Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Blink and I almost missed it - what I hear you say - the school holidays, it only seems like a short time ago that we had the end of primary school with a long break stretching out in front of us, with so many things we wanted to do and get done and now it's 29 August and the time has simply disappeared.

Crafting has been absolutely hit and miss during the holidays, I've no idea how I managed to have it so hap-hazard, I'll have a little flurry of activity and then nothing for days verging on weeks - absolutely crazy I tell you.

So I thought I'd best put a post together before you think I've disappeared completely.  First up a layout of a bouquet of flowers I received last year from a school friend whom I'd sent a gift to for her daughters birthday and this was what she sent me - I was utterly overwhelmed and told her to promise she wouldn't do anything so crazy again because I sent it as a gift not as something she had to reciprocate and she promised she wouldn't LOL, but I wanted to document this and the thoughtfulness (plus I got to play with pink paper - always a positive).

 And then the banner said 11 year old did for his Dad last year when he was away for a week!  He spent hours colouring it in and hanging it from the mirror and his Dad was really impressed with it!
So there you go I haven't fallen off the end of the world (yet) and here are the layouts to prove it!


  1. Aah...both those LOs brought a tear to my eye (feeling very weepy for unknown reasons..??)-the acts restore my faith in human nature.
    School holidays always flashed by when the boy was young..totally empathise.
    Hugs xx

  2. Agreed Virginia - just doesn't seem possible... and when you think I am due in roughly the same amount of time it has taken to blink away these holidays... well it scares me poopless!

    Have to agree with Susie - gorgeous LO's with gorgeous sentiment behind them xx

  3. Lovely LO's Virginia - said 11 year old REALLY missed his Dad, didn't he?! I am in denial about the school holidays coming to an end, la la la la la!!