Friday, 24 August 2012


Oh I've been meaning to update last weeks post all week - but it hasn't happened not one bit, so I'll give you a quick recap on what we managed (and didn't manage) to do last week, before noting a few things this week.  If you've happened along here from one of the gorgeous Rockettes and wonder what this is all about it's really rather simple, take a step back from your life and remember the positives of the week, the little things or the big things that have made life that bit easier and happier and lighter and made you smile - you get them?  No - well dig deeper they are there, we just spend a lot of time ignoring them, getting caught up with the doom and gloom news, or dwelling on things that haven't pleased us, if you focus your energy on positives I promise you'll soon be smiling.  Got them?  Right throw yourself a blog post together and come back and link so we can come and visit, no blog but want to note the positives leave a comment (hell leave a comment anyway I like reading).  So eyes down for my positives

So first up

1.  Fun family time away from home - check
2.  A beautiful cottage - yep had one of those
3.  A fabulous garden - had one of those
4.  Some dry weather - yes those blue skies were in this country and that my good people is Tintern Abbey
5.  Castle (s) plural = Caerphilly, Raglan and Castell Coch (no piccie of Raglan copied no idea why)
6.  Fun days out - oh yes managed them!
7.  Good Company - hubby said 11 year old and sister - check!
8.  Lots of laughter - absolutely
9.  A sprinkle of art journalling - managed some (not as much as I expected)
10.  Time with said 11 year old (with no juggling) - managed that
11.  Time away from TV - oh yes other than the Olympics closing ceremony we managed a TV free week until the last evening - don't ask - said 11 year old decided to ease himself back into TV big style!
12.  Time to plan - not really too busy chilling
13.  Time to take stock - again too busy chillaxing
14.  Hell just time - had time it was nice could do with some more!
15.  A wood burning stove (if it's cold) - it was not cold with walls 3 feet thick we didn't need any central heating in this place!
16.  A beautiful conservatory to enjoy - check - art journalling at the table and chilling on the chairs reading into the evening
17.  Countryside, yes this was me and little sis sat outside the cottage enjoying a lager and a good chat.
18.  A visit to a vineyard or brewery - didn't manage this but did find these little gems at a local pub
19.  Enough clothing to keep us going - check even brought some clean items home
20.  Smooth journey - check - there and back!
21.  Good food - this was a 'snack' at the pub and was shared between us - it twas yum!
So as you can see we had a fabulous time whilst we were away.  The gems this week, getting home to a tidy house - always rocks my world, not that it looks the same now but that doesn't matter does it!

Pyjama day on Sunday - bliss - I was feeling that lazy!

Won't mention work Monday Tuesday - that's not what this post is about!

Wednesday trip out with said 11 year old, niece and sister to local shopping centre, mooching around the shops, buying bags for school and pencil cases and grabbing a quick bite to eat whilst in great company - bliss!

Thursday - well todays been a bit odd, but cooking for hubby this evening, picking up a CJ from the post office and reminiscing about films from my teen years has been fun.

Teapots full of hot tea, weight watchers has also been nice since I got home.  Fabulous crystal purchases last week now being used, the fluorite tea light holder a particular favourite.  Hubby always being happy to listen even when I'm a bit low and see what we can do!

Overall not a bad week I've had to dig a bit deeper through this week than last week, but that's to be expected.

So that's it, my positives for this last week or two, the things that have made my heart lighter, made me smile made me be thankful to be alive and to be surrounded by amazing people, including my Friday Rockettes who never cease to amaze me when they join in and share they positives - you are all amazing!

And I'll leave you with piccie of said 11 year old and the way to cheer him up after a five mile walk!
 And how to get him home without the 5 mile hike back!
I kid you not!


  1. Virginia it sounds like you had an amazing time and those photos are fab.

    I'll pop back later when I've sorted my post.

    Have a super weekend.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful holiday you had - it sounds, and looks, absolutely idyllic! The cottage is beautiful. Looks like you all had lots of fun, and lots of great places to go. I'm sure said 11 year old's chips hardly touched the sides of his throat after a 5 mile walk!!

    Good to have you back Virginia, but poo to having to go back to work.

    Bye for now,


  3. Glad you had a great week away - Its good to recharge the batteries and help to refocus again xx Sending huge hugs your way for a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Craig would have scoffed that entire plate of cheese and still called it a snack ;) he's a cheeseaholic :P

    The week away sounds absolute bliss - love that photo of DS with the wings! Boo hiss to going back to work and all the stress that brings but it's lovely to have you back.

    And yes- I did see Jo's post. We were planning a trip there anyway but now I have a shopping list a mile long :D Claire who also visits my blog told me about some framed mirrors that are £1.49 that are fab for altering! can't wait!

    Have a great week x x x

  5. That sounds (and looks) like a fab week away....lovely cottage too!
    Sorry you had to go back to work....:(
    I think I'd have demanded chips too if I'd just walked 5 miles!!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend.
    Hugs xx

  6. What a fabulous week! Ooh and Tintern Abbey... there are some fab Turner paintings of that place. We visited this area years and years ago and it was lovely. Love the licky lips at chips photo! Just like my two! Glad you had a great time! Hope you feel fully relaxed and ready for anything. Happy Friday, Jenx

  7. Your holiday looks and sounds wonderful, great photos and the cottage looks idylic. Love the wings in the photo with your son, they look amazing.
    Hope you have a wonderful week x

  8. I'm ever so late catching up reading posts but so glad I've gotten to this one. What an incredible time you've had, it really seems idyllic. Hope the routine back at home is a good one now that you've had a reboot and refresh. Best wishes for the week ahead (of course I'm so late on this it's really "I hope you HAD a great week".