Thursday, 2 August 2012


Yes that's right you've been treated to post after post this week and why because I work less hours in the holidays!  This morning has greeted us with blue skies and sunshine - who'd have thought, the washers on and I'm planning a trip into town on the bus - why the bus because said 11 year old needs to know the route the bus goes to get to school in September and so I have to get on a bus, personally I'm not looking forward to this because it's going to take an absolute age because we live so far from town grrrrrrrrr but it has to be done, so this is the school uniform run.  My car will think we've abandoned her and she'll sit forlornly on the front of the house whilst we head off to the bus stop - wish me luck!  Last time I did this we were knee deep in snow and it was the only way to get to work, we spent 4 hours travelling there and back and only 2 hours in work, hopefully today's journey will be less painful!

Another layout, I was on a roll recently and just started churning them out (literally) so I've plenty to share!

These two layouts were the mint choc chip ones I did from the Summer of Colour challenge, you'll maybe have noticed by now, that as well as insisting on doing two layouts per colour (this was after the 6 pieces of mail art per colour) that I also decided to use exactly the same layout design on each page!  Sometimes to come up with something brand new and different every time is simply too time consuming so I decided that all the summer of colour challenge layouts could follow the same design and hopefully turn out a bit different, which I think I managed.

The felt letters were from Poundland, the stitching is real stitching using up my excessive amounts of embroidery thread and the rest is paper, the wobbly lined piece was using some old decorative scissors that I've had forever - sometimes you forget what you actually have to play with - go and rummage and challenge yourself to use something that you've not used in an age!
Both layouts refer to a day trip to Crich Tramway museum earlier in the year!
 Thanks for looking


  1. Loving the colours on these do go on some interesting outings...I love seeing what you've seen.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. we used to go out and about lots too when the boy was young....we seemed to visit an awful lot of animals!

  2. look at you! I'm still to do the last two prompts and you did all these! I do love your way with layering Virginia!

    Good luck on the bus, I haven't been on one in years. Good idea to get DS used to the route x

  3. These are some of my favorite layouts you've done. I really am in love with "TRAM"; the layers, the colors and the stitching are all perfect!!

    How was the bus ride? It's been so long, I don't even know where to catch it anymore. Definitely more fun to do with said 11 year old though, right? Right?

  4. Love the colours you've used on this page!!

  5. Sounds like you are being kept busy...hope the bus trip went well and the pages are beautiful I love those colours :)

  6. Ah it takes me back (a decade) when I followed ( in my car) the bus home for the first week to check he got on it ( then raced it home to be sure he didn't know...he still doesn't know!