment.
This is my beautiful amazing talented crazy mad sister and that look is her 'delight' and I do use that word very very loosely when she selected the colour yellow whilst doing the beginners Art Journalling weekend at AFTH with the amazingly talented (but you know that already) Dyan Reaveley!  Big shout out to Jude for letting me 'pinch' the image to scrapbook! 

Finally Mr Linky 

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Good morning to you all, how fair thee this morning?  Well I don't know what the weathers like in Yorkshire this morning because the sun's not up yet, I'll blame hubby for being up at stupid o'clock for work and leaving me a delicious cuppa on my bedside table that I really had to drink, which in turn made me realise I was cold, so then I had to grab the spare duvet off the floor and try and warm up, then I started thinking about my Desert Island journal, that I really need to get done, then the brain was awake, then I remembered I needed to dry my work trousers and well let's say by this time despite the ridiculously early hour the last thing on my mind was going back to sleep.

So I'm sat here in my PJ's with cuppa number two of the day, with the tumbler making a crazy racket because I've got some eco-egg things in there that I bought recently to aid drying and to make the clothes smell lush on completion and with only two bras and a pair of trousers in their - they are finding the metal sides of the tumbler a little too often - not sure how impressed the neighbours will be as I've got the tumbler vent sticking out of the window oh well I can't go to work with no trousers on now can I!

Said 12 year old still fast on in bed, so apart from the noisy tumbler alls quiet here.  How's it where you are?

Oh it's been a trying week, I'm completely - excuse my french - knackered I mean really really really tired, stress my friends seems to be catching up with me, exhausting me before my day is done and then stealing hours of sleep from me in the process.  I'm now too tired to actually take in any college work and have another long day stretched out in front of me, at the moment I'd like a room where I can scream - really loudly, jump up and down and throw paint at something - anything - or maybe I just need a padded cell to rock gently in sat in the corner?  What do you think?  Do you sometimes feel you are going crazy mad?  Or is it just me, come over and join me in the mad corner can't say it's fun - but its definitely different.

OK official waffle stopping now, Carmen gave me permission to waffle but even you lot now have probably started rolling your eyes and wondering whether this is the blog for you and whether you do really need to know the content of my brain?  Mmmmmmmmmmm - quick quick, where's the crafting - ah here it is

Hello my name is Virginia and I'm a scrapaholic...

Said 12 year old next to some mighty fine artwork in the local heritage centre, I loved the bright vibrant colours so opted to use quirker handcut arty pieces akin to the artwork to create the layout, journalling running along the top of the photos
 And said hubby who needed a photo for work and because I liked the photo and the fact I could match his red work shirt with a shed load of heart related products - I did.  It's one of my favourite layouts and both layouts you'll notice don't have a bit of stitching in sight (I must have been having an off day)
So there you go Thursday morning ramble for you - promise to try and be more sensible for my Rocking post tomorrow (ahem, fingers crossed behind my back).

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I'm doing these at random times when I can grab a few minutes, it's so lovely to schedule a post, get home from a long (very long very very long) day to find lots of lovely comments here and I sit puzzled until I realised one of my scheduled posts has been published.

So how's your week up to now, I know it's only Tuesday, mine has been a lot of work and some studying on the Human Rights act - wow nearly fell asleep to that one.  However, I've arrived home tonight to hubby having cooked a delish tea - thank you sweetie and I grabbed a bottle of wine on the way back - just the one Mrs Wembley - so we're having a glass of wine as I try and unwind from the day.  I've got a busy day tomorrow with two meetings so I'm not sure how much work I'll get done and I've got loads (and I mean loads).

Anyway I'm sure you're not here for my waffle so best share a layout.  I love blue and green combinations in fact I got my hands on a new blue and green paper stack recently that I've yet to make a dent on.  This one used papers from two completely different ranges but I think it works.  Said 12 year old on an Easter Egg hunt earlier in the year - any excuse for chocolate.  Journalling around the edges, simple title, and hand stitching.  All good fun.
I hope your day has been good.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Good morning to you all, how are you this morning?  Anyone noticed the days getting shorter and the nip in the air (well that's what we've got in Yorkshire at the moment).  Life is starting to mould into its new shape, can't say I'm getting any more used to it mind.  I've been trying to do a study day one day a week away from work - it's not working - trying to take in information for 8 hours is impossible.  So this week I'm trying for a different tact where I come home earlier from work and hopefully get a couple of hours silence in order to take some stuff on board.  I'll let you know how it's going.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I'm here to post another layout, I've got a stack to photograph and an even bigger stack to put away somewhere safe and sound - I need a new album so badly at the moment - but I'm tight and don't want the expense LOL - I am however going to have to accept that I need to sort this out sooner rather than later because otherwise the pages I've done are going to get damaged.

This is quite a simple layout that I did a while ago, I used the Papermania Portabello Road range and doctored it with new strips and stitching, the photo in the centre was taken in Chester-le-Street.  Any ideas why I've scrapped it?  Look go on look again - yep that says Edward VIII 1936.  It's one of only 5 Post Offices in England that still have the emblem of Edward VIII who became our uncrowned King.  I thought it was pretty cool and as it was up high and out of the way I'm guessing very few people will ever really see it!

Hope you're having a great day!

Monday, 24 September 2012


These days I just don't seem to have time for anything - in particular blogging, my mornings of taking son to school at half eight are well and truly over because he's now at secondary school, so we are all up earlier and out of the house earlier.  I'm learning to readjust but it's taking time - a lot of time.

So here I am trying to pre-plan - and I thought why not preplan a post.

Here is one I did using the layout that is appearing on the Scrapology website, strangely enough Kat had already posted a link to this a while ago on our UK Scrappers group, so this is one I've had waiting in the wings, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed playing with hexagons and this mix of colours on this one with the different papers was fun!
The hexagons were made after I'd stuck scrap paper down on to a sheet of cardstock and then cut out, such fun.

Hope you are having a good day!

Saturday, 22 September 2012


So it's finally here, the final CJ that has passed through my hands after many many months.  This whole CJ has yet again been an emotional roller coaster with CJ's going AWOL, or rather people going AWOL and the CJ never reappearing,  but we've rallied around and tried to make good so hopefully by the time we're done we should all have received what we deserve - a completed CJ is leaving my hands today.  I love the finished ones, there is something deeply satisfying about letting a book go - when it's actually full.  Now similarly to the original RIP CJ when this CJ arrived it had several blank pages in the back, most of which (or probably all) were due to missing people in the journal or drop outs or people going AWOL and similarly to Marie's when I had it, I couldn't pass it on without completing it.  Something in me won't allow that to happen.  So what was I faced with not one blank, nope, not two blanks, nope, not three blanks, nope but four blanks.  Four I tell you and the theme - well this one was the Rock Disney CJ and the one I'd been the most apprehensive about.  Along it's journey I'd had glimpses of others takes on it and was very much in awe of the book before it landed here.  Each of the entries was awesome and the last entry which was the one Sian had done was fabulously chunky - so that was my excuse.  I had to complete this journal before I could send it on its way.

Now I have a secret to tell you, I'm not a Disney fan, I can't help it - far too much singing for my liking so this was going to be difficult.  However Jasmine had given us an open idea depending on which way we wanted to jump - either a Rock Disney themed page, or music from a film.  The music from a film was definitely my initial preference, but in the end it was the Disney themed pages that really worked for me.

Now my favourite of favourite Disney films is 101 Dalmatians (because there's hardly any singing) but I couldn't subject my favourite Rock star to a life dressed as a dalmatian (I just couldn't do it), so then I thought about it the only other Disney animated film I own is Alice in Wonderland and yes I know it's been done recently but I thought what the hell.

So here's Alice and her new star
 The other side Mr Oz as the Blue Caterpillar
 The Toxic Twins as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Pink as the Queen of Hearts, the Chadshire Cat and Slash as the Madhatter
 The pull out piece
 And the other side explaining whose who.
So then I was on a roll, my sister's favourite Disney film was the Little Mermaid

And then my films one was fun, it had me scrambling through old DVD's and soundtracks that we had

 but my favourite one that I did was inspired by my brother, who when I mentioned the theme got mighty giddy and told me I 'had' to do this film, his favourite all time film - painted by my own fair hand I might add and I can't paint.  Now I know some of you might be doing the 'disney?' bit at the moment but they have always claimed it as their own as the characters were drawn when Mr Burton was employed by Disney.
 I created a pocket on the inside with film strip type cards with the characters on one side and the Rock Star on the other


Such good fun, so a massive thank you to all the girls who've contributed to make this a great CJ and a massive thank you to Sarah for keeping us as organised as possible!

Friday, 21 September 2012


Good morning my wonderful Rockers (well I can hope can't I) and Rockettes tis Friday I tell you and yet again we find the time (we should find the time) to sit back and think back over the last 7 days.  Find those silver linings, the things that have made your week more bearable, maybe a phone call, or a letter, an e-mail, a chat, time with people, time on your own whatever has made your life better this week - that is a 'rocking' moment and every Friday we get together to celebrate this fact.

So let's get this started.

First up (although it goes back more than a week) has to be the people who came to my little birthday meal last week it was a lovely evening out and we all had a lovely time - so thank you one and all.  This is a rather poor shot but we forgot the main camera and so only had phones on us, on the left the blonde one is my Mum, and behind her my sister on the right far end is my niece, then Fi my brother's girlfriend, then me and then said 12 year old hubby was taking the shot!
Balloons on my birthday at the restaurant we went to and the ones my Mum brought along which are still going strong!

Next up has to be said 11 year old who is now officially said 12 year old and his birthday last Friday.  He seemed to have a good day and we were lego'd out by the end of the day.  He wanted to see Paranorman for his birthday so we all toddled along - it was a strange film - enough said.  But said 12 year old enjoyed so that can't be a bad thing.

Next up hubby walking in with a bottle of Moet on my birthday - we actually still haven't had this - will find the right time and place for it me thinks.

Hubby once again for keeping me sane this week, it's been one of those weeks and always he goes above and beyond.  He stayed off on Monday when I had some fairly difficult things to deal with - there to support all the way.  He's got on making and sorting evening meals this week, tidying around and generally being his amazing self - thank you sweetie -don't think I'd have managed this week without you.

My boss for being exceptionally understanding in difficult circumstances and for continuing to check that I'm OK this week.

My sister for just being her, currently this means she is being level headed, matter of fact, understanding and supportive.  Now she's not always known for her level headedness but she's come into her own recently and for this I am ultimately grateful.

The man at the cable company who helped resolve the e-mail issues this week - resetting passwords etc - now I just have to find the time to actually read them all.

It's a Creative World for their series of Alice inspired posts (one of which was mine) and for UK Scrappers mentioning it on their blog bits and for Carmen finding that - it made me smile!

A walk on Monday was just what I needed but shush don't tell hubby, his cure all for everything and anything is always 'fresh air' and I always pull faces, but on Monday I had a feeling he might be right, so we headed to a nearby dam to have a walk and brush off a few cobwebs.

Another whoop whoop has to be Macbeth at the theatre in Sheffield, ooh my, what an amazing play, what an amazing cast, generally all was fabulous and said 12 year old for having a facebook prompt from Sarah which has led him to spend some considerable time building the set when we got home, with moving centres, tables and grills, he's now got his Dad to set up a lighting rig and somewhere for the smoke to filter through at this rate we could have a full blown rendition of the play - awesome stuff.

Finally laughter, listening to said 12 year old watch Red Dwarf for the first time has been bliss, he's old enough to get the humour and has enjoyed the series immensely starting from series 1 - the joys of the Tivo box I tell you!

Oh and I nearly forgot True Blood series 5 back on the TV - vampires, sigh.

Anyway I think that's your lot peeps oh and It's Raining Men shower gel from Lush it smells Lush

Yes I'll shut up now I will I promise

Before I go a layout to share, hubby and said 12 year old exploring a holiday cottage earlier in the summer, using up a darker paper that I didn't honestly think I'd ever use - just goes to show doesn't it!
And finally if you fancy joining in - throw yourself a post together, don't stress if it's not Friday just remember to come back and link up so we can come and visit you as it's always nice to share 'rocking' moments.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I should be ... probably doing something else, reading other peoples blogs or cleaning, maybe I should be tidying or vacuuming, perhaps perusing my college books - I know I should be doing something else but I'm not and why - because I miss posting and keeping my head on the right way round and talking to you lot - because I know you 'get me'.  I don't want to clean or vacuum I want tea to make itself and have a constantly refilling cuppa by my side, I want this cold to go away now I'm feeling mighty poorly with it and I want my brain to engage take everything in and 'get' what on earth my college books are actually saying - ah well I can keep hoping can't I, in the meantime I am putting this post together.

Here is a set of photos I finally got around to scrapping.  These go back a couple of years to when we went to Scarborough Sea Life Centre and got to see these gorgeous otters.  They were brilliant and so vocal!!!!
 Up close the photo on the top left shows the otter who adored playing with pebbles, he would role them in his paws up under his chin and back again, we could have stood and watched all day long!
See what I mean, he also enjoyed using the pebbles to attempt to smash the glass enclosure which was made of some ultra thick safety glass, but that didn't stop him trying!
Isn't it great when you go looking for some papers for a layout to find a set that just work, the three papers I've used have shells and fish on them (I never thought I'd be able to use the fish paper if I'm honest) all in tones of blues and greens, added a bit of ribbon and some matting, some ancient stickers layered up and a bit of hand journalling and I was sorted!

So there you go whilst I should have been running around 'doing' things I decided it was far better to say good morning to you and hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow's Rocking post where I'm going to have to dig a little (a lot) deeper than normal.  Have a good one!

Friday, 14 September 2012


Good morning my dear Rockers and Rockettes, time to take stock step back and appreciate the things in life that have made life that bit better and happier in the last seven days, take a moment to appreciate what you have, who you have around you, never be afraid to hug those people and tell them how much they mean.  This is my list for this week, feeling a little more sombre this week (must be my age)
First up has to be my family and my beautiful friends, having celebrated a birthday this week I've been smiling at the happy comments, the beautiful gifts, great cards, lovely sentiments that I had on my birthday - so thank you one and all - you made a girl smile very muchly!

Next up my sister - she is amazing - I don't tell her enough, thank you for my birthday, for being there after I'd visited Daddy's grave, for chatting to me, for helping me buy pressies for said 11 year old - who today my beautiful Rockettes has officially become said 12 year old.  For wandering aimlessly around Meadowhall and for taking me to Yo Sushi for lunch - we had a fabulous time and she is utterly amazing - so thank you Melanie for making my 30 plus 10 birthday awesome.

Hubby for his thoughtfulness in present buying this year including crafty goodies and for getting that card that just hits the spot - you know the one that you well up with and then managing to get said 12 year old one that did exactly the same!

To the Wednesday Whine group for being there when we need a helping hand, to laugh with us, support us and generally make us feel like all things are possible - thank you ladies you know who you are!

For being alive, having reached the grand old age of 30 plus 10 - this is the same age my Dad reached and passed away only a few weeks after he turned 40, this has ended up quite a melancholy birthday because of that, but its OK, I always thought this one would be a bit strange.

Barbecue's at the weekend when it was warm and sunny and lovely outside and outdoor fires were all bliss at the weekend.

That my lovely people is that I'm afraid for this week

Hope you all have had a beautiful and blessed week

A layout to leave you with
And Mr Linky if you fancy joining us

Friday, 7 September 2012


Good morning my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes, how fair thee this morn'?

Tis Friday, a time to reflect on the last 7 days and note the positives, no matter how big or how small.  If they made you feel happier and more positive, made your heart lighter, made your face smile then they are indeed rocking moments!
So without further ado here are mine

Friday night my sister and niece stayed over as we were going to Chatsworth County Fair on Saturday morning, setting off exceptionally early.  So it was easier for them to stay, we had a great evening, full of laughter and great conversations - so that has to be my first grateful this week.

Second up on this list has to be hubby and his insistence to take bacon butties with us to Chatsworth (I kid you not), when we went last year we rolled up and the car next to us piled out and started eating foil wrapped, hot bacon sandwiches, hubby was sooooooooooo not impressed.  So this year it was our turn, he was up early frying bacon, warm bread rolls and creating a culinary delight, we had a bag packed with hot bacon butties wrapped in foil and then insulated with clean tea towels, together with the world's most mahoosive bottle of ketchup to prevent us being doomed.  On arrival hubby took great enjoyment of dishing out hot bacon butties to us all to eat in the car park and two cars away from us was the family without the bacon butties who looked on in sheer disgust in the fact that they did not have hot bacon butties to start the day, I have a feeling we may have started something here.

Next up is hubby again for insisting on taking a good picnic with us because it was more than enough at lunch time (with lots left over but still quite cool in the chiller box) and at the end of the day when the announcer told us that the roads were absolutely solid with traffic and you might as well stay a bit longer it provided the second car park picnic of the day!

The show itself was great fun, we enjoyed the central arena where we got to see the mounted games - horse riders who race up and down with super fast horses doing all sorts of crazy races, but great fun to watch.  To the stalls we got to wander around, it is soooooooooooo big now it's mad, you really could spend all weekend there.  It was a little muddy underfoot in places but we were all in sensible footwear so it wasn't too bad for us.

The kids (I call them that, my niece is now taller than me and said 11 year old glowers every time he's called that) managed to buy a few things, they had a go on the cross bows, said 11 year old did water walking, they bought these magic water filled balls that you should use in vases, but they see as a great 'toy' to play with.  And my niece bought herself a lego ring (yes this was a ring with a piece of lego on).

We arrived ten minutes before the gates opened and we didn't leave until ten to eight in the evening, so you can imagine how tired we all were, but much fun was had by all and for that I'm truly grateful.  Here we are at the end of a very very very long day!

The Red Arrows - for another amazing display on Saturday - truly amazing to watch!

Another grateful hubby making me some zero point soup for my lunches at work - he is an angel!  And the soup is gorgeous!

Said 11 year old managing to get himself to secondary school on Wednesday, he set off at 7.30 on the bus with a change in the bus station and then travelled back at night arriving home at 4.30, as I type this it's Thursday evening and I'm waiting for his return today, let's hope he's had a good day again (fingers and toes crossed)

Then there are the family funnies, we don't get many these days, I put it down to said 11 year old getting so much older and not making quite as many slip ups but if we get them they are usually classics - this is the one that had me rolling this week

"Mum, Mum, come and look at this video it's Linkin Park and J-Zed"
"He's not called J-Zed, he's call J-Zee"
Look on face - quizzical, so further explanation
"American's pronounce Zed's Zee's so his name is J-Zee"
"So we say X, Y Zed and they say X, Y, Zee" (It's amazing what you remember from your brother and sister watching Sesame Street as children).
"So how do they say it Mum?"
"J-Zee, I've told you"
"No not them the others"
"What others?"
"The Welsh!"
"How do the Welsh say it?"
"I have no idea I don't speak Welsh, how did we get onto Welsh" (I know how we got onto this, when we were in Wales recently, he bought the beginners book to Welsh and then talked Welsh at us for hours and hours and hours from the back of the car, all very distracting.)
"Hold up a minute, I thought you told me that the Welsh don't have Zed's in their alphabet!"
"I know Mum, that's what I mean"
"That's what you mean?  I'm lost what's the question again"
"How do the Welsh say his name"
"They would call him J-Zee because that's his name"
"Yes but they don't have Zed's in their alphabet"
"OK, so they'd call him J-?"
"So Mum how do they say zebra?"
"They would pronounce it zeebra"
"No not the Americans"
"Are we back to the welsh again?"
"I thought they don't have zeds in their alphabet I don't think they do, so how do they say zebra crossing"
"I'm sure I just told you that I don't speak Welsh"
and on it goes

Does anyone else have conversations like this or just me?

Right me lovelies that'll have to do today as I'm shattered been doing some pretty awful mathematical equations today and now got a headache, hoping to spend a bit more time with hubby and said 11 year old.  I'll leave you with a layout (because I can and because I haven't for a while) and obviously Mr Linky, if you fancy joining us we are quite a small group of great friends whom have only ever met through the computer who celebrate the positives each week to remember just how lucky we are.

Aptly this is a picture of the veiled lady at Chatsworth house, this time using the 3 x 3 inch squares to create the page, lots of stitching and finally managed to include one of the gorgeous little hands that Susie sent me on a layout!   Thank you Susie

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Well aren't you lot an absolute blessing, I've had such positive comments about said 11 year old starting secondary school tomorrow it really has helped.  That's not to say I'm not nervous with a capital 'N' but his time for walking the secondary school path is almost upon us (actually he'll be catching the bus but you get where I'm coming from), we are uniformed up to the ying yang, I tell you we almost had to remortgage the house with the list of items he needed, but he's got (fingers crossed) everything he'll need, so we're all ready to go, I don't think for one minute that he'll sleep particularly well this evening it will probably be him bouncing up and down the stairs every five minutes telling us he can't sleep, I sooooooooooooooo remember those days and so can completely sympathise with his predicament, however as I've always said walking up and down the stairs will not help you sleep, let's hope he listens.

Our day tomorrow is going to commence with an alarm time of six thirty - shall I say that again six thirty - I don't normally do before seven because well I'm a grumpy person before seven o'clock I can tell you so it's going to be a culture shock for all of us.  Needless to say that will mean you won't have my dulcet tones speaking at you from your PC tomorrow morning because I'll be seeing said 11 year old off before heading into work.  Gulp.

So I didn't want you to miss me too much, work yesterday was manageable on two counts, the first is that I didn't read any emails with 300+ to sort through (mildly better than the 1900+ that my boss has returned to) I decided not to bother and got on with month end routine instead, today I'm hoping will be much the same.

So I'll leave you with another layout, you'll be pleased to know that I'm still crafting, managed to move some paper around my desk yesterday, I drive myself insane, I can do the paper, the matting even the title (usually) but I still get stuck on embellishments the current 'trend' seems to be lots and lots of layers of things on layouts and well I do sometimes struggle, mind you I'm kicking around the same crafting stuff I've had for a while - maybe I need some indulgent purchases tee hee.

Anyway it's official I am now rambling, so I'll leave you with this layout of my sister and my niece on my sister's 30th birthday when we went to Chatsworth for the day - much fun was had by all.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Good Morning you beautiful people, it's Monday the 3rd September, shall I say that again 3rd of September, we are into the 9th month of the year, in 10 days time I'm not going to be managing very well as I reach the big 4 - 0h dear do I really?  I'm trying to psyche myself up for it but it's not working (if I'm honest).

And it's two days before said 11 year old commences secondary school, with two bus journeys to get to said school (and a change in the bus station).  Life as we know it is going to change forever (gulp).

So I thought before I head out back to work this morning after an almost two weeks break (and I'm sooooooooo not ready for going back to work).  That I would pop a quick post together so that I remember that I like crafting and that I have wonderfully bloggy friends and to not make this day a day of work work and a bit more work (but it's likely to be just that).

So without further ado this is a double page layout I created from some photos taken last Summer.  Our local town has been extremely run down for many years, it never really recovered after the local major  shopping centre opened if I'm honest, but a couple of years ago the council paid a company to convert some of the derelict areas and shops into giant pieces of artwork, and me and said 11 year old had a wander around town with a camera to have a proper look at them.  When I got home I used 3" squares to create these two pages, 3" squares to create pages like this are great if you have ever bought those 6 x 6 packs, because you can convert them into full 12 x 12 layouts without having the cost of the bigger packs!

Up close you can see the pictures, I used a mask to make the papers slightly more uniform, I also used some stitching templates to create arrows on the layouts a few scraps of ribbon and some hand written journalling and they were all complete
 A couple of wordy statements taken from very very old scrapbook pages and it was completed
So if you're stuck for an idea today and have some time and a stack of 6 x 6 papers, why not drag them out and have a go, I stuck them to the page fillers you get inside scrapbook albums.  Have fun!