Friday, 10 August 2012


Good Morning, it is Friday once again now three weeks of the school holidays are over and we are nearing the end of the Olympics but before we continue we must remember what the post is about - it's about celebrating the positives that we've had in our lives over the last 7 days - no matter how small or seemingly trivial if they lightened your heart and made you smile then they are 'rocking' moments!

So eyes down starter for ten no conferring

  • the Olympics have been fabulous to watch enjoy and soak up - we've watched some amazing sports in the last two weeks and although I was dreading two weeks of wall to wall sport I can honestly say it's been great, our 11 year old was looking forward to it sooooooooooo much but we were somewhat sceptical, isn't it nice when  you are wrong.  And we've put the Tivo box through its paces whilst we've been out and about - thus not missing any of the action! 
  • the BBC for putting on the sport specific channels over the last couple of weeks, truly world class coverage
  • The news for having something positive to enjoy - we normally have wall to wall doom and gloom and I've been known to ban news because all that doom and gloom is no good for anyone, but with the Olympics we've had medal this that and the other - shame it's going to end it would be nice if the news could keep with its upbeat and positive news items as well as the doom and gloom.
  • Having my first post published on It's a Creative World - Kat a fellow team member on UKS put me forward and I was asked to join in - I provided details of how to create these little beasties
If fancy finding out more this is the link to my Embellishments Post 

  • Then said 11 year old starting his own blog (well it's in my name but it's a start), if it gets him writing I'm all for it - again here's the link 
  • Venturing out to the garden centre last Friday and having some sunshine - great company with my sister and my niece as well as said 11 year old.
  • Having a lovely weekend tootling around the house, painting and decorating, tidying, defrosting freezers etc, all good fun now that it's done.  
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid film I was sceptical that I'd enjoy it but overall it was OK and said 11 year old enjoyed it.
  • Hubby for listening, understanding being cross and frustrated for me when things were going pear shaped and for being truly awesome as always.
  • Hubby for helping coming and doing the difficult bit painting wise on my sister's stairs (the ones where you have to offset the ladder and scare everyone) 
  • Sister for making the most awesome soup before we painted her stairs on Wednesday - homemade vegetable soup - nothing finer I tell you! 
And that my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes is it for this week, short and to the point but sometimes that's the way it rolls, I hope you've had a truly beautiful and blessed week and have a great weekend and week ahead, fancy joining in (even though there are only a few of us), then pop a post together, link back here and we'll come and visit, don't stress if its not on Friday, whenever you get five minutes.


  1. Lovely sounding week Virginia - well done you on getting all those 'house' things sorted.

    The Olympics have been pretty amazing - Team GB have done this country more than proud in their efforts. For so many of the team it was their last Games so what a super high for them to go out on...super positives for the nation.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Toni xx

  2. Hey, you 'n' me have got a few 'snaps' on our Rocking list! Congrats on being asked to join 'It's a Creative World', so very well deserved :) I hate decorating the stairs - I know just what you mean about that scary bit with the ladder!

    Lovely list of positives for this week, Virginia, and we've been promised a sunny weekend so I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy it.


  3. you have such full and fulfilling weeks! the olympics have been so inspiring and fun to watch. i will have to check out the amazing new blog you have mentioned. :-) and i am drooling over the thought of your sister's homemade soup. enjoy the weekend and the closing ceremonies, which i'm sure will meet all expectations.

  4. Totally agree with your comments on the Olympics....I was sceptical too, but we've proved that we can organise successfully and Team GB have done us proud.
    I now fancy taking up Taekwondo...fear my joints are somewhat past it though!

    Three cheers (and lots of hugs) for your family.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. Been away on the lovely Yorkshire coast so I have missed blogging and commenting! I haven't done a proper rocking post, but if you want to see what we got up to, Virginia, have a look at my blog. I have posted a load of photos that I think you will like! I love your project for the other blog and have hopped on and left a comment! I am now following your talented son. Going to get sam (ds2) to have a look too as I think he will be really inspired to see what your son is doing! Have a great, Sunday.

  6. Super list Virginia and I loved your post over at IACW

  7. Great list of positives this week. I will definately check out said 11yr olds blog!
    Glad you have enjoyed all the olympic coverage and sounds like you got loads of work done around the house. Your sisters soup sounds great!
    Have a great week x

  8. Homemade soup is the bestest - espesh the next day ;)

    I too was sceptical, to say the least, about the Olympics. I'm so glad to have been proven wrong. It was fabulous and I'm even looking forward to the Paralympics now!

    Have a fabulous week Virginia, don't work to hard!