Friday, 3 August 2012


OK so the first week of the holidays went sooooooooooo slowly and it was lovely, this week has gone in a blink of an eye - literally - blink and I'll miss it!   Oh it's been a mixed week, I'm not sure having time for my brain to kick in at home is necessarily a good thing at the moment!

But this post is about positives so I'm going to dig deep and come up with some

  • The opening ceremony of the Olympics - simply fabulous TV watching
  • Then watching the Olympics - I never thought I'd say that because we are not a sport watching family (with the exception of Rugby) but it has been fabulous!
  • The BBC coverage of the Olympics, not one to blow our own trumpet but having all these specific channels to be able to get to grips with the sports has been great - even the golden snitch 100 point moment in judo - thank you Susie for explaining - I was soooooooooo confused!
  • Karma Clay at Elsecar for a fabulous time painting pots last week, we're due to pick them up tomorrow, fingers crossed they are OK, my niece on with her bowl 
 and said 11 year old with his new popcorn bowl - to be honest it's not big enough LOL!
And the bowls before the glaze

  • Katherine for thinking of me when it came to A Creative World, a blog I've been asked to         participate in - now what to share?
  • My sister for having said 11 year old on Monday and Tuesday despite the issues - thanks Melanie you are a star!
  • Painting the pool room, it looks fabulous now, a few things to go to the Charity shop and some new curtains and a canvas but apart from that it's all sorted
  • Sorting the bathroom including painting the ceiling, I managed it all on my own (apart from the paint touch up once the first coat had dried) and I was mighty pleased with it! 
  • Discussions with said 11 year old - just general chats recently have made me so happy and so proud, in fact let me share a photo from school a few weeks ago, as one of the house captains he was actively encouraged to help during the sports day, encouraging the younger children and helping get the equipment ready for the races - this is a photo we got of him on the day - soo proud! 

He is also quite genius when it comes to achieving things that he wants - as some of you may remember he sooooooooooooo wanted a pet, but as parents who like to venture away as many times as the bank balance will let us and no close friends and family a little bit further afield we've always been reluctant to agree to it, despite his protestations about looking after the pet, cleaning the pet etc.  

So he thought he'd sort his own

This is what we found in his room recently, this is a metal bin which has a metal mesh so therefore you can breath through it, in the garden recently he discovered a cricket, he put it in a jar but then converted his bin into a home for it, complete with lego house and has proceeded to provide fresh grass for it each day - to say genius is probably going some but it did make us smile - the term where there's a will there is a way! 

  • The blokes for sorting the front door out last weekend, even if we were left £140 lighter - gulp 
  • The Virgin Media man for sorting the new Tivo box out - I mean You Tube on TV all those craft videos at my disposal - oooooooooooooh if you insist! 
Then arting gifts first up my pairs journal returned home from Donna again for the next stage, my book is on the right on top and the rest of those items are pressies from Donna - honestly - amazing! 
 Spread out a bit more
 And in amongst the pile - the giddy bit - one of Donna's stamps
and if that wasn't enough a load thud on a Thursday afternoon - I glanced up to see the Postie leaving the drive, what on earth had she posted?  This beauty from Jo on a small posterboard (hence the load thud), managed absolutely fine in the postal system Jo and is utterly utterly gorgeous! THANK YOU!!!
 And my beautiful Rockettes that is all for this week, may yours have been as fruitful and positive.

And I'll leave you with a layout, said 11 year old with a favourite vegetable at the local town's show last year, in the fresh produce tent - only me could use veggies as a photo opportunity but I wanted to do an orangey layout!


  1. aargghh I have just realised I am 2 weeks behind again! how did this happen?? must get back up to date.....

    I bet those bowls will look great once they have been fired, and woohoo for great mail!!!

  2. Loving the bowls...what a great way to spend an afternoon.
    Pleased I could help with the Judo...:)
    Lovely list of positives...and what fabulous mail!
    LOL @ the LO...I've never thought of using fresh produce as an excuse to do a LO...:)
    And a high five for the ingenuity of said 11 year old...not sure how I'd feel about a cricket in the bedroom.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. You have had a busy week! The bowl painting looks like great fun, love the popcorn bowl! Lovely photo of your son at sports day, how nice for him to be chosed to help encourage the little ones, no wonder you are so proud of him.
    Well done on being asked to participate in the creative world blog, I have not seen that blog will have to check it out.
    LOL at the cricket in the bin!!
    Lovely art stuff and that stamp is fab, love the postal art from jo too!
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead x

  4. Gosh Virginia, what a busy week. Those bowls are fab and I'm sure they will be treasured once fired.

    What a fun LO and how lovely to get that parcel in the mail.

    Toni xx

  5. Oh I'm late, I'm late again! AND I got a telling off from Craig's Mum today when we went to see her and she said I must get my Rocking posts done on time because she always checks in with a cuppa! Oops.

    I can so relate to the pet situation. We only go away for 4 or 5 days max at the most and that's our MAIN holiday a year. Kennels and boosters for Cooper cost so much and it was double when we had Lucy, then we have to make arrangements for Craig's birds and now Bernie the rabbit too. I so miss having a cat but it would just be more expense when we go away and there is so much yet of the UK I want to see, let alone the rest of the World. Gotta give him points for trying though ;)When you think that our Scotland trips (that I wont give up!) are 2 days just travelling there and back that leaves just 2 or 3 days holiday...

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY for fantastic snail mail. I've had some of that this week ;) ;)

    This has been a fabulous post Virginia, am sitting here grinning at it all!

    Back tomorrow with my post ;) Been to Hastings all day and am pooped after all that driving! x

  6. I get carrier bags of goodies every time I see Jo (of JoZart) I think it is good to have a crafting friend that has so much stash they MUST give it away,

    why to you??? because I know you will use it, I really don't want to fill up peoples cupboards I want them to Make Things, and you do, glad you found lots that made the week rock,


  7. Brilliant post, Virginia :) Congrats on being asked to join It's A Creative World, you are a star and it'll be wonderful to see your artwork being showcased. The bowls look fun - and you're right, that popcorn bowl is FAR TOO SMALL! Love said 11 year old's little pet, and it won't need walking either! What a fab bundle of goodies from Donna - it's like Christmas!! I'm glad my Mail Art arrived safe and sound, I gave it a couple of coats of varnish to help protect it but there's always the risk of damage.

    I kinda missed doing my Rocking post this week, I think I'll do a bumper one this coming Friday - I just felt a bit low and although I could think of some positives I just didn't have to energy to do a post :(