Friday, 17 August 2012


Tis time to give our gratefuls an airing on our blog, dig deep or long list fulls it doesn't matter, provided it's made you smile, has been a positive or lifted your heart a little it's worth celebrating

OK so this is going to be interesting because I'm doing this post before I've actually got my gratefuls - why?  Away with no internet access so here goes what I'm hoping will be my list of gratefuls this next week

  1. Fun family time away from home 
  2. A beautiful cottage
  3. A fabulous garden
  4. Some dry weather (pretty pretty please, it's not forecast but if we can just see the blue skies occasionally I might stay sane).
  5. Castle
  6. Fun days out 
  7. Good company
  8. Lots of laughter
  9. A sprinkle of art journalling
  10. Time with said 11 year old (with no juggling)
  11. Time away from TV 
  12. Time to plan
  13. Time to take stock
  14. Hell just time 
  15. A woodburning stove (if it's cold)
  16. A beautiful conservatory to enjoy
  17. Countryside
  18. A visit to a vineyard or brewery 
  19. Enough clothing to keep us going but not too much to stuff the car (we've got an extra passenger)
  20. A smooth journey to and from our holiday destination
  21. Good food
I'll update this when I get back and let you know if and what of the above we manage.

As I've already got one Mr Linky up, can't use another just yet, so leave a comment with your blog info and I'll try and grab a signal and update as I go whilst we are jaunting around.

May you all have had a beautiful and blessed week. 


  1. Hve a fabulous break. Love the idea of just having time. That is exactly how I feel. Have a great great time. jenx

  2. Oh it sounds like a fabulous time will be had by all. Hope you are relaxing and unwinding and getting all that you wish for Virginia :)

  3. Oh I want to be there with you too! It all sounds so lovely - I hope it lives up to the dream, and there will be plenty of laughter.


    ps my link;


    Here's my link xx Hope you are having fun - Im sure you are xx sending hugs x

  5. Aha, you're away and out of internet reach, that explains why I couldn't get hold of you, ignore pestering emails and facebook messages :)

    Hope you are having a fantastic holiday!

    here's my RYWF post:

  6. oh, it sounds wonderful - thanks for a vicarious vacation through your list of expectatons! enjoy your weekend.

  7. Hope you are having a fabulous time and that your list of positives becomes fact.

    Here is my link for this week... again I'm afraid.

    Off to see who I've not visited yet.

    Toni xx

  8. Have a fab time Virginia and I hope all your gratefuls come true...especially the nice weather!!!
    Heres my link